Is America Mystery Babylon the Great?

Is America Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of whores and of the abominations of the earth? Since Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one hour (Rev 18:8, 10, 17, 20, 21), and since YHVH warns his people (all the saints, not just the Jewish people) to “Come out of her…” (Rev 18:4) it’s important to know who she is. Is Mystery Babylon a city or an entire country or what? It’s important to know the answer, so YHVH’s people will know how to prepare for the end time judgments against Mystery Babylon.

Understanding Bible Prophecy

To properly understand biblical prophecy, we must understand some fundamental concepts relating to properly interpreting biblical prophecy.

Let’s look at the various types of prophecies in the Bible. First, there are long range, short range and mid-range prophecies. Second, there are prophecies that have been fulfilled, one’s that haven’t been fulfilled, and ones that have dual or even multiple fulfillments.

There are several standard viewpoints people hold when interpreting Bible prophecy. Some believe that all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled (the preterist view). Some believe that all prophecy is yet to be fulfilled (the futurist view). Some believe that some prophecy has been fulfilled, and some is yet to be fulfilled (the partial preterest view). I hold to the latter view.

To know whether a prophecy has been fulfilled already, one must have an understanding of historical events. If the prophecy has already been fulfilled, it may or may not have any future prophetic fulfillments.

  • How do we know whether it has any future fulfillments? 
  • If the prophecy contains end times prophetic language, it probably has a future fulfillment.
  • If the prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled yet historically, it’s still a future one.
  • Some prophecies contain language relating to events that have already been fulfilled historically, and also contain language involving future events that haven’t been fulfilled yet.
  • We know the prophecy has future or multiple fulfillments when other biblical authors make references to a past prophecy having future or multiple fulfillments.

Some people assume that just because a prophetic event has been fulfilled in the past to one people-group it will automatically happen again to another people group in the future simply because “history repeats itself” or because “what has been will be again.” To make these assumptions and apply them to any prophecy runs the risk of succumbing to faulty and illogical reasoning. To read something into a prophecy that is not there is called eisegesis (a subjective view of Scripture) rather than exegesis (an objective view of Scripture). An eisegetical interpretation of Scripture can lead people astray spiritually. It’s called cramming it to fit and painting it to match.

Prophetic Bible Passages Pertaining to Babylon the Great

  • Some prophecy teachers point to several prophecies in the Tanakh (Old Testament) to prove that America is Babylon the Great. Let’s look at these prophecies.
  • Ezekiel 28 is a prophecy against the ancient city of Tyre. Some Bible teachers believe this applies to America. The first part of this prophecy was fulfilled long ago as the historical record confirms. The second half of this prophecy seems to be an allusion to Satan the devil and his fall from glory. This happened prehistorically and is no longer prophetic. Nothing in this prophecy speaks of end time events, or anything that is yet to happen. Nothing in this prophecy even alludes to the fall of America or any other nation besides Tyre. To apply this prophecy to the end times or to any other nation is assumption and is reading something into the text that is not there. 
  • Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51 is a prophecy about the fall of the nation of Babylon and its empire known as Babylonia. As the biblical record attests to and any reputable Bible commentary will show you, this prophecy was fulfilled historically with the destruction of Babylon and its empire. There are, however, several verses that indicate that this verse could still have a future, end times fulfillment, although there is nothing in this passage to link it specifically to America.  Jeremiah 50:4–8 speaks of YHVH’s people — the children of Israel and Judah together — seeking YHVH and the way to Zion. This prophecy hasn’t occurred ye and wasn’t fulfilled when the Jews returned to the land of Israel under Ezra and Nehemiah, since those returning exiles were from the Israel’s Southern Kingdom only. This prophecy deals with an end times revival among all of YHVH’s people involving the descendants of the Northern Kingdom of  Israel (the ten northern tribes) and the Southern Kingdom (the Jews) and their coming together and desiring to return to the land of Israel. In verse six, YHVH likens his people to lost sheep and then he urges them to come out Babylon (verse 8). This is reminiscent of YHVH’s warning to his end times people to come out of Babylon the Great before his judgments fall on that system (Rev 18:4). Presently, YHVH’s people, both Jews and Christians are scattered throughout the world, and Babylon the Great is a global system that isn’t limited to just one nation, as we shall discuss in more detail below. 
  • Isaiah 13 and 14 speak about the fall and destruction of historic Babylon at the hands of the Medes (Isa 14:17). Isaiah calls this divine judgment against ancient Babylon “the day of YHVH” (Isa 13:6, 9). There is nothing in these passages to indicate that this prophecy has future, end time implications. To suggest this is to read into this passage something that is not there.
  • Some Bible teachers use Isaiah 18 as a prophecy about end times Babylon and relate it to America. In Isaiah 18:2, we read about a nation beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. Some think this refers to Babylon. However, from Isaiah’s perspective prophesying in the land of Israel, this unnamed land has to be west of Ethiopia, not east of it. If he had meant Babylon, then why would he make Ethiopia which is in Africa and west of Israel be the reference point when Babylon is east of Israel?

