New World Order Bible Prophecy Update—What I See Coming

In this video, Nathan takes you on a journey over the past 170 years of world history with a special focus on U.S. history as it relates to end time Bible prophecy leading to the formation of the globalists’ Babylon the Great world-ruling, Satanic, Antichrist system that will have the world in its grip just prior to the Second Coming. We take a look at the broad sweep and trajectory of recent world history and events to project how they are coming together to fulfill the prophecies of the Book of Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18. Saints, the pieces of the puzzle of the biblical prophecies made 2,000 years ago are falling neatly into place. Look up, for your redemption (that is, the redemption and glorification of your physical bodies at the resurrection of the righteous) draweth nigh! Are you getting ready? YHVH, by his grace, is revealing these truths to the weak and foolish things of the world, who follow his Torah-Word, to the consternation and confounding of the so-called wise of this world (including the so-called “wise” teachers and leaders in the mainstream church system.)


8 thoughts on “New World Order Bible Prophecy Update—What I See Coming

  1. OWE MY GOD! Yes, I said OWE, we owe Him all. So many things I want to say in response to this video. where to begin and keep it cohesive? Ok, here goes.
    1) The whole earth was of one language, one speech, the people are one IN DOING WRONG=tower of Babel (Babylon)The arrogance and the ignorance as opposed to one LORD, one faith, one baptism=the whole world doing right.
    2) We were endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable RIGHTS NOT LEFTS! So, the only way we will have a one world (righteous) government is when Yeshua reigns. The kingdoms of this world will fail and fall when and because they will become His as Handel’s Messiah song proclaims, and we will all speak the restored pure language
    3) When govt gets too big for its britches, you don’t get bigger britches, you get smaller govt, yet when the foundations are fallen, what can the righteous do (with the Cains of this world?) I saw the mask as a gag order (shut up and do as your told for your own good) You just lost your freedom of speech. The lockdowns=loss of freedom of assembly as well as the closing of houses of worship=loss of freedom of religion. It’s all there for us to see.
    4)When your head is stuck in the sand, gets what’s up in the air? You will get it IN THE END!
    5) You mentioned JFK, our only catholic president. He said he had sworn to uphold the constitution of the US and not Rome (I’ll let you conclude the results of that!)
    6)Illegal immigration and the virus caused PANic from the PANdemic=PANdemonium=Pan is the ancient god of chaos, why would I give in to him?
    7) They cannot erase HIStory!
    8) This is how it is-BUT Elohim calls things that are not as though they were!
    9) Don’t waste another JOT or TITTLE!
    10) You can’t put a crown on a headless body, you will get it back in the resurrection and then you can lay your crown at His feet. Shalom 🙂

  2. Fascism? Feudalism!
    The light of the NWO is the Red Dragon (China).
    Will the next attack be the Marburg virus?
    Shalom, John

  3. According to Vernon Coleman (he is very well researched in various fields), the Club of Rome once brought out a book in where they admitted to having invented climate warming to scare people so that they would accept all sorts of agendas from the NWO.
    Back in Noach’s days, the DNA of many was polluted due to the fallen angels interbreeding with humans. Looks like the adversary is having another go. First, ‘they’ have genetically modified plants, maybe even animals, and now it’s our turn. By fiddling with our God given DNA, whether they are cutting something out or inserting something, we might lose the likeness of our Creator and become the likeness of the adversary. Apparently, the v@ccines are destroying people’s immune-system which might be what they want, so that their DNA additions won’t be rejected by the immune-system. We all know that people who had organ transplants need to take immune suppressants for the rest of their lives to avoid rejection of the foreign tissue. I am afraid that YHVH might reject us if we choose to go down this road. Why aren’t they forcibly inject that stuff into us rebels? I think YHVH does not allow the adversary to go that far, so that we can exercise our free will and choose our Creator.
    Apparently, Klaus Schwab had said that by 2026, every human will be tagged!
    Vernon C. states that already 50 years ago, scientists were able to control a bull by pressing a button on a gadget, after the bull was implanted with electrodes. Nowadays,
    they can inject stuff through a needle that does the same thing. The 5G network will be the controlling agent. That’s why they say “you will own nothing, but you will be happy”, because they will be able to manipulate your brain function.
    I found out that Schwab and Xi are buddy buddy. Even the pope has officially stated his admiration for the way China is run. In China, they have more spy cameras in use than people. Total control. This will be adopted by the NWO. Presently they are working on destroying the economy, people’s health and religions, so that they can set up their new system.
    So many people haven’t got a clue what’s going on.
    Shalom, Sonja

  4. about to watch this current teaching video by Natan. nwo- Bible Prophecy Update. Catching up on reading also.-posts.

    reading all comments + Carol & Sonja’s comments.

    Reminds me re the reference to re the organ transplants- Remember a few weeks ago there was an article on main stream news re a man who received a pigs heart in a heart transplant – I was horrified when I saw the headline.

    I watched a video the other day – it is up on Bitchute :Military Lawyer – Genetic Changes from C…shots are creating a new species.(John Henry Westen=Cofounder & editor in chief of LIFESITE NEWS. interviews the lawyer – Todd Callender- Lawyer ,Disabled Rights Advocate. based on a cases. (I think John Henry Westen is a Catholic but well informed re these gene editing shots. and what they contain; Feb 06 2022.

    Dr Vernon Coleman has some good informative videos also as Sonja mentions.

    The 2026 date re every human will be tagged. The technology is very advanced now so this would not surprise me in the least -most are saying the jab already has a patent no, and owned by each pharmaceutical company. Could have been Mr Bill G .created a patent no for the jabs as well could include 06,06,06.

    Facial recognition technology as well & the huge importance placed on I.Phones and technology for vax passports uploaded on phone etc.. digital is the way it seems to be going.

    Have to stay awake & Alert.

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