What is pharmakeia and how does it affect you?

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Revelation 9:21, Sorceries. Gr. pharmakeia. Pharmakeia is a methodology to circumvent Elohim and to open the doorways into the supernatural. It is the mix of science along with magical arts, occultic or hidden, demonic, angelic or paranormal realm and medicine, potions, or herbs for sorcerous reasons to open the mind so you can put yourself in contact with what is beyond the gate or the boundaries YHVH has established between the natural and supernatural (including the demonic) realm.

The Satanic spirits in Revelation chapter nine inhabit the pit, and those who resort to pharmakaia are coming into contact with spiritual entities either from the pit, or from realm of darkness beyond this earth. Satan is both the angel of the bottomless pit (Rev 9:11) and the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2).

There are gateways or portals down to the pit and out into the universe in either case to contact beings from other dimensions. There are good and evil portals. YHVH revealed to Jacob a good portal or gateway to heaven at the site of the future Temple Mount when he dreamed of the ladder to heaven. Yeshua is the gateway or doorway to the Father in heaven (John 1:51). But there are evil gateways that men an open up illicitly through pharmakeia or drug induced states.

Biblical examples of individuals illicitly opening up gateways into the evil realm beyond man’s perception include the witch of Endor who summoned the dead (1 Sam 28:3ff). We also see this with the slave girl who was possessed with a spirit of divination and who followed Paul in Macedonia (Acts 16:16–18).

Those who come under the influence of pharmakeia put themselves into a drug-induced state to activate gateways into the supernatural. It’s a form of rebellion against YHVH’s established boundaries that man is not supposed to cross. Witchcraft is also taking something holy and exploiting it for personal purposes. This is what Samuel accused Saul of doing when he kept the cattle he was supposed to kill, so that he could at a later time offer up an illicit sacrifices without going through the proper levitical protocols. Samuel equated this act of rebellion with witchcraft (1 Sam 15:23). Saul had this proclivity, for he had offered up a witchcraft sacrifice once before (1 Sam 13:9–13). Samuel rebuked him for it, yet Saul was willing knowingly to repeat the same mistake again, which was strictly forbidden.

Taking that which YHVH has ordained to be used legally one way and defiantly using it another way for one’s own selfish purposes is an act of rebellion and witchcraft.


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  1. Awesome post! My wife and I were just discussing this a while back. There seems to be a trend in the world now where people are really into taking drugs that make you hallucinate so they can have a spiritual experience. What these drugs have in common is a chemical compound called DMT. DMT is also a naturally occurring chemical compound that is produced and released by the brain when a person is nearing death. People who describe out of body near death experiences or the famous white light experiences are tripping on their own DMT. My thought process is the same as yours, DMT or similar drugs open up portals to other dimensions beyond our brains normal ability to sense. This is dangerous dangerous stuff.

    • Yes, I agree. I’m not a chemist, but on the perspective of some of these drugs I am very fearful. Without my, or my dad’s permission… He was continuously give psychotropic drugs before his ultimate Death. Authorities their said my dad was combative. My dad DID NOT HAVE ALZHEIMER’S, and was only combative when CAREGIVERS were rough with him. I witnessed this repeatedly, first hand.
      I complained to management, Health Department, MARS, Adult Protection, Attorney General, local police…. Not just about the rough treatment of my dad and others, but the documented things that were Fraud.
      They retaliated with 2 back to back No Trespasses on me. While I was out, they really hit him hard with the drugging him up and all kinds of other evil things….
      The worse part was that NO ONE came to help us. NO ONE. I now believe in Satan, and I believe in God. The lie of the world is that all we need do is call the authorities, and they will come to make things right. I do not have faith in earthly “authorities” anymore, a government that took my dad from me to his death….
      I believe in Jesus Christ, God our Father, and his Holy ghost.♥️

      • I understand this what you are saying, I really do. I have suffered at the hands of doctors and wrongly prescribed meds and only the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit could save my life and soul and set me free! Praise Jesus! I am so incredibly sorry about your dad, truly sorry, lost for words there and this kind of thing is truly evil and does go on, people are remarkably wicked. Praise the Lord for your revelation after all that has happened, praise Jesus, all was not wasted, God came for you and I pray your faith remain strong in these trying times. God bless you.

  2. How do you close the doors once you’ve opened them? Is it possible to sell your soul or to be too far gone that you feel hard or is that part of what the enemy is telling me?

    • You are never too far gone! God is great, powerful, and loving. He wants more than anything to see you returning home as the prodigal son. I can’t tell you how to close the doors you may have opened, but by coming to Christ with a humble spirit and surrendering to him, he will heal you. And that, I believe, means he will close the doors that should be closed. Jesus cast demons out of people, and they were able to be saved, so no matter where you are, Christ has power over all evil spirits, to cast them out and save his children.

    • Firstly, you cannot sell what does not belong to you. When Jesus died he bought all souls.
      Secondly, there is only 1 unforgivable sin mentioned in the entire bible and even that is changeable. It is unforgivable only because you are rejecting the Holy Spirit, thus He cannot help you because you refuse help. However to my understanding if you were to repent and request the Holy Spirit to return, then He is able to help you thus forgiveness is possible again.

  3. I’ve been a morphine/heroin addict for 20 plus years. I got saved about 3 years ago. However no matter how much I pray I can’t seem to get free of this addiction. Its certainly not like it was before. Now I take it in moderation to function for my family and I never overdo it (say like to pass out) neither do I lust for it. Whereas before it was pretty out of control. Now I hate when it occupies my thoughts. When Paul speaks of a thorn in the flesh I feel a relation. I have begged the Lord Jesus to take it away. I’ve tried many things but he hasn’t helped yet. Every other sin he took away. But this… I just don’t understand. Sometimes I think if he takes it away I will get a swell head or something. But pray for me. I love God and it breaks my heart. I can bring up a lot of verses to justify it. but my mind says it needs to be worked on. I just don’t know. Please Lord Jesus take it away.

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