Is YOUR prayer incense to Elohim?

Psalm 141:2, Prayer…incense. The prayer of the righteous are as sweet smelling incense going up before the throne of Elohim (Rev 5:8; 8:3, 4),and is a form of praise and worship, and which this verse likens the evening sacrifice offered in the Tabernacle of Moses. This is the higher sacrificial system to which the Levitical system pointed, and which elsewhere Scripture calls the sacrifice of praise (Jer 33:11; Heb 13:15 cp. Ps 54:6). Thanksgiving to the Almighty is also an aspect of this higher sacrifice (Lev 7:12–13 cp. 2 Chron 29:31; Pss 107:22; 116:117; Jon 2:9; Heb 13:15). Worship, praise and thanksgiving should be the daily incense that the saints lift up before Elohim. Why is prayer a sacrifice? To take time out of our daily routines and away from the pursuits of life including making money, time with family and friends and doing the things we want is a sacrifice of our time and effort. It shows the Almighty not only our love and devotion, but faith in and dependence on him and thankfulness for all that he has given us. 


2 thoughts on “Is YOUR prayer incense to Elohim?

  1. Your blogs always takes command of my day, i read them as they show up, and i often pass them on dear friends and clergy as a fulfillment of my spirit that they mean to me. Your handshake with the almighty G-d is so rewarding to my soul. I find many times throughout the day I realize I’m actually in content prayer for those around me and identifying the pit falls in my life i need to change. Your recent trip to Israel was just so rich with detail and action, it read as if I was with you on the ground. I pasted it on to a dear friend and we talked of “How do we get there”, I must stand on the soil of Israel and bow at the feet of my Savoir and receive and be filled with His Holy Command to share His Love of mankind, as i feel His return is but tomorrow. Bless You in your mission to open the eyes of the world to His presence as i can feel Him standing next to me as I write this to you right now. Blessings again!!


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