What To Do When Terrorism or Rioting Comes Knocking on Your Door

Silhouette of several muslim militants with rifles

When you see evil coming your way, the first and most important thing to do is to watch and pray (Matt 26:41; Mark 13:3). Pray for discernment and guidance from the Spirit of Elohim as to what to do. Don’t react impulsively out of fear, but out of love, power and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:8); be led by the Spirit. Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). Reacting out of fear or emotion leads to cloudiness and confusion of thinking leading to wrong action.

Pray and trust in YHVH for deliverance and protection (Ps 3:3; 57:1; 68:1; 69:1; 107:6, 20; 108:6; 121:1, 2; 144:11; 145:19–20).

Do spiritual warfare against the enemy using the Scriptures.

Sometimes there is a time to fight (Ps 94:16; 144:1; 149:6), sometimes a time to flee (Matt 24:16–20; Eccl 3:3, 8). We must pray for discernment and guidance from above to know what to do and when. If YHVH directs us to fight, keep this in mind: fighting doesn’t always involve physically violent confrontation. Fighting can also involve spiritual warfare and clever non-violent tactics. Think Gideon who used lamps and shofars to defeat the Midianites.

If in response to preaching the gospel, 

  • Jeremiah was taken by the crowd/civil authorities and imprisoned
  • Paul submitted to the custody of the Roman civil authorities.
  • Yeshua submitted to the Jewish and Roman civil authorities.
  • Peter, John and James submitted to the civil authorities.

If civil authorities demand one to go against the laws of Elohim, it’s biblically permissible to defy them in deference to the higher governmental authority of Elohim (Act 4:19; 5:29).

If you’re being physically attacked by evil doers, consider the following…

  • Self defense from evil attackers is not a sin. It’s not against Scripture to defend yourself and your loved ones. In fact, it’s the duty of a man to provide for his family by protecting his loved ones (1 Tim 5:8).
  • To turn the other cheek when evil people attack your family and loved ones is a twisting of Scripture and is not what Yeshua meant when telling his disciples to do so (Matt 5:39). Turning the other cheek should be the saint’s response to wrongs and offenses committed against the saints by evil doers in the regular course of life. Yeshua in no way means that when a robber, murderer, kidnapper, terrorist, mugger, rapist or other such vile person comes to kill, steal and to destroy that the saint is to passively lay down and let the evil doer have his way with us and our loved ones. If so, then doing so violates many other scriptures where YHVH’s people defended themselves against such enemies, and did so with YHVH direction and blessing.

Remember this: when evil times come, this provides an excellent opportunity to share the love of Yesshua and the Truth and hope of the gospel message with those around us including our unconverted neighbors and loved ones. This is an opportunity for them to see our faith and love in action, and to see the hand of Elohim move on our behalf in answer to our prayers of faith. In so doing, the kingdom of Elohim will be expanded.


10 Warning Signs Terrorists May Be Active in Your Community

From NewsMax at http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/terror-signs-watch-community/2015/07/03/id/653352/

By now you’ve heard it a thousand times: “If you see something, say something.” But what does that mean, precisely? Most citizens have no idea what they’re supposed to be looking out for, beyond the generic “anything that seems suspicious.”The FBI states that it is on high alert for domestic terror attacks during the Fourth of July holiday.

Here are 10 things authorities say to look out for:
1. Suspicious activity related to fireworks. 

Federal authorities have advised local law enforcement to take  notice of anyone asking questions about fireworks “that go beyond mere curiosity about the potential damage fireworks could cause.”

Authorities are worried an extremist or lone wolf could repackage the explosives in fireworks as an improvised explosive device. The recent death of a 47-year-old Michigan man when a large mortar fireworks shell he was holding detonated served as a tragic reminder of just how dangerous fireworks can be.

So if you see someone behaving strangely at your neighborhood fireworks stand — perhaps asking questions suggesting another use in mind beyond casual entertainment — that might be a good time to say something to police.

2. Probing or testing the perimeter of a fence, facility, or its security systems. 

Most attacks involve some form of reconnaissance. Sometimes this is as cursory as snapping a few cellphone images for later review and planning. Other perpetrators will devote time to mapping out their routes, even studying the timing of traffic lights and commuter patterns. They may event embark on a rehearsal prior to the actual attack.

