Are you a Baal worshiper? Think twice before you answer.

In this brief study, we will examine the characteristics of a society that is spiritually backslidden. Jeremiah the biblical prophet more than 2500 years ago talked about such society (Jer 2:19) that had forsaken YHVH Elohim, the God of the Bible (Jer 1:16; 2:3, 19), and turned, from one degree or another, to Baal worship (Jer 1:16; 2:8, 23, 28; 5:19; 7:8, 17; 9:14; 11:13, 17; 12:16; 23:13). What does this have to with those living in the twenty-first century and what can we learn from this?


Though the prophet Jeremiah is specifically addressing societal conditions of ancient Israel who had turned away from fully following YHVH Elohim, the main issues still apply to any society, ancient or modern, that forsakes biblical spiritual values for secular and materialistic ones. Down through the ages humans are still driven by the same fleshly passions. Although the theater, costumes and actors may have changed, it is still the same play. Human nature has never changed! When a society fails to learn the lessons of history, it will repeat the same mistakes of the past again and again.

While the name Baal — one of the gods of the ancient biblical Canaanites — may mean nothing to modern people, the Hebrew word baal simply means “lord” or “master.” In modern terms, whatever mores, principles or ideals a society has given itself over to and therefore dominates that society become de facto the lord, master (or Baal) or god of that society.

Human history tends to repeat itself over and over again. What has happened before will happen again, because human nature remains the same. We can learn many valuable lessons from mistakes of those who have preceded us. If we don’t, we will make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences (judgments) as our forefathers.

YHVH Elohim is every-loving and gracious and he constantly warned his people in biblical times to repent of their sins and turn back to him. He is doing the same thing in our day if we will admit our stubborn pride, humble ourselves, and turn back to obeying his ways that bring healing, peace and eternal life.

In the past, the ancients worshiped concrete images that represented the depraved and dark side of man where physical idols represented the ideas behind Baal worship. Today’s Baal worshipers are more sophisticated. They don’t need the physical idols. They have simply bypassed the idols representing the ideas, and worship the ideas themselves. Just because the concrete images (or literal idols) may have gone by the wayside doesn’t mean the concepts don’t still exist.

Baal worship simply represents the dark and depraved side of human nature. For example, Baal Peor was the god of sexual license, and represented the sexually depraved inclinations of man’s nature. Molech was the Baal of child sacrifice. There’s a Baal for every depravity of man. In America, the sexualization of everything, including the premature sexualization of children, which leads to the act of child sacrifice called abortion is an aspect of Baal Peor, which is perhaps the grossest aspect of society’s bent toward the dark side and depraved side of human nature.

Following Baal is very tempting and seductive, since it appeals to the baser inclinations of men’s depraved nature. Men are naturally attracted to Baal worship. This is why the Bible warns us against it.

What is the appeal of Baal worship? Simply this, it takes a lot of energy to move upward, against the force of gravity. Conversely, it takes no effort to slide downward, since gravity naturally pulls us downward. Baal is like a spiritual gravity that pulls us downward effortlessly. Baal is like descending into the dark and dingy basement of a high-rise apartment building, while the penthouse in the same building is like following the path of God, which leads men upwards. It takes more effort to ascend upward than to descend. In fact, descending requires no effort. One doesn’t have to do anything to descend into the darker abysses of man’s baser nature. It takes a lot of energy, however, to move upward to a place of light and hope. In the Bible, Elohim is leading men upward against his base nature. The worship of Baal is everything that leads men downward against his better nature to fulfill his bodily appetites.

The Bible is the first book in human history that identifies the gods of Baal worship, and tells man to resist the downward pull of his human nature. To adopt YHVH’s way is to move upward. This is why YHVH warns his people through his prophets to fight against the downward slippery slope into the darkness of Baal worship.

Many individuals give lip service to the penthouse, while at the same time they’re really dwelling in the basement. This is the lie that many people find themselves living. They want to move upward, but it takes too much effort, so they stay in the basement, all the while believing themselves to be better off spiritually than they really are. For example, they may want to lose weight and get healthy by exercising and eating healthily, but it takes too much effort to resist the downward pull of the flesh. Add to this that Baal worship in ancient times often occurred on high places or mountain tops giving it the allusion of being in the penthouse, while in reality, it was a basement religion full of evil rites and ceremonies that appealed to the baser nature of man. When humans buy into the lie that Baal worship is a mountaintop experience, they delude themselves away from the reality of their depraved spiritual state.

