Video: Woke-ism, Progressivism, the Great Reset—The Spirit of Antichrist Unmasked

Medusa—the ancient mythical Greek monster whose hair was comprised of serpents.
Hydra, the mythical Greek monster that had multiple snake heads.

Like the mythical Greek Medusa monster, the hair of whose head was comprised of numerous serpents, or the Hydra monster who had a body with multiple serpent heads, the Babylon the Great, Antichrist system of the New World Order has numerous manifestations that all stem from the same source—Satan the devil, YHVH Elohim’s chief adversary. If we focus on the grotesque, individual manifestations of this evil spirit (e.g., Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Big Pharma, the Global Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ESG, AI, the WEC, Progressivism, Leftism et al), the pieces of this puzzle can appear disparate and confusing. However, when we realize who and what the source behind it all is, then the picture comes into clear focus. This is simply the Babylon the Great, global Satanic, Leviathan system that the Bible prophesied long ago would control the earth in the end times and that the Warrior-King Yeshua the Messiah will destroy at his soon coming return. This short video helps tie all of the pieces together into one, simple cohesive, Bible-based picture.

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