Satan can work miracles, but only to a certain point…

Exodus 8:18, But they could not. The Egyptian magicians were able to replicate in some similitude the first two plagues, but not the third plague, or any more from this point on. This teaches us two things. Satan’s is able to imitate YHVH’s miracles only to a point. Beyond that, his powers are limited.


Moreover, the magicians were able to bring two plagues on, but they were not able to reverse the plagues. Only YHVH through Moses and Aaron were able to accomplish this feat.

There comes a point that even the enemies of Elohim have to admit that “this is the finger of Elohim” (v. 19). When YHVH involves himself in the affairs of men, there is no doubt about it. It becomes evident even to his enemies.



4 thoughts on “Satan can work miracles, but only to a certain point…

  1. Yehovah uses satan and his enemies so through them all the people and nations will know who the real GOD is. When this happens Yehovah gets all the praise and glory. Shabbat Shalom

  2. just goes to prove He can use even satan to get us to where we need to be! when will we learn to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones?

  3. I wonder How Yahshua is able to do what He does? How does he know the end from the beginning? How does He know what we will do? How we will react? How does He already know everything that will happen??

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