Parashah Yitro—Get Ready to Meet YOUR Maker!

Do YOU really think that if Yeshau (Jesus) returned today you would be ready to meet him? What about the Scriptures that say that our righteousness is as filthy rags, that the righteous are scarcely saved, that without holiness no one will see Elohim, and that we are lukewarm in our faith and need to go through the refiing fires of YHVH’s loving judgments to burn out the wood, hay and stubble from our lives? To be sure, Yeshua is not coming back for a bride with spot and wrinkle. So what to we need to do to get our lives ready to meet our Maker? Watch this video to learn the answers.


4 thoughts on “Parashah Yitro—Get Ready to Meet YOUR Maker!

    • Yah willing, I may start doing one every week. Sorry for how long it was. I’ll try to keep them shorter in the future, but you never can tell. When I get going, the river just keeps flowing, and what can I do except go with the flow? I praise Yah that you were blessed. Baruch Hashem YHVH!

  1. Toda rabba (many thanks) Natan,

    For this and all you’ve written and proclaimed to further the Kingdom of our Master.
    Towards the beginning of this Erev Shabbat teaching you had touched on Shemot/Exodus 19:5 & 6. One particular phrase in verse 5 is, “you shall be to Me the most beloved treasure of all peoples” and you mentioned the word for treasure/virtuous is סגלה/sgula. With my limited knowledge of the Hebrew language I do know that the root of “סגלה” or “sgula”, besides meaning treasure also means “purple”. In verse 6 we read that these treasured people are to be to Master יהוה Elohim a “kingdom of cohenim and a set-apart/holy nation or “גוי קדוש” or “goy kadosh”. It seems I’ve always heard that the color purple is a royal color and oftentimes used for kings and queens and here we read that His people are sgula/purple/treasure/virtuous, and a Kingdom or royal priesthood.

    This is also one of many many Scriptures where Master יהוה Elohim calls His people “גוי”“goy” or “גוים””goyim”. I have quite a bit of interaction with Jewish people that are secular and also many shades of religiosity, here in the USA and in Israel. Most of them consider themselves to be “עם””עמים” “Am””Amim” or “people/peoples/nation/nations”, but never “גוים” “Goyim”/Nations or that Latin made up word that has infiltrated the English language, but is not a word in either Hebrew nor Greek, “gentile”. Yes, the Jews that I interact with never consider themselves to be Goyim although the Scriptures in many places are referred to by the Master יהוה as Goy/Goyim.

    Again, many thanks and Shavua tov!

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