It is true that there is much language referring to ancient Babylon that John borrows from the Tanach (especially from Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51) in his prophecies about Babylon the Great in the Book of Revelation. John draws analogies between ancient Babylon that controlled the known world of its day and end times Babylon the Great that will control all or most of the world in its day. But how do we logically arrive at the place that because John is quoting verbiage pertaining to Babylon the Great from the prophecies pertaining to ancient Babylon that this means that America is Babylon the Great? This is adding two and two and getting five. This is not logical. It may be reasoned that because America is presently the most powerful and influential nation on earth as ancient Babylon was in its day, this means that America is Babylon the Great. But the Book of Revelation reveals that Babylon the Great is a worldwide system, not just one nation. Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 is a city that has worldwide spiritual influence, while commercial Babylon the Great of Revelation 18 is worldwide commercial or political-economic system that has worldwide control as we will discuss below.

The Bible teachers who make America into Mystery Babylon the Great are guilty of haphazardly cobbling together many scriptures passages pertaining to the historic Babylon of the past (and even Tyre) and then conflating them with the passages in Revelation about end times Babylon the Great. This approach is to interpreting Bible prophecy is what I call “pounding a square peg into and round hole” or c”ramming it to fit and painting it to match.” This is a subjective or eisegetical view of Scripture. This is adding two and two and getting five. By employing this kind of biblical interpretive approach, one can just about make the Bible say anything one wants. This is a misguided, illogical and dangerous approach to biblical interpretation. This is not rightly dividing the Scriptures (2 Tim 2:15)! 

Attributes of Mystery Babylon the Great

End times Babylon is worldwide system comprised of three components according to Revelation 13. It is political (Rev 17:3, 7), economic (Rev 17:6–8) and religious (Rev 17:4, 11, 15). This scripture likens this system to a beast and reveals that it’s empowered by Satan himself (Rev 17:1–3). The majority of the world worshipped this beast system and marvelled at it (Rev 17:4). No one could make war with it and succeed; therefore, it has a military component as well that enforces its dictates (Rev 17:4). 

Two chapters in Revelation mention end times Babylon by name and describe it. Revelation 17 describes religious or Mystery Babylon, while Revelation 18 describes a commercial (and political) system and calls it simply Babylon the Great. These two systems are related and work together, but are separate though intertwined. Each likely has its own agendas, which is why the commercial side of Babylon the Great will eventually destroy the religious side. 

Religious or Mystery Babylon is described as a whore or harlot. It rides a beast (which is commercial Babylon the Great), which will eventually hate and attack this whore and make her desolate (or lay her waste, ruin her, or strip her of her treasures, Rev 17:16).

Revelation 18, which describes commercial Babylon the Great, starts out in verse one by stating, “After these things…” which seems to indicate that either what follows describe subsequent events that will occur or, at least, a change of players and actors or both.

What are the attributes of religious or Mystery Babylon the Great?

