Have a joyous Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement!

Here are some free Yom Kippur resources from Hoshana Rabbah to help to celebrate this biblical holy day with more understanding and appreciation.

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Blog Scripture Readings for 10-6 Through 10-12-19


Parashat Ha’Azinu — Deuteronomy 32:1-52
Haftarah — 2 Samuel 22:1-51
Prophets — Zechariah 5:1 – 11:17
Writings — 2 Chronicles 23:1 – 29:36
Testimony — Revelation 11:1 – 17:18

Most of this week’s blog discussion points will be on these passages. If you have general comments or questions on the weekly Scripture readings not addressed in a blog post, here’s a place for you to post those. Just use the “leave a reply” link or the “share your thoughts” box below.

The full “Read Through The Scriptures In A Year” schedule, broken down by each day, can be found on the right sidebar under “Helpful Links.” There are 4 sections of scripture to read each day: one each from the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings, and from the Testimony of Yeshua. Each week, the Torah and haftarah readings will follow the traditional one-year reading cycle.

Weekly Blog Scripture Readings for 10/6/19 through 10/12/19.


Was the Book of Revelation written in two parts? — An early and a latter section?

Revelation 10:10, You must prophesy again. It appears that the Book of Revelation was written in two parts. Part one was likely written before A.D. 70 when the apostles, based on prophecies in Yeshua’s Olivette discourse, expected the end of the age to occur followed by the second coming.

Part two was likely written toward the end of John’s life at the end of the first century. If these conjectures are correct, then Revelation part one ends at the Rev 10:11 and Revelation part two begins at Rev 11:1.

Part two is the fulfillment of Yeashua’s prophecy to John that he must prophesy again. (For more info on this subject, see Restoring the Original Bible, pp. 327–330 by Ernest L. Martin and Beyond Acts, pp. 294–299, by Paul R. Finch).


Revelation Chapter Nine: Insights and Reflections

Revelation 9:1, A star fall from heaven. Likely this is referring to Satan when he is finally, once and for all, cast out of heaven.

Key to the bottomless pit. In the end times just prior to the second coming of Yeshua the Messiah, Elohim will give Satan the freedom to release evil spirits imprisoned in the abyss who will go forth to torment men as part of YHVH’s wrath against rebellious men. Perhaps this relates to the perennially enigmatic and troubling passage found in Jude 6 (cp. 1 Pet 3:18–20; 2 Pet 2:4). It seems that the evil, locust-like spirits may be the fallen angels that either rebelled with Lucifer and or were the ones who interacted with humans in the antediluvian world (Gen 6:4–6; Jude 6; 1 Pet 3:18–20; 2 Pet 2:4).

Revelation 9:1, Bottomless pit. (See notes at Deut 32:22; 2 Pet 2:4.) This Greek term (abussos phrear) indicates a large, cavernous hole, pit or abyss with a small opening or orifice like a well and is found several other places in the book of Revelation (Rev 9:2, 11; 11:7; 17:8; 20:1, 3). The bottomless pit is analogous to the deepest sheol in the Tanakh (Deut 32:22; Ps 86:13; Isa 14:15) or tartaroo (2 Pet 2:4), and is the place where the angels who rebelled in the time of Satan’s rebellion are being held in chains of restraint awaiting their judgment day (see 2 Pet 2:4). This is also where Satan will be cast at the beginning of the Millennium (Rev 20:1–3), and is to be distinguished from the lake of fire where Satan (and presumably his demons) will be cast at the end of the Millennium to be tormented forever (Rev 20:10).

This passage indicates that YHVH will open the bottomless pit and allow the evil spirits imprisoned therein to torment men for a period of time as part of his judgments against wicked men.

