The Bible or handcuffs? There are only two choices!

When men fail to govern themselves from within by a higher moral and spiritual code to which they have chosen to adhere—namely the laws of Elohim as represented by the Judeo-Christian ethic, they, by default, will have to be governed by the secular humanistic laws of men as officiated by human tyrants.


In other words, men will either exercise self control and self-restraint by adhering to an internal moral and spiritual compass, or they will be forced to endure the legal chains of slavery foisted upon them by an overbearing and oppressive overreaching human  government.

This is what happened when the children of Israel rejected Elohim as their spiritual leader and governor and chose to be ruled by a human king. In a sense, they chose the king as their god and master instead of YHVH Elohim.

The same thing is happening in America as this nation turns away from YHVH Elohim, the God of the Bible, and big government by default becomes their new god or master. Europe has long been going down this spiritual path, and look at the resulting judgments!

Simply stated, men have two choices: freedom and the Bible or the handcuffs of man’s government!


1 thought on “The Bible or handcuffs? There are only two choices!

  1. But man’s government is so much better. I am free to live as I want as long as I do it the way they say I do it. This will bring world peace.
    God’s way is so restricting. I can’t love My neighbours wife, that’s so unfair, I love my drugs. but you tell me I can’t steal, I need that money to get more. Unfair, where are my rights.
    “DO WHAT THOW WILT” is the-worlds mantra

    Right is wrong and wrong is right!
    Wow to this adulterous generation.

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