  • The Scriptures liken her to a whore. A whore in the Bible is a metaphor for a false religious system or apostate church that is opposed to YHVH’s truth and the saints of Elohim (Prov 5:3–20; 7:5–23; Jer 3:1–25; Ezek 16:15–30; 23:1–49; Rev 2:20). On the other hand, a virgin or a woman dressed in pure white represents the true church or saints of Elohim (e.g. Isa 54:5–6; Ezek 16:1–14; Matt 25:1–11; 2 Cor 11:2; Eph 5:31–32; Rev 12:1, 14, 16; 19:7–8)
  • Mystery Babylon is whore that sits on many waters (Rev 17:1), which are peoples, nations, multitudes and tongues (Rev 17:15). The whore woman is a great city (again, not a country) who rules over the kings of the earth (Rev 17:18). She’s a worldwide religious system.
  • The woman who is a city also sits on a seven headed beast which are seven mountains (not hills as is the case with the city of Rome; Rev 17:9). A mountain is a biblical metaphor for seats of power or nations or governments. This may refer to the earth being divided into seven regional governments or perhaps the seven continents.
  • All the leaders of the earth have committed spiritual fornication with this harlot (Rev 17:2).
  • This woman rides on a beast (Rev 17:7) that is a global economic and political system and which is empowered by Satan himself (Rev 13).
  • This religious system will be destroyed by the kings of the earth as part of YHVH’s judgment against her (Rev 17:16).
  • The colors of the whore are purple and scarlet (Rev 17:4). These are the colors of the Roman Catholic Church’s cardinals and bishops. The Roman Catholic Church claims to the mother of all the Christian churches of the world, since most have descended from her. There are, however, some of the Eastern Orthodox churches that would dispute this assertion, since they trace their spiritual lineage directly back to the apostles apart from the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Apparently, the Catholic Church is the largest or one of the largest landowner/s in New York City ( and This links Mystery Babylon the Great or religious Babylon the Great with commercial Babylon the Great in a curious way.

Attributes of Commercial Babylon the Great

What are the attributes of commercial Babylon the Great?

  • According to the Bible, commercial Babylon is also great city (Rev 18:10, 18), and not specifically a country. This doesn’t mean this city can’t represent a county. Usually a city is attached to a country.
  • This religious-economic-political system has killed so many followers of Yeshua that she has become drunk on their blood (Rev 17:6; 18:24). In fact, on her YHVH lays all the blood of all who were slain on the earth (Rev 18:24). This is an extensive and vast-reaching religious-political-economic system and is more than just one city or one nation. In fact, this murderous system seems to be the end times culmination of an anti-Elohim system that has existed going a long way back in human history (cp. Matt 23:29–35). This system is much larger and older than any single country or city, although an end times city may be representative of that evil system. For example, New York City houses the headquarters of the United Nation thus making it the de facto head of the world politically. The City of London, on the other hand, is the largest banking center in the world (with New York City number two). Similarly, Rome where the Vatican is located, is the head of the largest church in the world, which is the Roman Catholic Church with approximately 1.2 billion members.
  • The chief city of commercial Babylon is a deep water port (Rev 18:17–19). Both London and New York City are deep water ports. However, neither of these cities is on the top twenty lists of worldwide container shipping ports. New York is 27th and London isn’t even on the top fifty (  and Neither of these cities is on the top ten list of the world’s largest ports. Most of them are in Asia ( They’re not even on the top ten list for the world’s busiest port regions ( However,  Revelation doesn’t say that Babylon has to be the largest seaport in the world, just that she’s a seaport, so New York and London should still be considered as possibilities as headquarters for commercial Babylon.
  • The beast is a key international commercial center (Rev 17:2; 18:9–23).
  • The Babylon the Great city is a major international center for commodities trading (Rev 18:11–16). 
  • Throughout these passages, Babylon is called a city, not nation. True, a city can be a symbol of a nation, but Revelation 18 speaks continually of nations, not a single nation, and of a city that rules over those nations, not a nation that rules over nations.
  • Revelation 17 describes religious Babylon the Great as a religious system that has worldwide influence, and who is characterized by the colors purple and scarlet and who rides atop a beast, which is a worldwide political and economic system that has war-making capabilities and against which no one can stand. The beast (the nations of the world or the New World Order) that the woman rides will attack her and destroy her (Rev 17:15–18).