In biblical times, Israel would even bring aspects (or spiritual trappings) of the penthouse (worship of YHVH) into the basement of Baal worship to give the latter the appearance of the former. The was merely window dressing Baal worship to make it more palatable and acceptable. But it was still Baal worship nonetheless. Though having an appearance or veneer of righteousness, the people had given, in reality, themselves over to the darker practices of Baal worship.

Again, what is the appeal of the Baal? Let’s answer this question with a question. What’s more appealing to the human nature? To serve a god that let’s one do what one wants in accordance with one’s baser nature, or to serve a God who provides one with stringent rules and guidelines to follow where one has to fight one’s base nature and rise above it? To serve Baal is to follow the lusts of the flesh, while to serve the God of the Bible is to have to resist the downward pull and obey his set of rules. To serve Baal is to fulfill the immediate desires of one’s lower nature without thinking about the long term consequences of one’s actions upon oneself, one’s family and society, as opposed to thinking about the long term consequences of resisting the downward pull and choosing the higher path.

An aspect of the downward pull of Baal, worship is to consider the human body of paramount importance. Satisfying its lusts, desires and appetites is a priority. Moreover, that which comes from the body — waste, semen, etc. — is almost sacramental in nature. The bodily functions including defecation and sexual reproductions take on a divine status and is something to be venerated and worshipped,which is why the ancients worshiped the sexual organs and why modern society has such a fascination with sex and is given to vulgarity. The use of profanities relating to excrement and sex in communication and the proliferation of pornography is a manifestation of a society that is sliding into Baal worship. Baalzebub was the god of scatology, which is the preoccupation with dung. This type of preoccupation with the baser nature of man is part of the slippery slope downward that characterizes the worship of Baal.

At the center of Baal worship was Baal-Peor, which was worship that involved obscene sexual rites. The name literally means “lord of the cleft or opening.” Some Bible commentators assert that Baal-Peor refers to degrading sexual rites involving bodily orifices including the worship of human excrement and anal intercourse. Excrement is that which is rejected from the body and is considered disgusting and undgodly. Such was the attribute of the Baalim — the worship of that which is disgusting and degrading by godly and civilized humans. Again, Baalzebub was the god of these disgusting practices. The children of Israelites fell into the worship of this idol (Num 25:3, 5, 18; 31:16; Deut 4:3; Ps 106:28; Hos 9:10).

Baalism also involves the worship of the earth. Earth worshipers believe that man came from the earth and is going back to the earth,which is his mother or god. In Baalism there is nothing beyond this physical life, and therefore, for the worshiper of Baal, life is hopeless, which is why he must indulge the self now, for there is nothing in the future beyond this life to look forward to. The mantra of Baalism, as it also is in Satanism and witchcraft, is “do what thou wilt,” “if it feels good, do it,” or “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

The Judeo-Christian faith is not only the antidote to Baal, but its main antagonist. No other religious system on earth has ever made war against Baal. The domination of Baal worship in our modern secular society worldwide is evidenced in no greater way than the society’s all out war on anything biblical and Judeo-Christian, while at the same time our society gives a pass to and even promotes every other heathen religious and philosophical system. For Baalism, the more unbiblical, perverse, satanic, sexually deviant the better! The forces of Baal dominates every public institution in America, which is why they’re all engaged in an all out war against every form of Christianity even in its most benign expression. Baalism hates anything biblical.

It’s time that everyone in our society wakes up spiritually and realizes who they have really been worshiping. For most people, it has not been the God of the Bible, the Creator of the Universe, but rather Baal or the devil who is merely an inferior created being. Baal promises much, but lacks the power to deliver on the promise. Serving him leaves one empty, hopeless, destitute and spiritually dead — forever! It’s time to repent of following the lusts of the flesh and start serving YHVH Elohim, the God of the Bible, which leads to a eternal life up in the New Jerusalem, instead of eternal damnation in the bottomless pit of the lake of fire (Rom 1:18–32).



