New Video: Confronting the Spirit of AntiChrist as a F— for Yeshua

In this video, Nathan discusses:

  • The Covid “pandemic.”
  • The US presidential elections.
  • The spirit of AntiChrist.
  • The New World Order, Babylon the Great and the book of Revelation.
  • The leftist attempt to take over the U.S. and the world and how that fits into Bible prophecy.
  • What should the saint’s response be to the Spirit of Antichrist?
  • What is it to be a “fool” for Yeshua?
  • How to confront the spirit of AntiChrist by being a “fool” for Yeshua.

8 thoughts on “New Video: Confronting the Spirit of AntiChrist as a F— for Yeshua

  1. Hello Natan, I commend your enthusiasm as we see this age get darker and darker. Here are my thoughts. When my wife and I were first called into the Truth, we were so excited we would share with almost everyone we knew. I would have mini bible studies with my family on things like the Sabbath, Feast Days, clean and unclean meats etc. After proving the Truths to them I was almost astounded by their response, which was, nothing. No change in behavior at all. I came to realize that they did not have ears to hear. Later I thought I may have been casting pearls before swine. It took me time to realize that most are not the least bit receptive to the Truth of YHVH. I was probably giving a testimony and witness which was all I could do.

    I’m sure that some of us will be called upon to be the “point of the spear” at some point in witnessing to people and powers of this age. Paul for example was such a point. At the same time I believe that by living according the the Truth, we will come into conflict with the powers of darkness. We are actually on a collision course with it! The persecution, or being pursued will happen. We will surely have the opportunity to witness to the Truth at that time. If we are to take a more pro active role, we will know it. I’m not saying we should not share the Good News, I’m saying we need to be discerning about it.

    • I totally agree. At the same time, I’d rather be doing something than doing nothing. I don’t want to be one who hides my light under a bushel basket, buries my talent in the dirt, or in one way or another, ignores the command of my Master to “Go ye therefore…”

      Admittedly, over the years, I have grown weary and discouraged in well-doing in my pastoral, teaching and evangelistic ministries by the lack of response by those to whom I have been ministering. As a result, I have pulled back. But now is not the time for me to pull back, but to go forward regardless of the response, even as Naoh preached righteousness in for 120 years prior to the divine judgment that was about to fall on the earth. Very few responded, yet he didn’t give up. As Yeshua said, “as in the days of Noah…”

  2. Dear Natan
    Thankyou & Shalom

    a message of truth if we aren’t different….. how can we hope to make a difference!!?
    Blessings to All.
    Love in Messiah

  3. Love ya brother! I incourage you to go forth. We need people like you to spread the Word.
    Thank you for all you do and have done. Blessings to you and your family! Julie

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