YHVH instructs his people to come out of commercial Babylon the Great. One can come out of a city, or a religious system, but it’s a lot harder to come out of an entire country when there are legal obstacles to doing this. For his people to come out of a nation, it must be possible to do so. If America is Babylon the Great, and YHVH’s people are to leave this nation, then where are they to go? To Mexico or Canada? To Israel or Jordan, as people biblical prophecy teachers are suggesting? Good luck! Can can visit some of these places, but it’s difficult if not impossible to live there legally unless you have connections or have a steady outside source of income. 

By the time YHVH admonishes his people to exit commercial Babylon, the kings of the earth have destroyed Mystery Babylon the Great, assuming that Revelation 17 and 18 occur chronologically (based on the “after these things” phrase of Rev 18:1).

Commercial Babylon the Great will be destroyed by Yeshua at his second coming (Rev 19).

Though in this discussion we may not have answered the question of who exactly is religious and commercial Babylon the Great, we can see that they are separate but co-dependent entities that have a tenuous relationship. 

We have a couple of candidates that we can definitely consider as leaders of Babylon the Great, if nothing else. As of this writing, no other city in the world can claim more religious influence than the Vatican, and no other city can claim more political (and by extension, economic influence) than New York City, which houses the United Nations. To this writer’s thinking, just because these two cities are located in two countries doesn’t mean that Italy and America are Babylon the Great. History shows us that ancient Babylon was a city, and was the capital of an empire called Babylonia. When the city was destroyed, so was the empire. Even though typically, the fate of a country’s major city ends up being the fate, more or less, of the nation that houses that city, this author thinks that it is playing fast and loose with the facts to call America Babylon the Great, and then be urging people to leave the nation just because it has some of the attributes of ancient Babylon. This is spiritual recklessness! Other nations and empires over the millennia have come and gone that could just as easily have fit under the moniker of Babylon the Great according to the criteria that some prophecy teachers have used to label America as Babylon the Great. Such examples include the Roman Empire, the British Empire and maybe even in a certain sense Nazi Germany during the height of its power. 


In conclusion, we urge the reader to be careful about getting caught up in the hysteria where prophetic pronouncements are being made by so-called biblical prophecy experts, who are whipping the people up through fear. There is a great tendency among some well known prophecy teachers in the mainstream church and in the Hebrew roots movement to take the day’s news headlines and cram them to fit and paint them to match with the prophecies of the Bible. Over the decades, many of us have watched countless prophecy teachers fail at this activity. So be careful, and don’t believe everything you see or hear. In the mean time, as Yeshua admonished his disciples, watch and pray (Matt 26:41; Mark 13:33; Luke 21:36 cp. Matt 24:42; 25:13; Mark 13:35–37; 14:38).


27 thoughts on “Is America Mystery Babylon the Great?

  1. God is not the author of confusion. Doesn’t Babylon mean confusion? Who is it that confuses? Is hasatan not the god of this world? The NWO may at first be religio-political and then just economically political, all we know for sure is it’s coming and has been coming all along. W/o the original, the counterfeit is meaningless….Yehovah’s (He who was and is and is to come) counterfeit=Rev 17:8…the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. Rev17:11 ‘And the beast that was and is not, even he is the 8th and is of the 7th.” They rise and they fall=Babylon all..I find it fascinating that the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream had feet of iron (Rome, the 6th world empire) and clay (man) and just as iron and clay is a mixture (Arav=Arab) they will not stick together. The 7th was the short lived Ottoman/Moslem empire and the 8th will arise out of it, perhaps with Rome) This is my UNDERSTANDing but it is yet to be revealed until then I will STAND UNDER the shadow of His wings!