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  1. we call this revealed truth to heart. The information is a mouth full to chew and ponder upon. The USA does not know the depths of Satan. Thank you for enlightening my heart. Blessings upon u and all involved with this message. I praise my God for people such as yourself with an honest and upright heart

  2. Having been alive over six and a half decades, I have observed the devolution of American society. We have shed our Christian character for that of Belial, Satan and his minions. According to Psalm 101:3, God will not allow the wicked to cleave to him, and the sad part is that the wicked do not want to cleave to our Lord and turn away from their wicked ways. The United States mimics Rome in its final days. We have created idols inconsistent with our Lords commands. My prayer is that we wake up and repent before it is to late.

      • Natan, you write well, and you have God’s gift to express what most of us can’t, but I’m worried about leaning on the law of Moses to please God. The only one who ever pleased God is Lord Yeshua, who fulfilled all righteousness and paid the penalty of sin and the law on the cross.

        To Him I will rely on, and I will let His Spirit lead me and teach me how to walk in this world in the beauty of perfect holiness best revealed on the cross. The royal law is the love of Christ, not the law of Moses. Have you read Romans? (Rom. 3:20…)

        So, what’s if love? Agape is defined as the God who gives Himself away for the sake of His beloved. He seeks the best and the highest for the lowest of the lowest of His creation without discriminating against the object of His love. His love does not depend on how hard we work to keep “His law”. His love is unconditional and based on who He is not in what we do for Him.

        The cross is God’s last word on His. righteousness. We attain God’s righteousness bu faith in what Lord Yeshua accomplished in His death, resurrection, ascension to the throne of glory and the sending of His Holy Ruah. You remind me of Apollos who didn’t know the way completely, but in his humility received the better way. God bless.

      • In many ways you are saying exactly what I am saying, but you’re failing to connect the dots and you’re coming to errant conclusions because of the false teachings in the church and the lies that have been told by the so called Bible babbling experts in the pulpits who do not know their Bible and who have confused, maligned and twisted the Word of Elohim. Now that I got your attention, please hear me out and allow me to explain.

        Let’s define some terms that you yourself use in your well-meaning but misguided comment. What are the biblical definitions, NOT the definitions of the false teachers in the pulpits, of some of the words you use to supposedly annul the Torah-Word aka law of Moses?

        1) What is the law of Moses? It is the law of Elohim from his voice, written in stone by his finger. It is his Word, given to Moses who wrote it down. Let’s get this one straight, first!

        2) Yeshua, who you call Jesus, according to my Bible is the Word of Elohim that came in flesh form (John 1:1–14). He is the Living Torah-Word/law of Moses. He does not change. Your Jesus is the one who spoke out the law of Moses. By coming against the law of Moses, you’re coming against Jesus! Chew on that one for a moment. Tough words, but the Truth.

        3) The Torah-law of Elohim that he gave to Moses is the very heart, will, mind and character of Yeshua the Messiah, the Creator of the universe and his Father. Do not trivialize away his instructions in righteousness. To do so is to toy with the immutable and spiritual Word and mind of YHVH Elohim. Who are we to do this? What human hubris!!!! Shame on the church system for promoting such a diminished view of Elohim and his Living Word, Yeshua the Messiah.

        4) You mistakenly differentiate between the Written Torah Word of YHVH Elohim and “Jesus.” Only in man’s puny mind and non-biblical religious traditions, and not in the Bible, is there a difference between the two. John clearly states in the first chapter of his Gospel that Yeshua is the Word of Elohim incarnate. The Written and Living Word of Elohim are indivisible. You can’t say that you love Jesus, but then reject his laws. They are the same. His laws are a reflection of his character. It demeans and blasphemes him to love one and hate the other and vice versa. In fact you can’t even know him if you don’t follow his laws (1 John 2:3–6), you don’t know what sin is if you don’t know and follow his laws (1 John 3:4), and you don’t love him if you don’t obey his Torah-commands (John 14:15, 21). Go back and study your Bible instead of taking me to task for preaching the Truth of the Bible as you listen to the liars in the pulpit who make the Word of Elohim of none-effect by their unbiblical and blasphemous teachings against the law/instructions/precepts/teachings of the Creator aka the law of Moses.

        5) You mention righteousness. Do you really know what the biblical definition of this word is? IT IS OBEDIENCE TO THE LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS OF THE CREATOR. This is Bible 101. Go read Ps 119:172 for starters, and we could give hundreds of other verses as well.

