The Moral Integrity of Spiritual Leadership or a Moral Morass?

1 Samuel 12:3, Whose ass have I taken? The moral integrity of spiritual leadership is essential.

Most leaders in Christian or Messianic circles would strongly assert their probity (honesty and decency), and at the same time would deny that they are building their ministry kingdoms for personal benefit, but what is the real truth?

Greedy dogs!

Greedy dogs!

  • How do they treat their children and wives behind the scenes?
  • What is their response toward their detractors? How do they treat other “competing” ministries?
  • Do they live off of YHVH’s sheep, or do they use tithes and offerings for the care and feeding of YHVH’s sheep?
  • If they do receive income from their flocks, how dependent are they on that income?
  • To what degree do they make decisions affecting the congregation in order to solicit a response that will ensure the security of their position as chief leader and beneficiary of the congregation’s largesse?
  • To what degree do they angle their teaching and preaching to curry the favor of their constituents thus keeping the funds flowing toward them?

These are questions that spiritual leaders all need to ask of themselves from time to time.