The Passover Seder Is a Drama-Based Gospel Tract

Exodus 10:2, Tell or recount, relate. YHVH commanded Moses to record the story of Egypt’s judgment and fall for the Israelite’s future posterity. The Israelites were to pass this story down orally and in written form to succeeding generations. The Passover seder is the fulfillment of this Torah command in that it re-enacts the exodus story. In other words, YHVH is commanding parents to pass the gospel message of redemption downward to each new generation. The Passover seder is literally a gospel tract involving a dramatic presentation where the participants act out the message of the gospel.


2 thoughts on “The Passover Seder Is a Drama-Based Gospel Tract

  1. How right you are….so there seems to be some disagreement among some scholars as to whether the last supper was a Passover seder….how could it be when He was our Passover Lamb…didn’t He have his last supper with his disciples (though He said He had desired to eat the Passover with them) the night before?

  2. Hello Natan I have come across that the meal shared with Yeshua was the day of the buying back of the firstborn in the OT and that is what the blood and bread represented. Have you any thoughts on that? I can’t remember the article well but it had a reference to the Hebrew /Jewish day that is the memorial for this observance written down in the calendar for that time also & I was thinking that that is linked to the Passover time so closely & makes sense as it was the blood of the Passover Lamb of the Exodus that especially kept the firstborn safe from the plague as well as being the means of making Pharoah let the people go. So most espedially every firstborn ‘owed’ his life to Elohim’s mercy provide at that time… well as all Israel to be released from captivity. Any thoughts? Blessings FJ

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