    • You may be on to something here, Carol. I just keep having a nagging feeling that somehow Rome (the false prophet?) and the spirit of Antichrist (Islam) will somehow unite in some sort of iron-clay alliance to the consternation of the NWO powers at be. Perhaps this is why the NWO govt-merchant folks will turn against this whorish religious-alliance. Only my speculations; I have no divine revelation on this. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • Wow how prophetic your nagging feeling was!!! You probably already know in 2019 The Pope joined an alliance with Islam the Pope and the Muslim leader even holding hands. The human fraternity document which is pretty much a one world religion. And the set to take place in 2021

    • I believe the great city is New York the shore the whore the United States and maybe something like covid19 defeats it by restoring it economic system someone in London or UNITED STATES rises to form new world order

  2. I came upon this blog through a Google search. Interesting thoughts in the comments and just reminded me of the Pope and the grand imam of Egypt’s al-Azhar mosque and university signing an agreement just last week. Could it be a beginning?

    “Pope Francis and Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of Egypt’s al-Azhar mosque and university, sign documents during an interreligious meeting at the Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 4, 2019…..they signed a document on “human fraternity” and improving Christian-Muslim relations.”

    • Yes, I read this news piece as well…with total disgust.

      The promises and agreements of zealous Muslims mean absolutely nothing whatsoever. One is a total naive fool to enter into any agreement with a devoted Muslim. Why is this? It’s simple. If you read the Koran, which I have, from cover to cover, there are many verses on how to defeat your enemies in the process of conquering the world for Allah, the demon god. As Yeshua tells us in Gospels, Satan is a liar from the beginning and as a thief, he comes to kill, steal and to destroy. He’s a snake, and possesses the nature of a serpent. This cannot be changed. It is who he is. The same is true of Satan’s followers including those who practice the demonic religion of Islam.

      Don’t take my word that Islam permits lying in order to gain the upper hand over its enemies. Here is the proof:

      Islam instructs Muslims that when you’re weaker than your enemies or if one fears death due to religious persecution, it is permissible to deceive or lie to the infidel (presumable until such time as one has gained the advantage over one’s enemy and is then able to conquer them for Islam). This is referred to as “taqiya” ( On the subject of deception and lying, the following website asks and answers this question: Does Islam permit Muslims to lie?

      Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences” or “gain the upper-hand over an enemy.”
      There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (the Shia name). These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam—in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.” [emphasis added, from

      The above-cited website then goes on to quote various Koranic passages as well those from other Islamic sources to substantiate lying to one’s enemies to gain the upper hand (e.g. the Hadith and Sira) that confirm the above statement (see also;

  3. I think the words speak for themselves. I believe Mystery Babylon to be the church, that has fallen away from the true teachings of God. When i say the church i in no way mean one specific denomination, but many. I believe Babylon the Great is indeed American and her allies. No other country on earth has the worldwide influence and power that America has. I believe the water that are the nations tongues and peoples are in reference to America as the largest immigrant country ever in history. Our country is literally built on the multitudes of the world. America is also the biggest global consumer, which is why the merchants watching her burn lamented her..for who would buy their goods now. Now most people dont want to believe that America which was said to be founded on God , could possibly be Babylon on revelation. But she has fallen already from where she started, America is so thought of as Righteous that we even print it on our money..In God We Trust. But its false.

    Many evangelicals point to rome and the Vatican as the whore, but i think the reference speaks more to a nation greater than rome and the falling of the church. Its bigger than a singular denomination, and its about multiple denominations rather than just catholic.This is lager than one church or denomination it is many that have fallen short. I believe the time is now and the countdown has started. If the peace treaty goes into effect then watch for the breaking of that treaty in a few years. As an American i can see the wickedness in our nation, wickedness as never seen before since the days of Sodom. Wickedness even within our our spiritual leaders. And the people follow like dogs believing these wicked men. America will fall, and she is the whore, i believe this.

