Chains of Tyranny: The Lies of the Socialists and Progressives


One of the main lies of big government socialism and so-called progressivism is that it buys people off by  promising to take care of and protect them. This results in the loss of people’s freedom.

The problem is that to take care of the people, the government has to steal the people’s money and resources in obvious and subversive ways to pay for it.

Furthermore, in the process, socialism and progressivism makes the people dependent on government hand-outs, so the people are no longer self-dependent and self-sufficient. In this way, the power of the people has been transferred to their government overlords thus making it almost impossible for the people to cast off the chains of government tyranny and control without biting the hand that feeds them thus imperiling their own existence and security. This is one of the main lies of big government socialism and so-called progressivism.

Do you not think that the moneyed elite power brokers and social planners don’t know how to use the lure of government hands to ensnare the people into their grasp? Do you not think they don’t use the promise of government handouts (thus preying on people’s natural tendency toward laziness and wanting something for free, while not having to work for it)  to enslave the people in a supine position, while insuring their own power-positions and financial security (at the people’s expense) as the people’s permanent overlords? Yet, sadly, the people are too blind and stupid to see this, and they keep voting in those who would package the chains that would enslave them in little boxes neatly wrapped in bright colors, ribbons and bows.

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Many in the younger generation who don’t know their history and who have lost their moral and spiritual compass have fallen prey to the lies of socialism and progressivism. That’s why they’ll vote for people like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and pro big government Republicans et al.




6 thoughts on “Chains of Tyranny: The Lies of the Socialists and Progressives

  1. It’s so sad. This generation does not know or care to know what it is to be free. The veil is over their eyes. As long as we have telli vision, move theater, helly wood, Smart phones and pocket change, they are satisfied. The day of awaking is coming. When reality sets in it will be too late and will take hundreds of year to get our freedoms back.
    But this is also false hope!
    We are entering a time when the word of the Lord will be silenced.
    I Pray for open hearts to hear the gospel while it still may be found.

    • Right on! “Do what thou wilt” is the satanists’ age old mantra and is no different, in reality from the mantra of the secular humanists, hedonists, materialists and narcissists: “if it feels good, do it.” This is simply a repetition of the serpent’s lie at the tree of knowledge questioning the Creator’s authority and his legal right to impose moral and spiritual laws upon man.

  2. you are right! i was voting for Marco Rubio, and I saw Donald Trump winning…then i began to ask the Lord about him..i felt like the Lord was confirming to me that “the Donald” (my quotes) would win. I asked the Lord, “Why?” I began to remember the story of Samson…FOR NO REASON. i remembered how Samson had the nazarite calling and how he was kind of like ‘the world is my oyster” kind of a guy. If he saw something he liked, he TOOK it. He taunted the Philistines, enemies of Israel…and they were afraid of him. He was also strong and attracted women…also women that were going to use him…Delilah, who represents the beauty of the “enemy”… who would steal his strength…she finally got a very independent man to reveal the source of his strength…his hair. I thought, “wow.” I saw a picture in my mind of Donald Trump. Hmmm…
    Now Trump is no saint, that’s for sure. But God anointed King Cyrus. was he a believer? no. So i began to consider Trump and wonder why God would not appoint a strong believer like Cruz or Rubio. I felt like He was saying ,”they don’t stand a chance”. That would make people even sadder…if they got in office and their hands were tied. Trump’s name, in German is Trumpf. It’s the German spelling. It doesn’t mean “trumpet” like you think. It means “hammer”. Jeremiah 23:29 “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?”
    I felt like what God was saying that things need to be broken before they can be fixed again. So knowing what I feel that God has in mind, i’ve been praying for several weeks and am committed to praying for Trump(f) until the day he walks into the oval office.
    I could be wrong, and I’ve missed God before, but i don’t take elections likely, even though we are not invested in this country like we are in the kingdom of God, but i know that God does guide and direct our steps desires for us to prosper the place in which we live and has a destiny for country. i flew to Washington, DC, by myself, to attend a rally to defund planned parenthood…and prayed while i was there. Father, protect Donald Trump from greed, manipulation, corruption…and allow him to smash strongholds and stiff necks that block all efforts to restore this country to greatness again..greatness that comes from the kingdom of God in men and women that live in Yeshua’s name amen..

    • This post has given me great pause for consideration! Donald Trump being like a Samson…a very interesting analogy that seems to ring true to me, even though I’m no great fan of the man. How about Balaam’s ass (or Jonah’s fish, for that matter)? YHVH sometimes uses very unlikely creatures for his purposes! I’m going to post your comment on the main blog (after I’ve corrected some typos). Thank you very much for these insights!

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