Reversing the Curse—The Exalted Place of Wives and Mothers

1 Timothy 2:15, Saved in/through childbirth. 

Saved is the Greek verb sozo meaning “to keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger, save from suffering or perishing.” The word in or through (depending on one’s Bible version) is the Greek preposition dia, which can have several meanings. In the Greek genitive case (possessive case) dia means “through, in the course of, during or throughout.” In the Greek accusative case (indirect object case), dia means “by reason or means of.” Seldom is dia found in the accusative case in the NT; usually it is used in the genitive case, as is the case here. David Stern, in his Jewish NT Commentary, says of this passage that here Paul has Gen 3:16 in view where YHVH put the curse of a painful child (among other things) upon Eve because of her sin at the tree of knowledge. Admittedly, Stern continues, Paul’s previous seemingly dismissive and condescending statements about women and their place in the church (vv. 8–14) doesn’t appeal to the modern, Western, mind. But in light of the curse that Elohim placed on women, Paul goes on to mitigate his previous statements about women by saying that Elohim would save a saintly woman from the curse of a painful childbirth by lessening the physical and emotional pain of this ordeal and, by implication, that of motherhood and rasing children. This is because the curse, in a sense, has been reversed through her faith in Yeshua the Messiah and his work at the cross as the one who bore upon himself the curse of man’s sin. By her godly demeanor (as Paul spells out in the previous several verses), and raising godly children, much of the pain and suffering to befall most ungodly women will be lifted from her, which is a great blessing. Stern goes on to point out that this verse in no way indicates a woman is saved or redeemed spiritually through the process of childbirth. Were this the case, the act of childbirth would offer an alternate plan of salvation making faith in Yeshua unnecessary. This is obviously not true according to Scripture.

Moreover, there is another glorious truth to be deduced from this passage of Scripture—a truth that exalts a woman from being a curse-causer to a curse-reverser. As a result of a godly woman’s place in Yeshua, the curse placed on her for introducing sin into the world resulting in her offspring being cut off from Elohim can now be undone. How is this? By raising godly children she now has the divine role of bringing her children back to Elohim. Who has more influence over a  child then a mother? Who spends more time teaching and training a child than a mother? The saying that “the hand that rocks the cradle moves the nation” exemplifies this truth. A saintly mother has the inimitable and glorious role of helping to turn a nation from enslavement to the world, the flesh and the devil back to Elohim and his Word as revealed in the Bible. 

In this passage (1 Tim 2:8–15), Paul is in no way demeaning or denigrating women, but exalting them. 

Not only this, but Gen 3:15 speaks of the seed of the woman bruising the head of the serpent, which is a prophecy that was clearly fulfilled by Yeshua’s death and resurrection resulting in the defeat of Satan, the serpent, and his defeat of death and the grave. When a godly woman raises up righteous, Elohim-loving children, she will be further reinforcing Yeshua’s defeat of the serpent and helping to expand the kingdom of heaven at the devil’s expense. Through Eve sin entered the world (1 Tim 2:14), now through a saintly women, righteousness can enter the world. This occurred through the birth of Yeshua through the virgin Mary, with the process continuing when a mother births children and brings them to faith in Yeshua.

Another aspect of the curse that came on woman when she sinned in the garden was her innate rebellion against authority—especially that of her husband (Gen 3:16b). When a woman demonstrates her willingness to submit not only to the authority of her husband (Eph 5:22), but to church leadership as well by conducting herself in modest and discreet manner (1 Tim 2:8–12), heaven’s blessing of an easier childbirth awaits her along with the further glories and exalted position of motherhood as previously noted above. 

Is it any wonder, then, that in our modern society there is an all-out war against woman, marriage and the family? Whether it be the political, educational, economic, entertainment or media establishment, they all seem to be hellbent on destroying the traditional family, marriage and the role of women as mothers and wives. We see this in the secular humanists pushing of abortion (the murder of children), pornography (the perversion of sex), pedophilia (the sexual exploitation of children), the sexualization of children (which undermines the family unit), homosexuality (the diminishing of childbirth), transgenderism (the destruction of the family and marriage), the women’s lib movement (engendering hatred for men and for motherhood) and the list goes on. When the traditional, Elohim-ordained role of mothers and families is undermined, if not obliterated, the process of the family acting as the means to help redeem mankind back to Elohim comes to a stop. Whose spiritual kingdom does this benefit the most? That of Elohim or the devil? The answer should be obvious. Therefore, who is the author of and driving spiritual force behind these ungodly, anti-biblical agendas? Satan the devil!


