3 thoughts on “My Secret: Finding the Meaning of Life

  1. It’s not me but MEssiah! You said the church is anemic-it’s because they’re also ANOMIA!
    Seems to me covid did for you what my cancer (can’t sir) did for me-brought me out of Babylon and so now as an invalid-I don’t get out much, but a young man WAS SENT to our door to sell us an alternate source of electricity and praise Yah, we electrified him with the Truth! He is a former LDS and spent 1 hour (Matt 26;40) listening to us blow his mind so much so that he said he loves this and will be back to talk with us (we will see) Behold I stand at the door (of your heart? Your heartbeat=that’s Him knocking, will you let Him in?
    The pulse in your wrist, that’s them nailing Him to the tree for you and for me!) So, Natan has gone VIRAL! It only takes 1 drop to make the cup overflow!!!! Never think you’re just a drop in the bucket-it’s been my experience that He can use anyone, anytime, anyplace and anywhere-He empowers whom He employs. Thanking Yah for the opportunity=O-port-unity!!!

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