Why Are YOU NOT Telling Others About Yeshua?

How many of you actually share the gospel with others on a regular basis? This is not a popular topic, even though Yeshua/Jesus commanded us to do so in the Great Commission. Why are you afraid to point others to the gospel? You are missing out on one of the greatest blessings in life, when you share Yeshua with others. How is this? In this video, Nathan shares how to overcome the fear of being a “fool” for Yeshua, so that you can become a river of life blessing to those around you and receive heaven’s blessings on your own life as well.


7 thoughts on “Why Are YOU NOT Telling Others About Yeshua?

  1. We are called to be witnesses. We are not all evangelists. I have no patience for teachers who lay heavy burdens on the sheep that the Lord never commanded or intended.

    We are not called to witness to people. That’s a Christian invention based on the traditions of men to spread the gospel of Christianity while avoiding the gospel of the kingdom.

    A witness DOES NOT volunteer information in a court of law. If he does, he’s out of order and can be charged with contempt of court. A witness DOES wait until he is called on and then he answers the questions put to him, simply and honestly. THAT is something that even the most introverted sheep can do easily.

    Finally, we are called to MAKE DISCIPLES, not witness about Jesus. We are CALLED to let our lives be a witness for him first and foremost. “Let your light so shine before men…”
    Can you honestly say your light has been shining lately Natan? Be angry and sin not.

    • Your response it totally out of order and, frankly, very rude and disrespectful. But I will let not deep six it, for I am compelled to address some serious issues here.

      First. You are in Israel, so sharing the gospel message with others, as we all know, is, to one degree or another, illegal. I’m in America, so things are different here. Geographical context is an important aspect of this discussion.

      Even then, Paul and the apostles still shared the gospel and preached repentance and the kingdom of Elohim regardless of the legal or civil consequences. They were not ashamed of the gospel of Yeshua, and most suffered greatly for it. You cannot deny this. So what is your excuse?

      Second. I don’t believe I mentioned “witnessing” in this video. Are we now going to get all anal and Pharisaical over terms? Even if I did, so what? Didn’t Yeshua admonish us to confess him before men? If that’s not witnessing to others of our faith and our love for Yeshua, then what is it?

      Third. Yes, Yeshua said to make disciples, but he also said to preach the gospel. True, some people are called evangelists. But everyone one of us is called to be salt and light for the kingdom of Elohim to those around us however the Ruach leads us to do so. For each person, this may mean something a little different depending on your spiritual gifts and calling as well as your personality. Nevertheless, each person should and can be doing something to be salt and light for Yeshua even if it is merely praying for or helping someone in need, and sharing the love of Yeshua with others. This is how the kingdom of Elohim is advanced. Otherwise, what is our purpose here on this earth? What are we going to tell Yeshua on judgment day if we’ve buried our talents in the sand. I’d rather be a sheep than a goat!!!

      Fourth. The process of making disciples has to start somewhere. It may start with a conversation, a prayer, a seed planted, meeting someone in their time of need, feeding a hungry person, clothing someone who is naked, taking in a stranger or whatever. It starts with sharing the love of Yeshua, by which all men shall know that we are his disciples. Certainly you know this very well, Aryeh. It starts with building a relationship and goes from there and, by YHVH’s grace, can turn into a discipleship situation. This was the main point of my video. Why are you arguing with me over this? Is the Ruach convicting you of something? Why are you attacking me? I’m just the mailman. Your argument is with the Word of Elohim, NOT with me. So get over it, man, and deal with your own personal issues.

      So why are you taking me to task? Again, you are totally off point and off the heart and spirit of Scripture in your response, and I am calling you on it.

      And finally, your snide final remark is totally over the top. I will not dignify it with an answer. If I am angry, it is because of your false accusations, your disdaining of the good that the Christian church has done in preaching the gospel, as watered down as it may be, and the lives that have been changed for the better because of it, and for your totally missing the heart and spirit of fulfilling the great commission of Yeshua.