If you see someone loitering or behaving in a suspicious way — say checking out an employee-only entrance at a shopping mall, or examining the integrity of a fence along a regional airport — don’t try to approach them yourself to get their explanation. Instead, let local law enforcement know that you see something that looks strange. Police receive inquiries like that all the time, and as long as the call is sincere and genuine, they are happy to dispatch a patrol officer to check out the suspicious activity.

3. Anyone setting a backpack or bag down in a crowd and walking away. 

This should trigger immediate concern. While the behavior could be completely harmless, it is certainly suspicious and could be a prelude to a devastating attack along the lines of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

In the wake of that incident, authorities have grown more careful about inspecting bags and purses being toted into major events. But security at local venues may be less rigorous. Police say informing them of suspicious unattended bags, briefcases, or luggage could be a real lifesaver.

4. Suspicious use of social media or the Internet. 

Federal officials say the Islamic State (ISIS) and other extremist groups are currently engaged on a daily basis in trying to use social media and the Internet to recruit and radicalize disaffected citizens. When police earlier this year got a tip that a young man in Ohio was engaging in suspicious activity on social media, it apparently helped thwart an ISIS-inspired attack on the Capitol. According to government documents, an informant notified the FBI that the suspect, 20-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell of Green Township, Ohio, was using an alias on Twitter accounts to express support for violent jihad.

The FBI says Cornell planned to detonate pipe bombs at the busy Capitol, then open fire on bystanders and responders during the ensuing chaos. Immediately after making that arrest the FBI issued a bulletin to local law enforcement that read: “Terrorist group members and supporters will almost certainly continue to use social media platforms to disseminate English-language violent extremist messages.”

5. Purchases of suspicious supplies.

There can be a fine line between purchasing materials for ordinary use and stockpiling dangerous or suspicious items — explosives, weapons, and ammunition. Actual planning of an attack can involve more subtle purchases: Maps, uniforms, body armor, flight manuals, how-to books, materials needed to make passes or badges, or the equipment used to manufacture identity-related documents. Whether a purchase rises to the level of saying something to law enforcement probably depends on context, and intuition regarding the individual involved.

6. Attempts at impersonation. 

It should go without saying that people trying to pass themselves off as someone they’re not are inherently suspicious. Beyond a masquerade ball, perhaps, it is difficult to imagine why any legitimate person would want to look like a law officers, military member, or company employee when they clearly aren’t.

Again, if you see someone who seems suspiciously out of place, notify someone in authority — don’t try to resolve things on your own.

7. Unusually large or heavy bags. 

If someone has difficulty hefting a backpack, that could be unusual. According to SecureTransit.org, a website funded by the Department of Homeland Security, you should be mindful whenever people appear to be commuting with an unusually heavy or large backpack, gym bag, or other luggage. This would especially be a concern if the bag were to be abandoned.

Also suspicious: Any attempt to store a bag in a compartment other than the one the owner is riding in.

It’s probably better to be safe than sorry when it comes to transportation. If your intuition tells you something is suspicious while traveling, you should advise someone of your concerns.

8. Unusually bulky, loose-fitting apparel worn in hot weather. 

In countries like Israel where security is paramount, officers are trained to spot people whose clothing seems out of place or disproportionate to their body type. Increasingly, that’s a concern U.S. officials are talking about as well, because thick or baggy clothing can be used to conceal weapons. Could someone sporting a large sweatshirt, vest, or jacket on a blazing day be suffering from a head cold or just be fashion-challenged? Of course. Sure.

According to SecureTransit.org, seeing something out of place like that is also a reason to take notice.

9. Any sign of tampering. 

It might not be a person you need to report, but a situation. Exposed wiring, strange smells, leaks, or any sign of potential tampering, especially on a bus or train, is something you should consider reporting. And authorities definitely want you to let them know if anyone appears to be tampering with safety systems, electronics, surveillance cameras, or other equipment.

10. Suspicious or abandoned vehicles.

Remember New York’s Times Square bombing attempt in May 2010? A street vendor spotted smoke coming from a parked SUV, and alerted the NYPD. It turned out the vehicle contained an improvised pipe bomb, gunpowder, gasoline, and three 20-gallon tanks of propane. Authorities later said the bomb would have caused a massive fireball, intense shrapnel, and many casualties had it gone off.

