Has He really told you to go up?

Numbers 14:40–45, We … will go up. Here we see the Israelites preparing to go and to possess Canaan in their own strength and against the will of YHVH. Where did this carnally-driven endeavor lead them?

Matthew Henry discusses how this act demonstrates how the carnal mind is enmity against YHVH (Rom 8:7), for when he bade them to go, they would not, and when he forbade the children of Israel from going, that is when they decided to go. They distrusted his strength, and trusted in their own. What was the result of their expedition? Failure!

Let us take warning from the fate of Israel, lest we perish after the same example of their unbelief. Let us go forth, depending on YHVH’s mercy, power, promise and truth. Do you think that the Israelites were rationally aware of what they were doing? We can easily look back in 20/20 hindsight and see the folly of their ways, but let us pray that YHVH gives us the discernment to see when each of us is guilty of the same in our own lives.

From Psalm 37,

Delight yourself also in YHVH, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to YHVH, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.…Rest in YHVH, and wait patiently for Him…The steps of a good man are ordered by YHVH, and He delights in his way.


3 thoughts on “Has He really told you to go up?

  1. History continue to prove that there is nothing new under the sun. The Israelites operated in the flesh for most of there journey, just like Christians Today attempt to solve and handle adversities operating in the Flesh,

  2. yes … when trials come they come in a strong wave against the child of GOD … it seems after the LORD takes me through a hard trial temptation comes on its heels. James speaks of endurance … letting patience have its perfect work . Committing … submission … trust comes as I learn to push through my humanism to lean into faith. I think of what Paul spoke about … how he ‘learned’ to be content no matter the circumstance. I am learning to rest and wait.

  3. Natan, this word is so timely for us right NOW! At this very moment we are leaving our comfort zone to go to a place unfamiliar six hours away to live. Yah told us to rent to a certain family and not sell to another. Selling would have been the easy and secure choice. Instead, he is “requiring” the other. Fear and flesh were the obstacles, but we overcame that to obey his voice and command to trust him and GO when it seemed illogical and so very uncomfortable. With this confirmation to go when he said and HOW he said, we anticipate his covering and blessing. I also received Romans 8:1-15 yesterday morning about carnality vs being led by the Ruach. Would you pray for us as we go and possess the land he is giving us, WHEN he is telling us to; anticipating the victory for all parties involved? Thank you again!

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