    • I believe America is Babylon as well. Harris will be the President and we will be part of the one world order.

      • That America is Babylon the Great is a very popular opinion among many well-meaning people in the church, but does not line up with Scripture. As I maintain, America is definitely part of Babylon the Great and may be the leader of it, or one of the leaders of it, but it cannot be the sum total of it. This is a non-contextual and narrow view of Scripture if we are to take the Scriptures on the subject literally. For example, China is currently rising, and America is declining. In a decade or more, how will the global balance of power and influence change? Will China now be viewed by some as Babylon the Great? America has only been a global superpower since the end of WWII—only about 75 years. This is a very short time in the span of human history. Before that, the global superpower was Great Britain. In another 75 years the global superpower may well be another nation or confederation of nations. A confederation of nations is what the book of Revelation reveals to be the case concerning Babylon the Great. True, Babylon is a city (not a nation) that will be destroyed in one day, but the Bible reveals that Babylon it is also the head of a confederation of nations called Babylon the Great. When analyzing this subject, let’s not let popular opinion and our own emotions carry us away and inform our understanding. Rather, let the Word of Elohim be the one that informs us. Shalom.

      • I believe Mystery Babylon to be the US,I believe it is a major part, and as to the deep water port that is destroyed in one hour, you have a choice-New York,SanFrancisco, or even Seattle, all three have been built on 7 hills,the influence of the US in the world is as no other county, and her sins rise as a foul smoke in the nostrils of God, without doubt I feel this will happen very soon,the godless society that has emerged in this country will not mock He who is in Heaven, and I believe will be made an example…Maranatha

  4. Mystery Babylon is not a mystery if you have eyes to see & ears to hear God’s Prophetic Word which sadly you do not have ! Rev 16;6 & 17;6 & 18;24 define it as the Great City [Rev 17;18] with blood of the Prophets , the Saints & Jesus’s witnesses on it…..Jesus’s witnesses to be killed[REV 11;8] in JERUSALEM. The Saints; Stephen [first saint] & Paul [greatest saint] both condemned by Sanhedrin, tortured beaten & in Stephens case murdered in JERUSALEM -they would have murdered Paul too but could not as he was a Roman citizen -so they got the Romans to take him to Rome & starve him to death. The Prophets were almost ALL tortured beaten & killed in JERUSALEM-especially God’s Herald Prophet John the Baptist & God’s Messiah Son JESUS CHRIST . ……Have NO DOUBT that JERUSALEM is the Great Harlot Babylon ! It sits on the Beast Nation [the only anti Christ Nation on earth]Jewish- crimson with the blood on it- ISRAEL [divided in Daniel 2 & reunited in Daniel 7] which is ruled over by the man of perdition whose 3rd [I think ] act of Parliament in his first term[remember he WAS ,WAS NOT & WAS AGAIN losing the second election to Livni but asked to form Minority Govt -returned without the honour of kingship] was to try to stop the teaching of Christianity in Israel – I wonder why ? If only you had eyes & ears for Prophecy………’the elect will be fooled & follow after [revere]the Beast’…DO YOU? Please look in right direction. Two last Prophets soon! ………..AlekumShalom ….servant of Jacob ….Messianic Jew.

    • can Jerusalem be seen from the sea, or sea port in Jerusalem?Rev 18 points that out, I heard it once that almost all of Israel can be seen width wise from certain points, but unsure about this one, not sure of Rome either but Peter is supposed to be buried there??? 17 For in a single hour such fabulous wealth has been destroyed!” Every shipmaster, passenger, and sailor, and all who make their living from the sea, will stand at a distance 18 and cry out at the sight of the smoke rising from the fire that consumes her. “What city was ever like this great city?” they will exclaim. 19 Then they will throw dust on their heads …Maranatha!

      • Always I have been very literal. Also I have explored many of the religions. Islam is the pale horse or green horse if you will. America is mystery Babylon. The word mystery is your first clue. Jerusalem would not have mystery associated with it when John recorded his vision.

