New Video: When Does the Biblical Month Begin? Crescent Moon or Conjunction?

To know when to celebrate the biblical feasts, the Bible believer must know when the month on the biblical calendar begins. Does the biblical calendar begin at the moon’s crescent or conjunction? In this video, we refute 14 pro-conjunction arguments in favor of the first visible cresenct new moon.


14 thoughts on “New Video: When Does the Biblical Month Begin? Crescent Moon or Conjunction?

  1. Great information.. thank you.

    If we are to CALCULATE the new moon,then where in the Torah are the instructions on how to calculate it?

    Elohim would not expect us to calculate something and then not tell us how to do it..

    Two reasons that I think make obvious we sight the crescent moon.

    1) The luminaries that govern the day & the night have to be VISIBLE.
    Because the verses talk about THEM SHINNING..

    Gen 1:14 And Elohim said, Let there be LIGHTS in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
    Gen 1:15 And let them be for LIGHTS in the firmament of the heaven TO GIVE LIGHT UPON THE EARTH: and it was so.
    Gen 1:16 And Elohim made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and THE LESSER LIGHT TO RULE THE NIGHT: he made the stars also.
    Gen 1:17 And God placed them in the firmament of the heaven, SO AS TO SHINE UPON THE EARTH,

    Is a conjunction moon shinning?? In other words is it visible?? We all know it’s not.

    The Torah never gives signs that are invisible. The Torah gives signs that are visible
    Signs are always visible things In Israel.

    2) Look at the Hebrew lexicon, it says FIRST CRESCENT

    Strongs #2320:: Renew co: New moon : New: The first crescent of the moon as the renewal of the moon, the first day of the month.

    • That is correct. In Gen 1:14, the sun and moon are called “signs.” Sign is the Hebrew word owt (aleph, vav, tav) and in every place where it is used in the Tanakh (OT), it is a visible signs that can be seen with the eyes. In every case!! You can’t see the moon in conjunction. Not possible. This is so simple. Why can’t people get it? Maybe it’s because some folks are ever learning and never coming to the truth, as Paul said. What’s so sad is that the truth hits them in the face, they accept it, and then they catch some wind of doctrine and they leave the truth and go after some false teaching.

      I like your point about there being no formula in the Bible to determine the conjunction.

      Yeshua said that a little child can understand the essentials necessary to come into his kingdom. The biblical feasts are pretty essential in that they lay out the plan of salvation with Yeshua as the central figure. What could be simpler than seeing the visible new moon from your backyard in Israel? Seems pretty simple to me. Why do people like to make things so complicated? It gets back to the serpent at the tree of knowledge: “Hath Elohim [really] said…?” he asked. We just don’t want to believe the simple truth, or we have a carnal predisposition to follow slick, serpent-tongued, false teachers who are teaching Messianic gnosticism — esoteric knowledge that you either have to go outside the Bible to find, or twist the Scriptures in the Bible to make them say something that’s not there. Okay I’ll stop.

  2. Natan,

    I don’t think its commanded anywhere in the Torah but, We read one instance that involves David that when the new moon came the King and others ate a meal.. He seemed to celebrate the new moon with a meal..

    What is your take on this?

    1Sa 20:5 And David said unto Jonathan, Behold, TOMORROW IS THE NEW MOON, and I should not fail to sit with the king to EAT: but let me go, that I may hide myself in the field unto the third day at even.

    1Sa 20:24 So David hid himself in the field: and when the new moon was come, the king sat him down to eat food.

    It seems we are to celebrate the new moons with a meal but it’s does not seem to be a sin if we don’t??

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on this and would mind telling us what you do every new moon?

    • The Torah doesn’t command any new moon celebration, nor does any other place in the Bible. We are to be aware of the new moon so we can know when to celebrate the feasts, but there is no command to do anything beyond that. Eating a meal was cultural thing for Israel, not a biblical command.

  3. Great work Natan! I have one critique that may help this message be received with open ears and an open heart. When dealing with teachers who are teaching messages that are not correct, for whatever reason we discover,it is best practice not to use insulting terms like “crack pot”. I understand your frustration but if our main goal is to get the truth out to the body, which also includes those teachers, we should always correct with gentleness and humbleness. Using insulting terms to describe people only builds animosity and cutivates a environment where shalom and brotherhood is not welcome. We are after all truth seekers and peace makers.

    Shalom in your home:)

    • I know your comments are well-meaning and I thank you for caring, but I have to push back a little.

      Though not politically correct in our seeker sensitive generation where some people get offended over anything you say that’s of a harsher or more controversial nature, my using names is deliberate, calculated and very biblical. When calling names, I take my cue from John the Baptist and Yeshua. They spoke rather disparagingly about false and hypocritical leader-teachers and political leaders, as well, who were leading the people astray. On the other hand, they were very gentle with the average person. They used terms like vipers, snakes, whited sepulchers, and so on. Yeshua called us to be salty or spicy. John, Yeshua and Paul weren’t mealy mouthed preachers. Neither am I. If someone doesn’t like my style, they can switch to another channel where they can get their ears tickled.

