Yehovah sometimes chooses the lesser of two evils…Hmm!?!

La decisin correcta

This morning I was reading the Torah portion for the day and I came across this:

“Do not think in your heart, after Yehovah your Elohim has cast them out before you, saying, ‘Because of my righteousness Yehovah has brought me in to possess this land’; but it is because of the wickedness of these nations that Yehovah is driving them out from before you. It is not because of your righteousness or the uprightness of your heart that you go in to possess their land, but because of the wickedness of these nations that Yehovah your Elohim drives them out from before you, and that He may fulfill the word which Yehovah swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” (Deut 9:4–5)

YHVH chose the lesser of two evils when he chose the Israelites. His choice was between the more sinful pagans and the less sinful Israelites.

Let’s be real here. He made the same choice when he chose you and me!

Yes I get the fact that he chose the Israelites ultimately because he was bound to his covenant with Abraham, but let’s not forget one thing. After the golden calf incident, YHVH threatened to destroy all the Israelites and fulfill his promises through Moses’ seed. So he could have circumvented the majority of the sinful Israelites and still fulfilled his promises to Abraham through Moses’ offspring.

Bottom line. But for the grace of Elohim none of us stand a chance. When he extended a call to you and me to receive salvation, he made a choice between the lesser of two evils!

Now let’s kick this ball into a different arena.

When voting for elected officials, we will never have the perfect candidate. It will always be a vote for the lesser of evils until King Yesahu returns to this earth and sets up his world-ruling government at which time voting won’t even be an option. His government will be forcibly imposed on humanity and enforced with a rod of iron! But you hopefully get my point.

For this reason, I have no choice at this point but to vote for Donald Trump. If YHVH sometimes has to make the choice between the lesser of two evils, who am I to say that I’m better than the Creator by refusing to vote, while waiting for the perfect candidate? I wasn’t the perfect candidate, yet he “voted” for me?

(I can’t wait to see the comments that come about this post. There will probably be some doozies!)



11 thoughts on “Yehovah sometimes chooses the lesser of two evils…Hmm!?!

  1. I’m with ya Natan! And I’m with the Donald too. The other option is just not do-able at all. I appreciate the way you presented this. I had not thought of it this way. Yes…..I anxiously await the comments!!!! Carry on!

      • Just to be clear, I am actually a “doctor” of naturopathy but coincidentally my initials are “D R B.” So when I am signed in as DRBetsill it is my initials and last name….I am not being so full of myself to be using a title. So please don’t feel like you should respond to me as “Dr Betsill. It’s just me:<)

      • Glad you explained this. All this time, I actually thought the “dr” in front of your last name stood for doctor. It never dawned on me that it could be for “Darlene” and your middle name. Have a blessed day Darlene, and thank you for your comments and support.

      • Hahaha:<) I meant to explain it before and always just got caught up in the discussion of the day and never addressed it. And coincidently I am a naturopathic doctor, but for this purpose that just wasn't appropriate and I surely wasn't trying to use a title!! The funnies of life:<) As for the discussion of the day…..I am surprised that there have not been doozies! I seriously expected a LOT of comment on this and a lot more disagreement. I think that within our little fellowship group we have had more discussion and disagreement from the post than you have had within the post!! The one disagreement in your blog was so VERY respectful………..even if I don't see it the same exactly. The interesting thing is that we seem to all agree on the root problem and simply disagree on what our part might be while we are still in this world. Lots of shalom to you this day:<)

  2. Hi Natan, thanks for this info. I`ve really been mulling this over and I think your right MY wife and I will, grit our teeth, and vote vote for trump. Have a great day

  3. I loved reading these comments…I had a chuckle when I read Natans comments
    Re the doozies. …..?? Well I was trying to make out the initials drbetsill…first glance I saw the dr bit then I was thinking ( saw ) “be still & know that he is Elohim.”

    Exactly! the lesser of the 2 evils…so many interesting articles on H.C.videos etc …WHOA ! Some doozies with her.

    Mr Trump! ..well there is that song about blowing the trumpet! ….sounding the alarm etc…it will certainly get very interesting! …

    Enjoyed your points Natan..but not a big choice though.

  4. Brother, I fault none for voting for the lesser of two evils and I can understand the relation you make here. I still choose to vote for neither. Further, I’m not convinced there is a lesser between the two, just a different route. Both progressives, both immora, both willing to do anything for power to include lie about their opponents in the most vile ways.

    While I can appreciate your argument, other comparisons might be between actual choices God made for rulers. Jeroboam or Rehoboam? God gave the north to Jeroboam and he set up the idolatry that never left Israel that eventually lead to their destruction. There are consequences. But also, the story illustrates a point you made…there are no perfect men to lead us. Even God’s pick ruined the nation.

    The question becomes, should Israel have supported Jeroboam when God obviously had? Ahijah was told to…but these were kings. Are we then held to a similar standard in America? Are we required to support certain candidates as a matter of righteousness?

    So here is where I MUST stand on this in good conscience. I will support those whom I feel compelled to support through principle. I do not require perfection, but I do have a threshold that I cannot cross. For me, Trump is beyond it. I realize that many will attempt to burden me with the “default Hillary” vote. So be it. My line is drawn. It was his responsibility to earn my vote, not mine to support him.

    God will rise up those whom He chooses to raise for His purposes. Whoever wins will be subject to the King of Kings and we will suffer the consequences of the sin this nation is guilty of. My political advise to those who love God is to focus less on politics and more on changing the hearts and minds of the people on a spiritual and moral level. Who cares about the R’s and D’s? There is evil on both sides… But so long as we continue to walk in wickedness we will continue to get wicked representation. Why would we get something different? Would a wicked people vote in a righteous leader?

    Repentance is what matters. If Hillary or Trump is elected, we will continue down the path of destruction. Perhaps Clinton appoints SCOTUS justices who are pro-abortion. What difference does it make? The horrid decision of RvW was ruled by mostly republican justices and we have millions of legal abortions every year. Do we think a Trump presidency would slow that? The only way to end it isn’t by court appointments, but by a moral teshuvah.

    We’ve come to rely too heavily on government… We ask them to make laws banning gay marriage, abortion, drugs, etc…. I say we have become lazy and weak, turning the burden of the Church over to the state. We shouldn’t try to win these issues in the ballot box; there it is too late. These issues are won on the human level; in conversations, in prayer, in deeds, in sacrifice, and in love. No government can legislate the morality of an immoral people. The more I hear Christians proclaim that voting for someone or some issue is a moral duty (which I’m not against-so long as it is secondary to the true work of Christ) the more I fee I understand Yeshua’s conversations with Pilate.

    Blessings to you all.

  5. I agree with you Jon in that we will not have a righteous ruler till Messiah comes, however as Natan has said, we still must occupy till He comes. while Trump may not be qualified to preside over us, what president really has been…these are all fallen men as we are all fallen people, yet we must still look both ways before we cross the street…so we must do something even though the hour is late. someone once said we don’t get the president we need, we get the one we deserve. His will be done.

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