      • With all due respect, we need to back up everything we say with Scripture and sound logic. Just making assertions and giving one’s opinion on a matter neither proves our point nor is convincing to those who are looking for sound reasons to believe something. You may be right in your opinion, but you need to give sound reasons for why you believe what you believe, otherwise it means nothing and is pointless for having a meaningful, two-say discussions, which is the purpose of this blog.

  5. Mother of harlots is FALSE RELIGION PAGAN Roman Catholicism America The great is an extension of the Roman Empire and the seat of the world powers UN and cohort EU . Just to start what I think .

  6. wow you all are still on about Catholic and Muslims when covid19 is a world pandemic not local. The church is the whore pretty much all churches not just one the false church rides the Govt or beast which is us or mankind. The water is politics world wide and it’s us that crated this beast. Which is why this is a world wide pandemic for the world has been lead by false teachings. It don’t matter one bit who wins Trump or Biden they’re both Antichrists antichrist is the replacement for god and ours is the worst. Idolatry is not just statues but created Govt from mans hands is as much of Idolatry as any old statue.
    Any church that has taught that Romans 13 meant we’re to obey the Govt is what is called the false prophet and or whore. Romans 13 did not say obey the higher power, for the word power is mistranslated from the word Exousia, and Exousia means liberty not power. That’s just one of the deceptions the devil has done. America is to fall and soon but not after the mark of the beast has been dolled out. And that mark could very well be a vaccine, and or these darned masks people wear even though they shouldn’t for they are making more people sick than not.
    Anyway America will fall but so will all Countries not just ours. All of men’s Govt’s will fall.

  7. My speculation on the subject.

    Hmm, I think the USA fits the Rev 17 & 18 image like a glove.
    Powerful and the epicentre of a world economic system that every nation has profited from. The various other descriptions fit too.

    Many aspects of Rev stands into the future i.e. have not been fulfilled. Do not confuse the OT Babylonian prophecies that have been fufilled.

    Now a man of lawless in charge, civil and political upheaval in America. If there is a loss of control even momentarily her enemies will destroy her in an hour. The enemy is of course the great and terrifying beast – likely a Sino-Russo, Persian and North African alliance.

    Perhaps the Gog-Magog War to follow as the victors seek to roll up an Israel without a mighty US protector?

    So if the US slips into serious internal turmoil in the next couple of years – best get out of Dodge as they say.

  8. Irregardless America must fall by violence just like all the other nations. Since Daniel 2vs 44 states he will bring down the statue meaning all Govt’s of the world will fall none shall remain. I still say America is this Babylon and we are a system as well. We sit over the Earth like a Queen that says in her heart that she shall see no sorrow etc…
    Heck we’re going about the world making them worship our image false as it is Liberty and such and can’t even maintain our own. We’ve become the policeman of the world trying to make other countries live up to our standards of Liberty, while not being able to live up to our own. We’re a Police state now, we have been for a long time now as well.
    We’ve but have been for a long time been a habitation of Devils, but with this Biden and Kamala along with her Kali Demon Goddess will bring about more tyranny and destruction up on us!
    Don’t be fooled by these vaccines either they all have either Bovine,Chimpanzee, crab blood aborted fetus’s of all above mentioned animals plus human Moderna’s has Luciferase as in Lucifer. Pfizer’s uses a crystalline approach to the light and Astrazeneca’s uses Phosphorus as their light source that will mark you forever.
    Hydragel as in a Hydra or 7 headed monster in length is part of any Covid19 vaccine that comes out. Maybe not in name for I believe it’s only Moderna’s that uses that but they all in some way in other names will use that. As part of my research into them all
    Luciferase is their light as in marvel not that Satan himself has been transformed into an angel of light. Pfizer’s light is crystalline and Astrazeneca’s is Phsopho or some crap.
    Revelations says not long I hope after your marked or not the angel who holds a Millstone will throw that into the sea or politics and by violence Babylon shall fall.
    Not my will by his will to be done!