It can be difficult to know whether a car is simply parked, or has been abandoned. The important thing is to be cognizant of the potential danger, and to let police know immediately if you see something unusual.

One last bit of advice from the experts: Trust your instincts. No one is better equipped than you to know what does or does not belong in your immediate environment. Odds are you’ll sense when something’s just not right.

Of course, you also don’t want to be so hyper-vigilant you see a bad guy around every corner. Deciding when you need to speak up can involve a delicate balance.

One Department of Homeland Security video describes the act of “seeing something” this way: “It’s when you experience a moment of uncertainty. Something you know shouldn’t be there. Or someone’s behavior that doesn’t seem quite right. These are the moments to take a pause. Because if something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.”

When trying to decide whether an activity is truly suspicious, the best advice anyone can give you, and the advice promulgated by DHS, is to trust your own instincts.

For everyone’s sake, remember: Authorities have a much better chance of keeping the public safe when you “see something, say something.”

Sources: DHS.gov See-Something-Say-Something Campaign; SecureTransit.org; University of Tennessee at Knoxville UTK.edu “8 Signs of Terrorism.”


He may be my president, but he doesn’t represent me!

The following op-ed piece gives some perspective on the less than friendly stance of President Obama and his administration toward the nation of Israel.

From the Jerusalem Post (10/30/14)

Yehuda Glick

Yehuda Glick. (photo credit:TAZPIT)

Yehudah Glick has spent the better part of the last 20 years championing the right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – Judaism’s holiest site. On Wednesday night, the Palestinians sent a hit man to Jerusalem to kill him.

And today Glick lays in a coma at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Two people bear direct responsibility for this terrorist attack: the gunman, and Palestinian Authority President and PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas. The gunman shot Glick, and Abbas told him to shoot Glick.

Abbas routinely glorifies terrorist murder of Jews, and funds terrorism with the PA’s US- and European-funded budget.

But it isn’t often that he directly incites the murder of Jews.

Two weeks ago, Abbas did just that. Speaking to Fatah members, he referred to Jews who wish to pray at Judaism’s holiest site as “settlers.” He then told his audience that they must remain on the Temple Mount at all times to block Jews from entering.

“We must prevent them from entering [the Temple Mount] in any way…. They have no right to enter and desecrate [it]. We must confront them and defend our holy sites,” he said.

As Palestinian Media Watch reported Thursday, in the three days leading up to the assassination attempt on Glick, the PA’s television station broadcast Abbas’s call for attacks on Jews who seek to enter the Temple Mount 19 times.

While Abbas himself is responsible for the hit on Glick, he has had one major enabler – the Obama administration. Since Abbas first issued the order for Palestinians to attack Jews, there have been two terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. Both have claimed American citizens among their victims. Yet the Obama administration has refused to condemn Abbas’s call to murder Jews either before it led to the first terrorist attack or since Glick was shot Wednesday night.

Not only have the White House and the State Department refused to condemn Abbas for soliciting the murder of Jews. They have praised him and attacked Israel and its elected leader. In other words, they are not merely doing nothing, they are actively rewarding Abbas’s aggression, and so abetting it. (To continue reading http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Column-One-Being-safe-while-isolated-380359.)


The Muslim Menace – The “New” Nazis

This is a long read, but I perused it in about an hour and got the gist of it pretty quickly. It’s important that we stay well informed on these issues, since fundamental Islamist terrorists have vowed to take their jihad to western, Christian countries and everywhere else. We’re in a spiritual battle between the forces of light and darkness, good and evil and YHVH Elohim/Messiah Yeshua and Satan and his forces. As believers in Yeshua, we’re in the front lines whether we admit it or not. Take a moment to become more familiar with one aspect of the enemy’s attack against us by reading this well-documented article.

The Muslim Menace —The “New” Nazis 

© Russ Hills, PhD;  6/10/13; Revised 8/11/14


Lengthy quotes are used by permission or statements indicating a desire for mass distribution. I do not have any kind of corporation (profit or non-profit) status. I do not sell books or engage in any business activities regarding what I write at this time. My copyright is for the purpose of preserving my right to publish and edit my materials.

Islam 3-5747968


I have known and been a fellow employee with Muslims. The Muslims I have known personally in America are peaceful, law-abiding citizens. Their version/brand of Islam is very different than that of the violent militants. A comparison could be made regarding the once highly active Irish Republican Army. They claimed to be Christians. But, most Christians in the world would not recognize them as true followers of Y’shua.

