Are we any different?

Numbers 14:22, Have tempted me now these ten times. Israel, while in the wilderness, tested YHVH ten times and refused to heed his voice.

According to the Jewish sages, these ten times were: Exodus 14:11; 15:24; 16:3; 16:20; 16:27; 17:2; 32:4; Numbers 11:1; 11:4; and here (i.e. believing the spies’ evil report). Look at each of these incidents where Israel “tested” YHVH and preferred to walk in doubt and unbelief rather than to trust YHVH’s Word.

These are examples for us to learn from (1 Cor 10:11). Be blatantly honest with yourself: how many times have you tested your Heavenly Father in the same areas Israel did?

Human nature and carnality has remained the same from then until now.


3 thoughts on “Are we any different?

  1. Although, I don’t consider myself a giant in regard to faith, I find the actions of the Israelites difficult to understand. After all, they observed great miracles, heard God’s voice, saw the column of fire and cloud and were fed miraculously. At the very least, they could have asked Elohim respectfully for their needs/wants to be filled instead of complaining.
    Perhaps, some of them really didn’t like to live according to Elohim’s instructions. Even slavery in Egypt seemed better to them. I suppose pharaoh didn’t care about how they treated each other and as long as they did their quota of work, they probably were allowed to do all sorts of things.
    Nowadays, there are also lots of people who do not like to live under Elohim’s rules. They won’t be forced, they just will end up like the complainers, dead.
    If people can’t be happy in Elohim’s Kingdom, there is no point in being there.
    Shalom to all, Sonja

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      I think of the few miracles I’ve been privileged to see and be a part of in my life, and it has strengthened me. I’m still going on the spiritual energy of one of them more than 30 years later!

      Don’t you think that it’s a matter of our heart condition to begin with? If our heart is rightly inclined, the miracles will strengthen us spiritually. On the other hand, if our heart isn’t, then no amount of miracles will make any difference because our heart is already hardened and wrongly focused.

      We see the same thing in Yeshua’s ministry and the people’s response to his miracles whether good or bad.

      Also think of Elijah on Mt. Carmel. What should have resulted in a spiritual revival produced nothing, even after that great miracle. No wonder Elijah was so discouraged. He obviously didn’t fear Jezebel; rather, I think he was so frustrated at the people’s pathetic response that he just had to get out of there. It was too depressing and demoralizing for him to stick around. Kind of like Moses leaving the camp of Israelites after the golden calf incident; he had to get out of there and pitch his tent outside the camp of these complainers and murmurers! I get it!!!! after pastoring for 20 years and being a head pastor for 18 of those years!!!!!!

      • Sounds like you experienced much frustration during your time as a pastor. Even Elohim/Yeshua’s patience has limits. So many people hear but do not understand and many understand but do not obey.
        Yes, I believe the heart has a lot to do with it and Adonai is capable of knowing our heart condition. I believe He knows who will belong to Him in the end and who won’t.
        I have always rejected the teaching of the Armstrong churches that YHVH does not know the future in regard to our decisions. They try to prove their point by referring to what Elohim said to Abraham: “For now, I know that you are a man who fears God…”
        (Gen 22:12) I think this ‘exercise’ was more for our benefit and Abraham’s; now we know, what total submission means and why Abraham is known as Elohim’s friend.
        In my opinion, there are many scripture readings that testify to the fact that God is all knowing, including our decisions. The best prove is when Yeshua told Peter that he would deny him 3 times.
        That’s my understanding anyhow.

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