No Ordinary Sheep!

Luke 2:8, Shepherds living out in the fields. According to the Mishnah (a rabbinic Jewish legal-historical document from the end of the second century AD), these were no ordinary sheep or shepherds, but were shepherds who watched over sheep that were destined to become burnt offerings, peace offerings and the Passover offering for the temple service in Jerusalem (Mishnah Sheq 7:4; The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, by Alfred Edersheim, pp. 132–133).

Such sheep were kept in the environs of Jerusalem including Bethlehem which lies just five miles south of that city. These sheep were apparently kept outdoors all year round. Presumably they were carefully watched over to keep them safe from incurring any blemish that might render them unusable for the temple service.

Imagine the spiritual and prophetic significance of heaven’s angelic messenger revealing to these shepherds the birth in Bethlehem of the spotless and sin-free Lamb of Elohim who was destined to be sacrificed from the beginning of the world (Rev 13:8; John 1:29; 2 Cor 5:21; 1 Pet 2:22; 1 John 3:5).

The angel announced that this newborn child was YHVH the Messiah (Isa 53:1; Christ the Lord)—the Savior (Luke 2:8 cp. Isa 53:6, 10–11). He once and for all would take away the sins of the world (Heb 10:10, 12), thus rendering their jobs as temple shepherds unnecessary.


5 thoughts on “No Ordinary Sheep!

  1. This is wonderful information Natan, & conveyed so well with what you mention. My husband has one of Alfred Edersheims books…from memory.

    Getting back to the star of Bethlehem that was @ his first coming. I have looked @ info & listened to a minister of the Gospel message that Elohim has set his signs in the Sun. Moon & Stars.Firmament .( many biblical verses ) , another star in the 3rd Decan of Virgo..heavenly Mazeroth ..? Star called Bootes you can look @ it on Stellarium ..or software called starry night (another one..) this sign is represented by the Shepherd running quickly ..the guarding shepherd.
    Ready for Messiahs second coming. …set in the firmament by Elohim himself indicating the return of Messiah.I did a study on what is the Mazeroth : referred to in book of Job.38 Verse 31 & 32.

    A lot has opened up since I first started studying this in Sept 2016. the related verses in Mathew etc..Revelation ..etc..
    Regards CC.

    • It’s tough to tell from a cartoon. They look like sheep to me—sheared ones at that. The sheep we raised on the family farm had more rounded snouts and the goats had more pointed/less rounded ones.

      • It’s easy- look at the tails. Goats have bones in their tails and they go up, not down. Sheep tails flop down unless docked.

      • We always docked the tails of our sheep. This is an artist’s picture, not a photo. Doubt he was a shepherd and would have known these details. Still looks like the snout of a sheep, but the tail of a goat to me. The artist, if they’re reading this (which I know they aren’t) would be chuckling over our discussion right now.

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