1 thought on “New Video: Is America Experiencing a Leftist Revolution & Takeover?

  1. Hello Natan and all fellow believers who read & study this blog. Well done Natan great presentation on this video….can so appreciate what you mentioned re because of all the things happening around us..in our individual countries where we live etc. The News Headlines something horrific. Happens every day it seems..locally. @ State level & Federally in the countries where we reside..it is depressing …I think father wants us to pray & stand in the gap & sometimes we feel like that burden is so heavy & weighing heavy on our hearts. ..

    what we see & hear is so great if we have eyes to see & ears to hear what the spirit is showing us in this end time hour..we have entered the Biblical month of Elul …& from now to September will be 40 days…have been reading the need for believers to repent for the sin of their nations etc…& personal sin..really cry out to the father & get serious before the heat gets turned up again ; as u said Natan ..Elohim wants us to turn from our wicked ways & acknowledge his sovereignty …realising we cannot fix the world ..only he can ..& the Govt will be upon his shoulders.

    Yeshua when he returns & sets up his righteous end time kingdom.

    Remembering Jonah was sent to the people of Nineveh to tell them to repent or Elohim would destroy Nineveh… No different today..as u said as in the days of Noah & Lot…etc.

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