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As regular readers of this blog know, I seldom promote other ministries, since this is not the purpose of the blog: it is a Bible study blog and a place to discuss Scripture. However, I want to make an exception, and encourage everyone reading this to subscribe to my friend and fellow Hebraic roots and Bible truth teacher Daniel Botkin’s Gates of Eden magazine.

I have known and worked with Daniel for many years. We have been in each other’s homes and congregations, and I have been privileged to minister with him at several conferences. At times, we have even quoted each other in our respective writings.

Daniel has been a Messianic Torah teacher for many decades and has a proven record as a mature well-respected, solid Bible teacher and scholar. He has a gentle and humorous approach, which comes through in his writings, and he is gracious and gentle toward everyone, yet at the same time his writings are hard hitting and he is a non-compromiser when it comes to Torah and the message of the gospel.

I have been receiving the Gates of Eden magazine for many years and have learned much from Daniel, who I respect greatly as a colleague.

Over the decades, we have watched many so-called leaders come and go. Many have fallen by the wayside due to moral failings, or have become promoters of heretical teachings or man-made doctrines and have even built their ministries on ear-tickling silly side issues, greed and the love of money and fame. Not Daniel Botkin. He has faithfully stuck to the meat and potatoes of the the apostolic faith and is a quiet but forceful advocate of the faith once and for all delivered. This is why I can heartily recommend that you read and subscribe to his magazine which contains his writings on a plethora of uplifting, extortive and challenging biblical subjects.

You can subscribe here:

(Please note, this is not a paid or solicited endorsement. My goal is only to see the kingdom of Elohim advanced, and to promote those who are doing so by building up the body of Messiah. I can only promote those in ministry who I know well, which is very few people.)


4 thoughts on “Please subscribe to the Gates of Eden magazine…

  1. tried to subscribe from the link on the site and it was kicked back saying “550 User [] does not exist” may want to let him know

    • From my end, the link to Daniel Botkin’s page works. To subscribe to his Gates of Eden magazine, you click on the “Subscribe to GOE Magazine” link in the upper right corner, and it takes you to Daniel’s email where you fill in your mailing info and then send the email.

      • The link doesn’t work for us either; all that comes up is a suggestion to create our own website with wix. Pity!

      • The link doesn’t work because you’re clicking on the “Start Now” button. That’s an ad to build a website. Just below that is the “Subscribe to GOE Magazine” button. That’s what you have to click on, and then it will go to Botkin’s email address where you can then request to subscribe. To make it easier, here is Daniel’s email address:

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