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  1. I find it very interesting that God said it wasn’t good for the man to be alone…..he never said it wasn’t good for the woman, yet even Gloria Steinem who said “a woman w/o a man is like a fish w/o a bicycle” changed her tune when she fell in love….that being said I could write pages about what has happened to the “role of women” (I even wrote a comedy skit about when Eve met Adam) Now not every woman is cut out (!) to be a wife and mother but let’s think about why women have rebelled against their perceived roles as dictated by the society in which they live…clearly Daddy loves his girls and yet through the ages they have been treated as second-class citizens..(let’s not forget that in order for Eve to have obeyed the enemy, there first had to be an enemy who sinned first!( So the stigma of being the first sinner is still attached to women today….I believe that the reason the enemy went after the woman and not the man is because she was the one to be birthing more images of God, and this he couldn’t stand…he had to thwart this plan….hence death, rape. incest, lesbianism, pornography etc. While being a woman can be difficult at times, I’m glad I am what He created me to be and have had no desire to be otherwise, only wiser! And I am glad also that in Messiah there is no male, female (Gal 3:28) because we don’t really know who we are till we know we are His!

  2. Shalom to All

    Hi Natan not sure if I agree with everything. So I have some thoughts to share.

    Wasn’t sin outside crouching at the door, just as it was for Cain? Sin as a separate entity that is called incredibly sinful. I wonder if Sin actually exists because Satan rebelled first as the first sinner and then inclined the thought process of each of us Eve’s or Adam’s individually to ‘create’ through choice the alternate reality that leads to death (sin) by accepting the fruit from the tree of good and evil which is rejecting the perfect reality from God alone.

    I also think it may be incorrect to use the Gen 3:16 to show that Eve rebelled from her husband as this decree is actually AFTER the event and the curse seems to suggests that it was not like that before the fall of Eve but the negative result of not trusting God was actually for Eve to be ruled OVER instead of to rule WITH Adam to subdue the creation as righteous rulers over it.

    So the use of Gen 3:16 as the prescriptive of how it was before sin entered seems to be erroneous logic & perhaps a false perception of the pre fall relationship between Adam and Eve.

    Even Abraham when he asked God about Sarah was told by God to listen to Sarah in relation to Hagar & Ishmael perhaps as a lesson about listening to God. Now they had a righteous relationship by faith before God even though it was not perfect.

    I think we are meant to be going back to that again and the struggle Satan has had was to pervert the understanding of Equity of Purpose to serve our Elohim in the bodily form we were given with mutual dignity and respect keeping the family unit intact in mutual submissiveness to achieve our purpose in Messiah .

    Any thoughts

    • How can the curse of Gen 3:16 not be related to the sin at the tree of knowledge, when the Scripture reveals that this curse was a direct result of the sin? If the curse was a result of the sin, it is only logical to state that the curse of a painful childbirth didn’t exist before the sin was committed. What am I missing here in what you’re saying?

      • Hi Natan

        Sorry I have gone off on a tangent. I have a chip on my shoulder as to how women are generally regarded as the only sin bringers or even the first sin bringers in creation and therefor less.

        I was thinking more about Timothy and the scriptures generally & the translation that makes it only males that are leaders.The husband of but one wife stuff when the Greek is actually about being married to one and is not gendered to be male. We have seen it in the Priscilla and Aquilla renderings where even the order is changed in one letter to try to put Priscilla in her place so to speak, when Paul actually did put her in the place of teacher of even him and made sure even against the cultural norm to make sure her name was written first.

        So I am not directly relating to the birth curse & its reversal but to the reversal of the’ woman’s desire will be for the man but man will rule over her’ as being also a place where we need to reverse the curse of headship being competition between the sexes instead of order to rule righteously over creation. Righteous rule does have order but that seems to have been confused by Satan to make us divide and be conquered through incorrect generational mistranslation to create the batlle of the sexes instead of overcoming Satan. Does that make sense?

        I think there has been a private interpretation of the scriptures in relation to Paul saying Adam came first and then the woman who transgressed first to mean ‘the woman is less and not well equipped’.

        A deeper consideration may actually show that when Paul was addressing the issue of women in that particular assembly.

        Those women were either not aware of Torah truth concerning the True Creation Order or deliberately opposing it by teaching the pagan creation story in the assembly. So Paul instructed to tell them to learn quietly peacefully & not in silence as the translators have chosen. Paul considered those women as members of the true assembly of God, which I think is a merciful loving stance saying the truth in love to edify the body whilst protecting it.

        This was to oppose their corrupted pagan creation story which included the demigods and their sexual relationships and activity with mankind that they brought into the assembly which disturbed the peace of the assembly who knew better and created discord as the members who knew Torah confronted those women using self assumed authority to teach error instead of the true authority that comes from the Spirit of God to teach truth.

        Unfortunately this is lost in the translation and interpretation and historically it has been used quite consistently in the silencing of all women in all assemblies or subliminally produce a suspicion of women’s motivations as being Jezebel like and not simply error that we all have in some areas and can be corrected no matter what sex we are..

        Be blessed Natan.

  3. well said & written Natan…such a good post.Thank you for your words of wisdom ..Mothering & Fathering should be our highest call. & we can only do this thru fruit of the Spirit Ruach…Love Faith & Hope in our Saviour…..The world can’t give us true wisdomor value; … it is only Elohims word.

  4. If only Eve was deceived, why did Adam eat the fruit too? She was deceived, he was disobedient…was this why God asked for Adam and not Eve when He came walking in the garden that day, or was it because He called their name Adam or was it because the “balance of power” had shifted and now Man was over the Woman instead of being equal partners?

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