Will the Saints Go Through the Great Tribulation?

Genesis 7:9, After seven days. Noah was a preacher of righteousness for 120 years prior to the flood (Gen 6:3). He no doubt endured the mockery and persecution of those who did not believe his message about a coming flood, and the need for an ark of safety when that generation had never experienced rain or floods (Heb 11:7; 2 Pet 2:5).

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In Genesis 7:4 YHVH allows Noah to experience seven more days of persecution before the rains of judgment come upon the earth after which YHVH shut Noah and his family up in the ark of safety (Gen 7:16) after which the ark “was lifted above the earth” (Gen 7:17).

Yeshua likens the end times just prior to his return to the days of Noah (Matt 24:37–39). Yeshua further teaches that his saints will not only go through tribulation on this earth (Matt 24:3–22), but that his people will even go through “great tribulation” (Greek: megathlipsis, v. 21).

After this, Yeshua teaches that the saints will be lifted up above the earth to meet him in the air after the great tribulation (Matt 24:29–31). The Scriptures reveal that Noah endured another seven days of tribulation before the wrath of Elohim was poured out upon the wicked inhabitants of the earth. This may be a prophetic picture of a seven-year tribulation period the saints will have to go through before the wrath of Elohim (which is different than the tribulation period) is poured out upon this earth (See Rev 11:15–18 [compare with 1 Cor 15:51–53] and chapters 15 and 16 where the seven last plagues are called the wrath of Elohim).

The Scriptures clearly teach that YHVH’s people will not have to endure his wrath (1 Thess 1:10; 5:9), but conversely teaches that all will go through tribulation (John 16:33; Acts 14:22; Rev 7:14). Scripturally, tribulation and wrath are two different words and concepts.


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