  9. I can’t think of any other country other than America that fits the scripture pertaining to the new Babylon.
    I don’t think it’s the Vatican because no one grows wealthy from it globally.
    It’s definitely some city-state in end times that is Babylon, where other countries buy, trade, and sell (NYC being that epicenter).
    America’s future will change radically before then, but the spirit will remain the same. America wasn’t discovered at the time of prophetic writing, so yes, she was a mystery (not known). AND If America is destroyed, yes the world and wealthy leaders would cry and weep, no doubt.
    The Statue of Liberty herself has seven rays on her crown representing seven seas.

    • Hi, I have to agree with you, the USA fits all the markers. The Statue of Liberty is also holding what they call the Light of Lucifer. This country was very likely set up to be the war arm for the group. Otherwise how did they get bases all around the world? They have the world surrounded.

      The world is a lie, they have rewritten it all. The battle between good and evil is real. The UN may be wealthy, they are the base of evil. The UN is the NWO. Likely there is a lot of money there. Satanists, all of them.

      • I have said again and again what the Bible says. Babylon the Great is a worldwide system involving all the nations of the world. Go read the book of Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18. When Yeshua comes back he’s going to destroy this whole evil, Antichrist system. The battle of Armageddon occurs in the Middle East against all nations, not just the U.S. I’m not talking out of the top of my hat. These are not my ideas. Either we’re going to line our thinking and words up with the Bible or we’re going to make up our own wishful scenarios out of our own mind. So here is the truth: American is part of Babylon the Great. It is likely the leader of it. But it is not exclusively Babylon the Great. There is a big difference. Those who say that the U.S. = Babylon the Great are twisting and overlooking the clear Word of Elohim to fit their own ideas. Again, this is a worldwide system that is headed by Satan. The Bible is clear on this. Can I be any clearer about this????? Blessings to you all.

  10. What if, the Great Babylon is, or is to be, the United Nations? The original Babylon was famous for confusion brought about by many languages. While that IS technically true of the USA, the USA does have an official language. However, what is the official language of the United Nations?

  11. I find it so odd that indeed The Roman Church should seem plain to those in Christ, But again isn’t that the craft of Satan to hide within one’s house.
    For certain I peer thru eyes that have been flavored differently from others
    I having studied even the secret societies and other ilk to know their symbols the setting of their offices, and on that alone i can firmly state that the parallels, are more than just coincidence. I know in days to come you will see the beast truly rise again, it’s deadly wound now totally healed. The once protestant, bowing the knee to her doctrines kissing the ring and now aligning itself once more. as she seeks her actual mission, not for the mere waters, the people no she has deceived so many! No, but rather what the bride is giving birth to, and that the very elect of God..We all know how it turns out.

  12. Love all you my brothers in Christ, that being said Mystery Babylon is ONE place-has to be, oh the antichrist movement is world wide BUT the Whore sits in one place, and Mystery Babylon is destroyed in ONE day. I have been fueled by this very thing myself,It is Located on 7 hills (so are the deep water ports of Seattle,SanFrancisco,and New York) the idea of the deep water port is because the men on ships can see its destruction. With the United Nations located in New York- could be…. Gratefully this isnt a qualifacation for salvation- and I believe it will play itself out soon,Look up be watchful, pay attention to that inner voice, and then square it up to scripture.Many of my friends follow the idea the Roman church to be the center of it all- Im sure they will be a player, BUT most american politicans pay no heed- nor are they held to any church doctrine by the pope or anyone else in church power- sorta like a mad watch dog without teeth-if not true on this, why can our leaders who are RC tout their love for abortion,homosexuality,and transgenderism not be held by the RC in contempt? Love you all-

    • I agree with you. Mystery Babylon the Great is a worldwide system encompassing more than the Roman Church or one country. But at the same time, there are leading cities and nations to which the prophecies about Babylon the Great in the Book of Revelation seem to apply. I agree with the deep water port issues and the shipping folks seeing its destruction. This very well could apply to NYC in my best estimation, and I think I suggest this in my article. Blessings!

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