Take a drink…refresh yourself!

Here are some pics I took of a mountain stream I camped next to this weekend.

In this crazy, perverted, upside down, Satanic, Elohim-hating world, feast your eyes on the beauty of YHVH’s creation. Take a drink from his streams of salvation, and let your cares and worries be washed in the water of his Word and may your mind and heart be restored in his river of life!

My tent is in the background.

My tent is in the background.

Mountain Stream 6

Mountain Stream 1

Mountain Stream 4


9 thoughts on “Take a drink…refresh yourself!

  1. wow, how simple and profound God’s creation is: it refreshes those who have grateful hearts, eyes that see and ears that hear.
    I am a new reader of your blogs, but i am enjoying them.

  2. Thankyou Natan. You inspire by sharing your focus on what is good, just, worthy & true. Praise Elohim. The simplicity of the sufficiency of Elohim who creates peace in a complicated fallen world daily….. for us to rest in. Blessings to all seeking Elohim’s truth. FJ

    • I don’t know if moss is edible or not—none of my wild edibles books mention it, but being an amateur expert on the local wild edibles, I tried eating a few while camping. For you outdoor, wilderness survival enthusiasts, here’s a list of what I ate:

      nettle leaves and roots
      mountain ash berries
      bunchberry (a type of dogwood that’s a ground cover)
      red huckleberry
      miners lettuce
      alder catkins and buds
      yellow dock
      mountain stream water
      evergreen blackberry
      and a few more things that I can’t remember right now

  3. I agree ; looks so refreshing. Reference to picture “my tent in the background.”..I was seeing wandering Israelite…camped tent of meeting.! ?

    Definitely not a wig wam ! ??

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