      The Bible says in Psalm 94:16,

      Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

      I don’t take my cue from the political correct speech crowd, but from the Word of YHVH, so help me Elohim.

      Thank you for your comments.

      • I applaud your zeal and willingness to call it how you see it through the eyes of scripture but I must say that there seems to me to be a BIG difference between a brother in Messiah and teacher who is off on his understanding on a non salvific topic like the calander and some Pharisee’s who were putting the people in man made bondage, robbing El and man, and who kept the repentant Gentiles from their Father in Heaven, and those who were from the Circumcision Party who were teaching a false gospel of salvation by works alone. I have never heard any of these conjunction teachers teach that there is a different Messiah than Y’shua. I have never heard any of them teach that we are saved by keeping the Torah alone. I have never heard any of them say that they are the only ones who have all of the answers and that they should be put on a pedestal because of their knowledge. I have never heard any of them ad to or subtract from Yah’s Torah. I have never heard any of them teach something that would discredit them from being considered a brother in Messiah. Abba YHWH HATES division amoungst brothers. Calling a brother in Messiah a derogatory name is divisive and it keeps us from open respectful dialogue that can help shepard those of us who are lost on certain topics and that includes teachers. I guess the bigger question that I should of asked in the beginning is do you consider these conjunction teachers to be brothers and sisters in Messiah? If you do consider them brothers and sisters in Messiah perhaps you would be well served to reread and meditate and pray on Matthew chapter 5. If you don’t believe they are then please share with me why you don’t.

        That being said, if someone is teaching a false messiah and a false gospel and are sitting in the seat of scoffers than they need to be rebuked in the strongest terms and prayed for.

        Grace , mercy and peace to you brother Natan.

      • Your points are well taken, and I can’t disagree with you. However, I think you may be accusing me of something I didn’t do. If I recall, I used the term “crackpot” jokingly in my marijuana teaching. I don’t recall using that term in the conjunction new moon teaching. If I did, please show me where I did. Give me the exact time on the new moon video when I did, and I’ll go back and look at it, and we’ll go from there.

        I did accuse the conjunction teachers of using false logic and an eisegetical biblical interpretive approach, but I think your very mistaken about me calling them crackpots. I don’t consider them to be crackpots, and I don’t use that kind of terminology against a brother. Please check your facts and get back to me on this.

  4. Praise Abba Yah for your open heart. You can find the comment at about the 1:06:10 second mark. The actual term comes a couple seconds later but I do not have the ability to scrub streaming video to find the exact location. We are in the north woods of Michigan with limited satalite internet:) Shalom in your home!

    • In my passionate zeal to defend the truth of the Word of Elohim against those who twist it, I stepped over the line, even though no names were mentioned. I thank you for pointing this out. I deleted this video from our channel, edited out the derogatory and offending comment and am currently reposting the edited version.

      Please, next time you have an issue with me, perhaps you might want to consider following Yeshua’s instructions in Matthew 18 and come to me personally with the issue first before using this public forum for that purpose.

      Thank you.


      • You know what, I never even considered that. You are right, this is not the place to address this type of stuff. Thank you for your correction. I will be sure to email you next time. Please forgive me if I caused you any embarrassment, it was most certainly not my intention. Thank you again for your service to His Kingdom!


      • No worries. We’re all coming out of a Babylonian religious system that only follow the Word of Elohim to one degree or another. As we study the Word more diligently, we’re being convicted to walk at a higher level of obedience. This is YHVH preparing his bride for his Son. We’re being refined and learning to walk out our faith more accurately per his Word. So as we’re learning, we’re all bound to stumble a bit a long the way, even as I did when making the unnecessary remark about the unnamed Bible teacher. Hopefully we’re all learning to be more careful and righteous in our walk. Onward and upward with our eyes on Yeshua and the Torah.!

  5. Shalom!

    Now I can really say Happy New Year!

    On January 9th 2019 I closed my eyes and the Lord showed me a crescent moon with two stars. Being the scientist that I am I conducted research and found many spiritual meaning to my revelation while never straying away from Jesus consciousness. Other things were discovered in this experience that I am personally called to develop in my life and on this journey…Im so grateful!

    Because I have nobody to talk to I take this moment to write to you very seriously the fact that I found your YouTube video in my research and I am only up to 40 minutes of listening but you have confirmed so much of what I think and what the Lord has told me what is going on around me that it can only be by Divine appointment and I accept 100% everything that you have shared so far and I have no doubt that the conclusion of your video will satisfy my soul.

    Make sure that you know that even 3 years later the message that you poured your heart and soul and that was God breathed is still being used to reach others today. This is encouragement for me even in my own endeavours as they don’t happen right away or I don’t see the fruits of my labor but even in the years to come blessings will be.
    I can’t explain in so many words how day 360 in 2018 was revealed to me, and how I constantly preach to myself that we are not called to go along with the manipulations of error in this world on what God created such as the Stars the Moon and all the skies, at that moment I believe it was 30 minutes in and the Spirit came over me and I started praising God because the truth was being said and I found someone that could agree with me this is so good!

    I plan to feast at every appointed time this year as I will follow the biblical calendar to the best of my knowledge and I anticipate walking in the fullness and Glory of our God.

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