Are you “naked” before Elohim?

Psalm 102:17, Destitute. Lit. naked; fig. poor or destitute. If we expect the Almighty Creator of the universe to hear our prayers, we must come before him naked and poor, devoid of all pride, facades and pretense. He sees us as we really are anyway, so why pretend that we’re otherwise? 

We’re really fooling no one but ourselves when we put on prideful pretenses. Adam and Eve were literally naked before Elohim and walked with him in perfect fellowship, until they sinned. After sinning, they clothed themselves to hide their nakedness. 

When the first humans sinned, Elohim asked them, “Where are you?” In other words, they were hiding their true selves behind a covering of fig leaves because of their guilt and shame due to sin. Thus Elohim was really asking them, where are your true selves without the masks and cloaks? 

Previous to their sinning, they were naked and unashamed. Afterwards, they were clothed and ashamed and separated from YHVH. 

There’s a lesson here. YHVH wants us to be truthful, open, honest with ourselves and with him as if totally naked. Only then will he hear our prayers, otherwise we’re praying deceitful, empty and meaningless prayers, which is the Hebrew definition of the word vain as in vanity. The prideful and vain cannot stand before Elohim, for human pride is an abomination to him, which he hates the most of all human sins (Prov 6:16–17).


5 thoughts on “Are you “naked” before Elohim?

  1. If more people understood that our Creator knows our true internal heart and not the fake heart most people show others

  2. Everyone is sitting around the tree of knowledge, feasting on its fruits (diplomas, degrees, doctorates etc.), uncovering the nakedness of the world with lying deceptions and speaking words of world restoration from the destruction they themselves caused.
    Shalom, John

  3. Adam & Eve were not really naked,as in “naked”
    but were clothed with the Light of YHVH
    & they felt no shame.

    • That Adam and Eve were clothed in the glory or light of YHVH is an intriguing concept, and one that I’ve heard before, but I can’t find any Scriptures to substantiate this theory. If you know of any, please share them.

      As far as guilt over sin goes, I would respectfully disagree with you. YHVH has placed in every person a conscience, which alerts them when they have sinned. One who has raised children knows this all too well. When a child is caught after having sinned, the guilt is written all over their face. It can’t be hidden. This is because they know that what they have done is wrong. Similarly, we have all felt the guilt pangs when we have committed a sin. Guilt is a good thing, since it brings us to confession of sin and to repentance, hopefully. Of course, the Bible also speaks of the person who has committed so much sin that his heart has become hardened and prideful in his sinning. Paul calls this a seared conscience. This was not the case with Adam and Eve after having committed their first sin. Their conscience would still have been tender. If they didn’t feel guilt and shame, then why did they try to cover themselves and hide from Elohim?

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