The Feasts, Yeshua the Sun of Righteousness and the Calendar

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Leviticus 23

Yeshua the Messiah is the Light of the world or the Sun of Righteousness (Mal 4:2) or the Greater Light to show man the path of spiritual darkness of this world. The saints are like the moon or lesser light that reflects the light of the sun or the greater light into the darkness of this world.

The biblical feasts are calculated based on the lunations of the moon. They YHVH’s plan of salvation to show man the way to Yeshua who is spiritually the Greater Light as represented by the sun. The feasts are like a tract or sermon by which the saints preach the gospel message of salvation to the world. The saints as the lesser light reflect the message of salvation through Yeshua the Greater Light into the darkness of this world through their adherence to the biblical feasts. This is why the moon — the lesser light — is so pivotal to YHVH’s calendar and feasts.

Judah’s calendar is off; it’s not in accordance with the moon. It claims to be, but it’s not. At the same time, they’re not bring the gospel message of Yeshua to the world — only the doctrines of men and men’s traditions. Their whole message is askew and fails to reflect the Greater Light of Yeshua.

Similarly, the mainstream church tries to preach the gospel, but without understanding the moon, feasts and biblical calendar their message of the gospel is only a partial one and is also off.

A time may come in the future when the calendar and feasts will go off the sun and not the moon. This may occur when there is a new heaven and a new earth when Yeshua is ruling on this earth and he will be the only Light of the world. That time isn’t yet, though, for it’s still the saints’ job as the lesser light to be like the moon to reflect the truth of Yeshua, the Greater Light, to this world through a lunar-based calendar and the biblical feasts.


5 thoughts on “The Feasts, Yeshua the Sun of Righteousness and the Calendar

  1. This has nothing to do with the subject, but this morning I was reading Leviticus 16, and this is the understanding that I was given. Please let me know if I am wrong or if any of this can be expounded upon:

    This sacrifice reveals Yeshua’s sacrifice in these ways: The Bull represents the Father: Yahweh in Paleo-Hebrew was drawn as a bull and a shepherd’s staff, right? This is the reason why the Israelites chose to make a bull to represent Yahweh at Mount Sinai. They did this because they thought Moses, their mediator was dead, and they believed they needed an idol for a new mediator because that is how the Egyptians did it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Two goats: the tribe of Judah and Ephraim
    the goat which was sacrificed represents the Son. Yeshuah was of the tribe of Judah. This goat was the one upon which the lot fell. This goat was sacrificed along with the bull. Both the blood of the bull and the goat were sprinkled on the mercy seat.
    and the goat that was released into the wilderness represents the Ruach ha Kodesh. The goat was to bear upon it all the inquiries and be sent into the wilderness, to a land not inhabited. This is what happened to the other tribes of Israel, correct? They were exiled into the “wilderness” and they carry upon them the iniquities of their fathers until they receive salvation and are given the Ruach ha Kodesh.

    If anybody disagrees with this or has something to add please let me know. I am new to Torah, so I may have missed something.


  2. Natan, I just wanted to ask why you are lashing out and rebuking anyone that questions the shape of the earth. Before rebuking and calling fellow Christians false teachers, you should investigate . Condemnation before investigation is the true sign of ignorance. I think you should really pray about it and get ahold of Rob Skiba . He studies the Torah and is very passionate about being in God’s will. He can explain his reasons for why he believes what he does. We are to go to our brother in love not just publicly rebuke and call someone a false teacher. Thank you for your amazing ministry and keep up the good work. You are a great teacher and I think it would be awesome if you would talk to Rob Skiba and have a discussion in brotherly love. Let’s unite and not let satan cause division amongst Gods children. Thank you for your time.
    In His name, Randy

    • Why do you bring up Rob Skiba? I have never mentioned his name in my writings or teachings. There are many people teaching the flat earth idea. I’m dealing with the issue, not with personalities. That said, Matthew 18 about going to my brother doesn’t apply. Besides the context Matthew 18 is in a congregational setting. Cherry picking scriptures out of context and then misapplying them serves no good purpose.

      If someone wants to believe the earth is flat, that’s their prerogative. I am free to speak my mind about it, even as they are free to do do the same.

      How do you know I haven’t looked into the flat earth idea? It’s presumptuous to think I haven’t and to call me ignorant when in fact I have.

      I have made the following point again and again. I am especially taking some flat earth teachers to task for not making the preaching of the gospel the main thing as the apostles did. This is wrong! This is not following the commands of Yeshua and the example of the apostles. Can I make my point any clearer? When a Bible teacher doesn’t follow these clear instructions from Scripture, I will call them on it. They are leading people astray. I will not unite with this, for it is uniting with something that is contrary to the commands of Yeshua and the examples of the apostles.

      In Galatians, Paul was very passionate and even resorted to name calling when teachers in his day were leading people away from the preaching of the basic gospel message. I am not without solid biblical precedence in doing what I am doing.

      Since you brought up Rob Skiba’s name (I didn’t), go to his YouTube channel and scroll down through his videos. How many are there that lift up Yeshua and the gospel message? Hmm… What’s wrong with this picture? How does it square with the commands of Yeshua and the example of the apostles to preach the gospel?

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