      Furthermore, if, in the future, if you cannot behave yourself in a more righteous and respectful manner on this blog, well, you can guess what will happen. I sincerely hope we never again have to have this kind of a discussion between us. I am not Mister Rogers, and this is not Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Savvy??? Shalom

      P.S. On second thought, I am going to respond to the final attack against me in your bloviation. FYI, back in the 90s, I was an urban evangelist for years doing my best to practice Yeshua’s great commission command on the streets of Portland, Oregon and in surrounding communities including prisons, rehab centers, migrant camps, etc. Even though I was preaching the gospel, I did not feel I was doing enough to fulfill the command to make disciples, even though during this time I was raising and discipling my four children (we homeschooled). So, in the late 90s, my wife and I started a congregation in our home and eventually moved into a building. We pastored for 18 years. During that time, I personally discipled hundreds of people, wrote two Torah commentaries with my wife’s help (for youth and adults) that went worldwide to thousands where I discipled them in a gospel based Torah message. I answered hundreds of emails, and took hundreds of phone calls (and still do) answering people’s question—discipling them in Scripture. That doesn’t even include this blog where I have written thousands of articles and disciples are being made and people helped to come to a Hebraic understanding of the Bible. Does all of this make me special or important. NO NOT AT ALL! I just pray, though, that I haven’t buried my talent, that I have glorified my Master by obeying his commands and doing my reasonable service for all that he has done for me. That’s all. End of discussion.

    • Luke 12:8-9 “Moreover, I tell you, whoever acknowledges me in the presence of others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge in the presence of God’s angels. But whoever disowns me before others will be disowned before God’s angels……..”

      • Sonja, for someone to acknowledge Jesus or to deny him requires somebody else to ask him what he believes about Jesus. Peter was asked about Jesus and he denied him three times.

        Initiating a conversation for the purpose of converting someone to Christianity is the definition of evangelism and we are not all called to be evangelists.

        However, we are called to bear witness to the truth in all circumstances when we are asked questions about our faith.
        As it is written, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

        I hope that response helps you understand the difference between being a witness and “witnessing”, which is evangelizing.

  2. Natan I apologize if my remarks offended you. I believe we agree on most everything that you mentioned in your response to my comment.
    Biblically, I believe the 1st century congregation in Jerusalem is an example of how we are to carry the faith forward. The leaders gave themselves over to the word of God and prayer, while the sheep went to work to support the community. Representing the kingdom of God, the Community itself was the “salt” and the “light” and a “witness” to all of the people in the city. Unfortunately, this model didn’t survive the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD. But we are seeing it return in our time in such communities as Jacob’s Tent and Growing in Torah and the such. May they and those like them flourish and bear fruit.

  3. HalleluYah! This is a message that needs to be sounded from the north, south, east, and west. I’ve been wondering when all children of Elohim will wake up to Yeshua’s commission in Mark 16 and other places in scripture. Not sure where all the heaviness and such is coming from mentioned by the brother above. I love the relational aspect you talked about when we meet folks in every day life. May this word convict and encourage all who hear to become ministers as flames of fire (Heb. 1:7) and 2 Cor. 6:4  But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses. Amein, amein!

  4. Thankyou Natan
    I needed this.
    I was blessed towards the end of the video. The word encouragement is so much better for some to hear when they already have this conviction and are learning to walk it out.

    I have been praying for this and I had two recent opportunities. I have a gay couple living next door & they know I believe in Jesus. I have given Jesus a huge rap on what he did for me, but I am still unsure what to say further to gently expose the actual need of a Saviour & sin is not just homosexuality.

    So I have just been kind in all our meetings but that is just starting to feel like humanist and I itch to be brave for time is short Natan. A kind of avoidance & not getting to the matter of life and death.

    Somehow the proclaiming the actual words of the Gospel, has to be said. I have some fear to overcome that Yeshua’s love will be proclaimed. I need the doubt that I may destroy a relationship with neighbours, transformed that I may have more sisters in the Kingdom because Jesus is the best deal going for any person!

    Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the death of a man I worked for as a cleaner. He was a widower in his late 80’s and we got very close trying to support him as he was estranged from his family who all lived considerable distances away.

    I stuffed up giving the gospel message to him. I went out unprepared…ALSO known as in the flesh.
    I was too immature to know how he needed to be loved because I didn’t know better. I just wanted him to know Christ but I was a clanging gong to his ears when it came to the gospel. He reminded me of my Dad who I care for now. They were/are both so against “the Church” that they can’t hear Jesus.

    That is so true, Natan about the blessing. Abba acknowledges when you are working with Him. The flow floods & energises you, for you have actually touched for a moment in time being in His will.

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