        6) You mention holiness. Can you define this word from its biblical definition? Obviously not. Many times the Bible tells us to be holy as YHVH is holy. What does this mean? It means to abide by and obey those things which the Creator calls holy including his laws. Go look this up in the Bible. Holy is the Hebrew word kadash. It means to be pure, i.e. without sin. What is sin? The violation of YHVH’s Torah-law of Moses (1 John 3:4). Why do you not know these most basic things from the Bible? It’s because you’re listening to the liars in the pulpit and you do not know their Bibles either and who also are simply repeating the traditions of men by which the Word of Elohim has been made of none-effect as Yeshua said in Mark 7:9, 13. How sad.

        7) So because Yeshua fulfilled all righteousness at the cross, does that mean that we can now go and sin by ignoring the law of Moses? Huh! Really? You obviously haven’t thought this one through. Rather, you’re again simply regurgitating the lies you’ve heard from the pulpit. If what you’re saying is true, does that mean that we can ignore the law of Elohim given to Moses and Israel? Now it’s okay to sin (1 John 3:4) by lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, idolatry, sex with animals, going to witches, eating pork and shellfish, working on the Sabbath, necromancy, kidnapping, etc., etc. etc.??? Are you now going to go and do the very things that put Yeshua on the cross and brought on you the death penalty in the first place? I know you don’t believe this, but this is what your false theology is really saying. Don’t be mad at me. I simply pulling the lid of the garbage can and examining the contents so you can see your belief system for what it is. What you’re telling me is that Jesus fulfilled the law of Moses so I now don’t have to do it. Be honest. That’s what it boils down to.

        8) Next you mention love. Sorry to be so blunt, but you don’t have a clue what the biblical definition of love is. Paul tells us in Romans 13 that love is the fulfilling of, that is doing, the law. Yeshua told us that to love him you have to keep his Torah commands/his laws that he, as the Word of Elohim, gave at Mount Sinai, and I could give you 100 other verses on this. I have written numerous articles on this subject and made countless videos elucidating this Truth from Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. I challenge you: If you are really a seeker of Bible Truth and a lover of Yeshua, you will seek this Truth out and then align your life and thinking with it. To ignore it, you do so at your own peril. Your arguments will not stand up on judgment day before Yeshua the Living Torah Word of Elohim who will judge us for rewards by his Torah-Word. Moreover, Yeshua told us that the law of Moses can be summed up as loving Elohim with your whole being and your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:29–31). How pray tell do you do this? Do I have to spell it out for you? Okay, I will. Don’t steal, commit adultery, lie, fornicate, kidnap worship idols, take YHVH’s name in vain, keep the seventh day Sabbath, don’t have sex with animals, etc., etc. The law that you despise and are trying to convince me against is the very thing that defines love, holiness and righteousness.

        9) NO! The cross is not the last word in righteousness. Another lie. At the cross, our past sins (i.e. our law breaking) was atoned for so that we could now go forward by the power of the resurrected Yeshua living in us through his Holy Spirit who would write his laws on our hearts so we would be empowered to live in accordance to his holy laws and no longer be a slave to sin (i.e. law breaking). So yes, we lean on Yeshua to empower us to keep his laws because we don’t have the capacity to do so ourselves. But he doesn’t write his laws on our hearts so that we can cavalierly and rebelliously ignore them. To do so is sin.

        I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, next time you post a comment on this bog, I suggest you get your proverbial ducks in a row before you comment. If you’re inclined to respond to me, what a week, month or two before doing so after much prayer, fasting, meditating and searching the Scriptures, otherwise it’ll be a waste of everyone’s time.

        This has been some tough medicine for you, and hopefully it’ll provoke some serious reflection on your part.

        Now go do the right thing!

        I wish you well.

    • Different ideas about the image of God has created divisions among religions.
      Love is my religion. Jesus Christ is a spiritual teacher who thought love.

