Dear Natan: Who are the 7,000 who haven’t bowed the knee to Baal?

The Christian tradition of kneeling before the Baal tree…

In the comments section of this blog, in reference to 1 Kings 19:18 and Elijah and the 7,000 saints who hadn’t bowed the knee to Baal, John S. writes:

7000 that haven’t bowed their knees to the Baals.
The 3 zeros are 3 covenants, so we have 7 attached to 3 covenants.
The 7 Messianic congregations of Revelation.
And those who have not bent their knees to the Baals are the overcomers.
This is my understanding of the numerology involved. It is prophetic.

Natan comments in response to John’s revelatory insight:

Very interesting insight!

The three covenants are the Abrahamic, Mosaic and Renewed Covenants. Paul mentions “covenants of promise” (plural) in Eph 2:12 of which the ex-Genitles are now a part when they come to Messiah and become the one new man (v. 15), the seed or offspring of Abraham (Gal 3:29), part of the olive tree of Israel (Rom 11:11–32) and the Israel of Elohim (Gal 6:16). The mainstream church focuses only on “the New Covenant,” while omitting and rejecting the first two covenants. Obviously, the exclusion of the first two covenants wasn’t in Paul’s thinking or else he would have said “covenant” not “covenants.” This is because the Word of Elohim never changes; his laws and standards are immutable. Therefore, each succeeding covenant is built upon the foundational truth of the previous covenant and is an expansion of the previous one (e.g. Isa 42:21).
Those who are walking in accordance with Elohim’s entire word including all three of his covenant are those that John describes as keeping the law and having the testimony or faith of Yeshua (i.e. they walk in accordance with the OT and NT covenants; Rev 12:17; 14:12).
It follows, therefore, that these saints are those who haven’t bent the knee to Baal (i.e. they’re not following the downward, gravitational pull of the carnal or evil inclination by following the world, the flesh and devil as does the world around them, and, for the those in churchianity, this includes all forms of Torahlessness, following Christo-pagan traditions, and whitewashed church doctrines of men by which the word of Elohim has been made of none effect). Hence, 7,000 who haven’t bowed the knee to Baal has the following metaphorical or drash-level biblical meaning: seven is the biblical number of perfection, and the three zeros are the three covenants YHVH Elohim made with Israel to bring them into a relationship with them potentially ultimately leading to them becoming his glorified sons and daughters in his everlasting heavenly kingdom.

Prophetic indeed… You got me going there John and triggered me in a good way!


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  1. Continuing on; Revelation 7:4-10
    12,000, 3 Covenants joining 2 making 1:
    2 Offices of the Priesthood, making 1 Pillar of the Temple.
    24 Offices of the Priesthood, 12 Pillars of the Temple.
    Revelation 11:13; In preparation for their Resurrection, the 7 Congregations are killed. Then re-appear as the 8th Congregation, Revelation 14:1-6, 144,000; Three Covenants (000) 1×4+4=8.
    (As in the Days of Noach; 1 Ark, 4 Men, 4 Women) only this Time 1 Salvation by 4 Winds from 4 Corners.
    NOTICE: Dan is Missing; Dan is a Serpent. B’resheet 49:16-18??
    For the Preparation of the 7 for the 8th, YHVH has sent us Eliyahu; Halleluyah.
    Hoshana Rabbah to Shemini Atzeret.
    This is my understanding at this point in Time.

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