This writing is focused primarily on Violent Militant Muslim Fundamentalists (millions of people in the Middle East – many more than the IRA mentioned above) and totalitarian Muslim governments. My “religious” identification is one of being a “Hebrew” (“one who has crossed over”) to being a follower of the Torah living and Torah expanding Y’shua The Messiah.

Terrorist actions in recent years have prompted me to do some revision of a previous writing I composed regarding the obvious connection of Violent Militant Islam with human slavery, brutality and sex trafficking of women and children. It should not come as a surprise that people who have such disrespect for other human beings would be those most responsible for terrorism in the world today. In every generation satan will find organizations to do his bidding on a large scale. In some cases they are destroyed. In other cases, such as Islam, satan was preparing them for “the post Nazi world.”

Many Western Muslims claim that it is wrong to rejoice over someone’s death. Apparently they are not of the same denomination as the Palestinians who were dancing with joy over the death of over 3,000 multinational civilians working in the Twin Towers 9/11/2001.

Chapter 1: Dark Ages “Christianity” & The IRA 

Some will point to “Christianity” of the Irish Republican Army’s Northern Ireland revolution (1969-2005) and the Dark Ages (c.500-1500 C.E.) and ask, “What is the difference between modern Islam and Christianity?”

1.) The IRA revolution was a political war staged by criminals. It was not a religious war. That is clearly evidenced by Protestants and Catholics around the world opposing the revolution. The IRA was partially sponsored by a small number of politically motivated anti-British Americans and by Muslims in Lybia. Once America and other Western nations got serious about addressing the issue, the revolution came to an end.

2.) One major difference is that “Dark Ages Christianity” was in the “Dark Ages” (about 500-1500 A.D.) That was then. This is now. Human institutional “Christianity” was plagued with factional wars similar to the war of Sunnis against Shiites.

Many of the smaller Christian groups (like the modern day Amish) fled to places like Switzerland, then America. Among the larger groups (Catholic, Lutheran & Presbyterian), through many years of fighting, no one group was able to dominate.

This in combination with the advent of the time period known as the enlightenment (light coming to ages of darkness) generated a standoff or stalemate. This allowed for the formation of a better way – the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. American Christian leaders, such as William Bradford urgently petitioned for the separation of the government from any official religion.

3.) A matter of Character: While Y’shua taught protection for children, Mohammed exploited children, even marrying an 8-year-old child!  Many of his modern followers do the same. Reuters news (9/10/13) reported the death of an 8 year old bride who experienced uterine rupture and fatal internal bleeding after her “husband” had intercourse with her in Yemen.

Y’shua taught moral integrity and honesty. Mohammed started empire building through attacking caravans – stealing their goods while killing anyone who got in his way. He made peace treaties with cities, violated them and murdered every man, woman and child in them (see Numbers 9 & 2 Timothy 3:3 in KJV). Y’shua taught change as a matter of the heart and peace in living. Mohammed taught and lived conversion through violence and war.

“Christian” religious wars came about because people did not follow the teachings and example of the one they claimed to follow (Y’shua). Muslim wars come about because people are following his teachings and example.

If you are a Muslim, you may not like to face the truth of archaeology and history.  Reality/truth didn’t change because the lies I believed didn’t agree with it. Reality/truth will not change to fit lies you choose to believe either.

At this early time in the 21st century, we see hypocrites and cowards hiding in caves who do not even put themselves in harm’s way, sending ignorant gullible young people to their deaths through murderous-homicide-suicide bombings with a promise of a paradise in which they can indulge their lustful appetites for sexually exploiting a harem of women. So, women not only get to be property and sex slaves in this life, they get the same in the next. Now there’s something for women to look forward to!

Do people who make this comparison (between “Christianity” & Islam) suggest that we tolerate the satanically energized behavior of violent Islam because they are going through a stage of development?!

With “Christianity”: enough righteous people came together to force the Institutional “Christian” Church to cease its barbaric practices. There is no less an obligation on the part of righteous people today to force Islam to accept some basic principles of civility and respect for human life and rights.

Chapter 2: Six Reason Islam Is The World’s Fastest Growing Religion

1.) Propagation – Muslim families simply have more children than other religions. One Continue reading