      Just be loving beings and follow universal laws

      • So what, then is love??? That is the big question here. Who defines it, you, me or Elohim? Such a a nebulous concept can be defined in many different ways by anyone and everyone. Let’s get down to the bedrock of Truth when defining love. Love by biblical definition is NOT some ethereal, undefinable concept that is a function solely of the emotions. This is what the world teaches, which is why the current notion of “political correctness” demands that one accepts everyone no matter what their sinful lifestyle and beliefs may be. NO! Scripture is clear, not muddy on this issue, and so is Yeshua. The Bible defines love in specific terms, as did Yeshua the Messiah. Go read what he said for yourself if you want to know the Truth and not fantasies and philosophies contrived in the mind of fallen and sinful humans: see John 14:15, 21 and Mark 12:29–31 where Yeshua sums up his Torah-law (the law of Moses) as the outward expression of love. John reiterates this in his first epistle (see 1 John 2:3–6). James goes on to refer to the Torah as “the royal law of love” and tells us HOW to love our neighbor (Jas 2:8–13), and then John goes on to say that sin is the violations of that same law of love (1 John 3:4). Paul for his part declares that love is the fulfilling of the law (Rom 13:8–10). Amein!

  3. There is no life after now…..God was just too wise enough to colonise humans before time and we say no to colonization, feel free the world is but a desert were we where all placed to survive and make it habitable for every one. The right to make chooses was given and mankind is upholding the right to its fullest. ”WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER”

    • How can you speak with such certainty about there being no life after death——no hope beyond this existence?

      Everything around us speaks, yea shouts, to the existence of superior intelligence——to a Creator that is far above humans in every way. The law and order in the universe and the complexity of nature is astounding and is beyond human comprehension. If some superior being took so much care to place man on such a well-ordered and designed planet as ours with all that we need not only to sustain life, but to live, love and to flourish, is it not possible that this Being has higher aspirations for humanity than to just live and then to perish? To me, this possibility, and reality, seems self evident. This point is only the first step in a whole long line of logical questions that could be posed that point to Someone and something else beyond this mortal plane.

      Just las night, I was studying the complex structure of a plant leaf and all the chemical processes that occur inside of it to produce energy from sunlight, water and CO2. There are at least 20 steps that have to occur in a single leaf involving a long chain of events to produce sugar and oxygen. This is just a leaf, man, and not even the human eye, much less a human brain! Without leaves, we life couldn’t exist on earth.

      Life isn’t a hopeless, set of random and improbable, even impossible, occurrences all coming together. No! There is more. It is much more than matter and chance! That being said, there is hope, and with hope comes joy and gratefulness and happiness, meaning and fulfillment in life.

  4. Nathan, there is nothing so noble as a creator who was crushed at Gethsemane (the oil press) and suffered the death of the cross for me. And the admonition that I should give my life for my brother if He gave his life for me. His Royal Law.

    I am in collaboration with some others who have discovered that the Old and New Testament have an unmistakable fractal order (See Mandelbrot and fractals) that is utterly impossible for men to create. Secular mathematicians regard fractals as the language of creation. The fractals bind the two Testaments together in such a way as to preclude multiple authors.

    Your bringing forward the reality of Baal worship into modern religious practices is an example of fractal self similarity over generations. Bless you and your work.

    • Thank you. All glory and praise go the Creator.

      I’d like to learn more about the fractal nature of the Scriptures, so that I can better understand the uninvestigatable nature of the mind of the Almighty Creator. Where can I lean more about this subject?

      • Getting into fractals is not a way to learn more about God. It is a practical theory of modern new age practice that comes from Kabbal and the ancient “mysteries” of Babylon. It’s all part of the process of finding your divinity within which was the Lie that Lucifer got Adam and Eve to fall for in the Garden.
        The only way to know God as we are told in the scriptures is to read the scriptures of God and not of man and to seek God in the reading.

        Remember what King Solomon taught over 3000 years ago, if there was nothing new under the sun then, there is nothing new under the sun now!

        Looking at Lee’s words I hear a loud hissing emanating from them.

      • Yes, I totally agree with you. Don’t really know what you’re disagreeing with. Do you just like to be critical and disagree? So far that’s what all you’re comments have been doing. I bless you!

  5. We do have many objects that serve the purpose of idols. Cars and other “Man Toys” are prime examples. Professions can also fill that slot. My own can, and does, for some. What
    can be more seductive than the privilege of operating on the human brain?.And for some surgeons the ultimate idolatry of worshiping self is too hard to avoid. It takes a lot of humility to refrain from developing a “Who but me’ attitude when you are granted the right to operate on the pinnacle of God’s creation.

  6. Amen Amen !! My studies of Elijah lead me to this perfect description of today’s world in which we live. Thank you and Gods directions….