Revelation 9:2, Smoke. Wherever this pit is, it appears to be a place of fire, heat and smoke. The opening of the pit by Satan first releases so much smoke that it darkens the sun and air, if the terminology here is to be taken literally rather than figuratively. If the latter, then the smoke reference cold refer to the global spiritual obfuscation that will occur. This phenomenon is the first sign that the demons of the pit are about to be released. After this follows their release and their tormenting of unredeemed humans. This is the wrath of Satan against humanity that precedes the wrath of Elohim. Since Elohim is permitting these demons to torment humans, it is, in reality, an extension of his judgment or wrath against the wicked. Since unsaved humans have rejected Elohim, and more and more are becoming enamored with and turning to outright Satan worship, Elohim his turning them over to the powerful forces of darkness they are seeking over him. These humans will discover what it’s like to live in a hellish world where those they wish to serve have full reign to torment them—a world devoid of the protective grace of a merciful Creator. 

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An October Shabbat Shalom to All!

This means that Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles is almost here…HalleluYah!!

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. (Jer 8:20)

I took these photos during my prayer walk this Shabbat morning.

All around my neighborhood, YHVH Elohim’s creation is bursting forth—yay, even shouting—with a brilliant menagerie of vibrant autumn colors. This occurs each fall as the trees’ green chlorophyll abandon the leaves in its descent into the trunk and roots where it will be stored waiting out the winter ready to be called upon to empower next spring’s foliar awakening. Left behind are the red, yellow and orange carotenoids colors to finally reveal their presence, which has been in the leaves all along being over-powered by the green chlorophyll.

Please enjoy!


Can you receive the fact that Elohim is the Author of godly leadership?

Deuteronomy 31:23, He gave Joshua the son of Nun a charge. Upon Moses’ passing, YHVH didn’t leave the children of Israel in a leadership vacuum to wander about aimlessly in a confused state. YHVH isn’t the author of confusion! YHVH is the author of godly leadership. He prepares and trains leaders and then raises them up to lead his people in the paths of righteousness leading to his spiritual Promised Land. 

Beware of leaders who raise themselves up and promote themselves. To ensure that we don’t follow unrighteous, self-promoting and greedy leaders, let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of righteous leadership? (See Eph 4:11–12.) 
  • What are the qualifications for leadership ? (See 1 Tim 3:1–13.) 
  • What is the premise of true, Spirit-ordained leadership? (See Matt 23:11.)

Many believers have been hurt by kingdom-building, money-grubbing and self-seeking leaders in the church world and now trust no one. They pride themselves on being “independent.” Is this good? Did Yeshua ever speak of his sheep as being “lone rangers” or did he refer to them as “a flock?” Does he ever speak of his flock as being shepherdless? 

Of course, Yeshua is the Chief Shepherd, but does he not also speak of undershepherds or humans shepherds who faithfully work under him? (Read John 10:1–18.) In this regard, consider the following:

  • Isn’t a flock that is under the guidance of a true servant-shepherd of Yeshua a place of safety or harm? 
  • Is being outside the flock a place of safety or harm? (See Matt 18:12.) 
  • Yeshua says that those who are outside of a flock are “lost” and have “gone astray” and are in danger of perishing (Matt 18:11–14). Are you part of a literal flock of believers, or have you spiritualized this passage away to justify your independent (rebellious?) spirit against YHVH-ordained authority?

Is YHVH’s face shining on you?

Deuteronomy 31:18, And I will conceal my face. YHVH making his face to shine upon his people (Num 6:25; Ps 80:3, 19) or conversely concealing or turning his face away from his people is a Hebraism meaning “to be in the favor or disfavor of YHVH.” He said that he would hide his face from those who disobey him and do evil (Deut 31:17, 18; 32:20; Ps 132:10; Ezek 7:22; 39:29.) 

Are your prayers being answered? Or do you sense that the heavens are brass (a symbol of judgment)? 

If things are not going well for you in your life, perhaps you need to search out those areas in your life where evil still exists. Ask him to reveal them to you. Then repent and change and bring your life back into alignment with YHVH’s Word.