Exposing Christian Mythologies—Part 1

What are some of the main, non-biblical, false teachings, traditions of men doctrines in the Christian church that DO NOT line up with biblical Truth from a whole Bible, Hebraic (the Bible was written by Hebrews from a Hebraic perspective) context? Why is it important to ask these questions, and what does it have to do with each saint preparing for the second coming of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah? What this video and find out.


8 thoughts on “Exposing Christian Mythologies—Part 1

  1. Thanks Natan,
    I certainly needed that. We can only be salt and light if we dare to say why. There are many kind people on this earth but we should be kind because we love Him and let people know that!

    • Just realized, I put my comment in the wrong section; it belongs to the video on being a fool for Yeshua.

  2. Thanks for all the videos recently! I miss the old song on the intro and outro of your youtube videos! Anyway you can add them to the next upcoming videos?


    • Thank you. But regarding my videos, it’s a new season with a different angle to my preaching, so it requires a different approach. At least that’s what I’m hearing from the Ruach. I used the old intro out outro for many years. If you liked it, I invited you to go back and revisit some of the past videos. There’s hundreds of them, and the messages are still relevant. I still believe and teach the same things now as then. The message has not changed, and I have not had to go back and delete a single Bible teaching I ever did because my understanding of biblical Truth changed. Has my understanding of YHVH’s divinely revealed Truth grown? Yes. Has that Truth changed. No. Blessings!

  3. Easy belief-ism,sermonettes for christianettes,going into church 9:30 sharp and coming out 12:00 dull….seen it…dont want to be it, Jesus is coming soon, and in my life I feel undone,it is time to make the paths straight,many thanks Natan

  4. Hello, Nathan. I came across this video, (Exposing Christian Mythologies, Part 1), while researching material for my next video Sunday school/Bible study. Within the last year or so I’ve come to understand what you’re saying about the myth of the “immortal soul” and have taught it to the congregation that I attend, (I even made a video and put it on my YouTube channel).
    I’ve subscribed to your channel and looked for it but cannot find the “Part 2.” Have you published it yet?

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