  7. what a wonderful article
    sin is baal worshiping, hate, unforgiveness, unfaithful, multiple sex etc
    the guidance to happy, peace,joyful life is in God word (Bible)
    but to understand God way,truth is were its difficult
    you can’t save God without the Holy Spirit for the fight is spirit not fresh or mind.
    devil and demons are spirits and attack us spiritually , through our thoughts, minds,action,choices.
    Please watch this videos to get more understanding in the Bible
    the young messiah
    bible season 1 (was done 2015)
    A D bible continues

  8. This article has answered the question i had. It is clear that we have an internal and an external enemy. We need Gods grace to keep us faithful.

  9. שלמה המלך said it well “There is nothing new under the sun.”
    Unfortunately some of your article is a bit misleading. It’s not just a sinful nature or the boogey man peeking around the corner.
    There was a very real religious practice up in the higher mountains and hills. The Bene Ha’elohim were the fallen watchers. In many cultures from ancient Mesopotamia to the Babylonian Empire to Egypt and Greece and Rome. The pantheon may have been expressed in the form of physical idols but those who worshiped them thought there was something real behind it.
    Lucifer was the ring leader of the fallen watchers and he and the others were worshiped in a variety of ways but there was never anything new under the son. Yes because we are called by God to always place him first in our lives anything that consumes our thought and time and distracts us becomes a god in our life which is wrong however the practice of worshiping false gods is a real thing and there are temple and altar sites all over the world as evidence.

    Be careful of belittling evil and the practice of it.Yes abortion is a modern day expression of the worship of the ancient god known as Molech. However there were priests, tribal rituals and physical manifestations and constructs of the practice of worship that go way beyond mere traditions and activities.

    • I totally agree with you, and really don’t know what you’re taking exception with. I may not have covered all the points in this article that you mention above, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t concur with you. You see, when you write an article, it’s not always possible to tag all the bases on every relevantly related topic much less the tangential ones to that have to do with main point of the article, or else you’d have a book and not an article. Yes, I could have gotten into the nephilim, Gen 6:4–6, the Book of 1 Enoch, the demonic origins of the pagan deities and mythos, etc, etc., but then I’d have lost a lot of people along the way because it’s way beyond the simple topic at hand. Hope you can appreciate that. Blessings.

  10. Thank you for the Truth regarding the shape – shifting, debased religion of Baal worship. No wonder the LGBT lobby love Baal-peor. And Planned Parenthood worship Molech, the Baal of child sacrifice. Much clearer in my thinking now!

  11. This article has been very enlightening to me as well! It is Not random that I was half-listening to a testimony of a young man online, describing his near-death experience & simultaneously, his out-of-body experience & his trip to hell first, & then a trip to heaven, before regaining consciousness. While he was having this out-of-body experience in the spiritual world, his body was having mini strokes, TIAs, & seizures (all this stemmed from the young man, early 20s, having a very high temperature of 106 degrees, then cooled down slightly to 104 degrees, where it remained for the majority of that day until his father’s spirit told him it was time for him to go to the hospital.) 1 of the things he mentioned twice, as if an important fact of his testimony, was
    that his trip to hell was very short, as if in the center of the earth, & his trip to heaven was much much longer. This was all apart of 1 experience, not broken up by him regaining consciousness & then slipping back into unconsciousness. I caught the fact that he mentioned this fact twice, & found it slightly interesting, but not enough for me to stop what I was doing at the time as I just listened to his testimony as it played on my laptop.
    So to read this article & almost right in the beginning you mention how the pull downward, by Baal, is easy, almost effortless, as gravity pulls us down, vs the pull upward, towards God, is much harder, & requires us fighting against our flesh, it’s like a light bulb went off in my head, & spirit!

