Are You Feeding from the Tree of Knowledge (through your “smart phone”)?


Are you addicted to your smart phone (and computer)? Think about it for a minute. Maybe, in reality, you’re addicted to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Everywhere I go I see it…and so do you. People walking down sidewalks, smart phone in hand, hunched over their device. Just the other day, I saw four mom’s crossing a busy street on their way to pick up their kids from school. The eyes of three of the four were glued to their smart phones. They didn’t even look up see if traffic was coming!

“Smart  phone” may be the oxymoronic label of the day…don’t you think?

At our finger tips, we have all the knowledge of the world—both good and evil. Sounds like the biblical tree of the knowledge of good and evil to me.

Remember the tree in the Garden of Eden that Elohim told Adam and Eve not to eat from? The same tree that the serpent hid in and lured the first humans into eating from?

We don’t know what kind of fruit it was. The Bible doesn’t tell us. Tradition tells us, however, that it was an apple. Hmm. Apple. The most popular “smart” phone on the planet has as its logo an apple with a bite out of it. Now connect the dots.

Look, I love my Apple I-Phone, my Apple I-Pad and my Apple computer. I don’t exactly live in a cave and grunt my way through life. But do these things master us or do we master them? Do you spend time with your electronic devices that you should be spending with YHVH? Are you spending more time feeding from the tree of knowledge or the tree of life?

I know, no one reading this is guilty of the concerns I’m positing. Each of us has a myriad justifications why the shoe doesn’t fit me. We’re all right in our own eyes. But what does YHVH think about it? We can’t fool him. He sees through our human machinations and excuses.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed YHVH and ate from the tree of knowledge instead of being faithful to his instructions in righteousness, they sinned. This was their first step on the proverbial downward spiral, slippery slope away from the Creator. Do you really think the devil has stopped attempting to deceive humans away from Elohim? Do you really think that in these modern times he’s going to take you to an actual tree that is labeled “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”? Get real. He’s smarter than that. But I can’t think of anything that fits the bill better than a beautiful device you can hold in your hand, that you can get in any color you want, and that has an apple logo on it (or whatever logo it may be) that more qualifies.

When Adam and Eve ate from the wrong tree, they fell into idolatry. Anything we put above Elohim becomes an idol to us. When our phone or laptop becomes more important to us than our Bible—there’s a problem.


5 thoughts on “Are You Feeding from the Tree of Knowledge (through your “smart phone”)?

  1. Hello Natan, very good points you have mentioned.Personally I don’t have an apple – I phone but do have another device I’m using now to share my thoughts. Hmm! Food for thought. My own understanding is it is like the all seeing I (eye)., like u see on the US $ bills… The i’s have it so to speak.

    You are correct in that people can become addicted to their devices ( believers & unbelievers alike) . The disasterous effect of walking across a road in busy traffic like the 2 moms u mention, I agree u see all the time. Over here people can be fined $455 for being caught whilst using them or touching them whilst driving.

    Have seen some other thoughts on them: u tube ones……negative effects
    The big question is ?? my early 20’s we never had devices like the technology now, somehow we managed without smart phones etc.we never missed them amazing.( although in an emergency a cell phone is very handy.)

    Discipline is necessary when using them…I have to discipline myself not to spend too much time on my device. They do become / can become antisocial also , as u can spend more time on your devices without taking the time to spend quality time speaking & communicating with your family etc. & most of all the father.

    How technology has changed our lives. As I’m typing this I’m on my iPad …..husband on his computer: behind me in the dining room (open plan..) & 2 son’s on their devices.. In their rooms…have to get up & walk away from it now , take a walk. We do communicate though. ….look what I found etc…or what r u looking at. Can be used in a positive way. ?? Re the idolatry thing ( spot on Natan) …the beautiful coloured device spot on also …what about all the selfies people take…that speaks to me also.
    Like iiiii…,me me….ill leave it there.

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