5 thoughts on “New Video: Mystery Babylon/NWO Update Pt 1— Rise of Neo-Baalism

  1. It says in the bible,that the Antichrist will oppose every known religions of the world & would declare himself as god.
    But you said that the Antichrist will have Neo-Baalism as his religion?

    • Neo-Baalism is Satan/Lucifer worship. The book of Revelation makes it clear that the leadership of Mystery Babylon will be demonic. All the false religions of the world are demonic. It all goes together. Where in the Bible does it say that the so-called Antichrist will be non-religious? The spirit of Antichrist is very religious. It just worships the devil and is opposed to Elohim. It is still a religion. A religion is whatever binds you to a set of beliefs and is what you worship. You think that those who are controlled by Satan aren’t bound to him and worship him whether they know who he is or not? To not worship Elohim is, in essence, to worship either self or the devil. It’s the same difference. Both forms of worship lead to the same place. Away from Elohim and to death.

  2. Thank you Natan for these 2 videos..very good balanced points & scripture references
    I hope u get rid of that spring Hay fever….my husband suffers with hay fever also: spring is his worst season.friends of mine told my husband to try Milk Kefir ….u can make a culture with it…there are a couple of videos on how to make it ..@ home…we were told to take some everyday & it hopefully helps the hay fever side if taken regularly…otherwise I guess the only thing that relieves the symptoms is a Antihistamine. .cats make him wheezy & sneezy also ….so annoying ….Yah bless & heal your hay fever ..I will pray for u & my husband…regards CC.

  3. PRAISE JHVH! I am only half way through this teaching, but we talked about MUCH of this yesterday during our Shabbat discussion. I love when the Ruach does this. Thank you always.

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