    I’m an avid reader of God’s Word, & a believer in the words, the stories, the parables that my Creator has left for us, through the Prophets, Apostles, Disciples, & our Messiah Jesus of course, all of those who God chose to use through Divine Inspiration, to author what we know as the Bible. It is always my prayer for the Lord to continue, day by day, to open my spiritual eyes & ears to the Truth of His word, which we as mankind have fallen so far away from, that we have become so blind & deaf; & this article is one of those reads that I believe He has just used to do exactly that! When my spirit was opened to the very simple fact that our Messiah came to teach us one message, & one message alone, about the Kingdom of God, something soo simple, that I had heard about & read about a million times, but yet was so deaf & blind to, that I was distracted mainly by ‘Religion’. It was ‘Religion’ that filled up most of my ‘spirituality’, focusing on everything & anything but the simple fact about God having a Kingdom & what that Truly meant, meant for us all. That was a spiritual light bulb going off in my head. I began to study up on Kingdom’s & kingdom cultures & kingdom Citizens, & what it meant to BE a citizen in a ‘Kingdom’, & learning that it meant those citizens have ‘Rights’, & made me realize that the Bible is God’s Constitution for His Kingdom. The more I studied, the more I began to realize how Man had twisted things so bad, that now the world has ‘Religion’, which has completely thrown us off track of the true message our Lord came to teach.

    Like that spiritually enlightening moment, this article has done the same thing for me; made a simple thing, that has been right in my face, in my ears my whole life, come to Life, & come to Understanding for me. Everyone’s Salvation is their own. Of course it begins with believing in Jesus, who he was, is & will be to come, & what His message was all about, but next is, how do we consecrate ourselves from the rest of the world? And how is Salvation our own, belonging to each person in a different kind of way, but with the same underlying meaning, to serve the Lord, “in spirit & in truth”, & not be idolatrous in serving ‘other gods’? Nowwww I understand a little/lot more better! Whatever is pleasing or appealing to ME & MY flesh, is what I have to battle against in order to prove, or show, that MY Lord, meaning “owner”, really is Elohim, YHVH over ME, & NOT Baal! My Neighbor’s, My friend’s, My family’s struggles & issues are not MY struggles & issues & not for me to fight with them about or against, but to encourage & uplift them, & EXPLAIN to them how their habits, their ways of life are Their Way, ‘Today’s’ modern way, of Baal Worship! The things that I allow my flesh to Indulge in, MY fleshly passions, are the things I, Myself, need to fight against in order to gain Healing, Peace & Eternal Life!! And my Fight against my flesh is MY way of showing my Creator More Than just my Lip Service to Him, as I basically have been doing all of my life…Saying I believe in God, I love God, I worship God, all while denying sommme desires of my flesh, because those are the easy ones to deny, but totally giving into the stronger desires that harder to deny, not ever realizing, until this moment, that that IS me worshiping Baal. Knowing/Realizing this, totally gives me a different way of viewing life & viewing my weak, petty attempts to deny my flesh of certain things, thereby giving me encouragement & a much greater purpose to FIGHT the downward pull of Baal, & cling wholeheartedly to the Upward pull of my God, my Creator.

    Thank you for following your spirit in being obedient to our Creator by writing this article, & by allowing others to gain some enlightenment, like me, into the seemingly very simple & basic principles in the Word of God, but that we have fallen so far from, that we have become blinded & deaf to what is right in front of our face.
    All Glory & Praise be to our Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, beautifully & wonderfully made!
    Thanks Natan Lawrence!

  12. Thank you for this article. I have found it very enlightening. I had just been reading in scripture how God’s wrath was poured out on Israel for their worship of Baal and sacrificing their children. I connected this to our present day abortion.
    Never made all the connections you have made today of the continuation of Baal worship I. Our modern society.
    I have shared this with other believers.

  13. Thank you! Thank you! Just read Jeremiah 32 and was getting such a “download” of a study from God which led me to your article. 🙂 so enlightening…wow! God bless you!

  14. Hi, extremely interesting article to say the least.. Perhaps you can find the time for a brief discussion/chat vis-á-vis? I have some questions. This topic is of the utmost importance to me. Additionally, I found your essay because this subject has been discussed in depth on our church’s blog..a member of our congregation included a hyperlinked citation to your work. Thank you. Amen. Best Regards, Mark.


  15. Thank you for shining light on the nature and dark deeds of that evil entity of Baal Peor. Sadly we see, in the letter to the ecclesia at Pergamum, in Revelation 2:14: “But I have a few things against you, because you have there some [among you] who are holding to the [corrupt] teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, [enticing them] to eat things that had been sacrificed to idols and to commit [acts of sexual] immorality.” …As judgement begins at the House of God, we need to be aware of the nature and identity this evil, so that we can recognize it, repent and eschew such teaching and practices. 1 Peter 4:17 & 3:11

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