Inherited Lies From the Church

Jeremiah 16:19, The prophet Jeremiah speaking of end-times Israel (that’s you and me), who are being regathered out of the Gentile nations, declares,

Surely our fathers have inherited lies…

Lies? What lies (i.e., those things that are contrary to the clear Word of Elohim) were you taught in the church system before coming to an understanding of the biblical, Torah-based Hebraic roots of the Christian faith? Which of these lies that you believed in angered you the most once you found out the truth of the Scriptures?

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4 thoughts on “Inherited Lies From the Church

  1. The first lie that caught my attention is the ever-burning hell heresy. My grandfather was a somewhat well known pastor in Indiana. But I remember sitting on the couch with him at a very young age, maybe 6 or 8 arguing the logic of an all loving god who would allow his creation to suffer in extreme agony for eternity over rules that they were not even aware of. Logic alone rules that out. A few years later I learned that it was just Greek paganism, not Biblical as I had been taught. There is a god whose followers were encouraged to burn their innocent children. (Leviticus 18:21–23: “And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch”) But even Moloch couldnt burn them forever.

  2. Which of these lies that you believed in angered you the most:
    At first, it seems that daily we learned something that we were NOT taught, and we were angry and we bad mouthed the church. (May YHVH forgive us.) Lately we’ve been tempered down and we understand that God himself is choosing and calling out his people from every nation … and it’s also from the church that He’s calling. Our church did teach the Sabbath and healthy eating and living. But, here are a couple of things we didn’t know:
    That God had a name: YHVH and Yeshua
    That the Festivals are important
    The prophet from our church never taught the Festivals, so it’s hard for the flock to accept them.
    That Messiah is coming not just for ‘a particular church’!

  3. I guess I’m odd man because I didn’t come out angry. I was excited as I had been praying for YHWH to show me how to please Him and in response to that prayer, He showed me Sabbath and Torah. I wanted to share it with my christian brothers and sisters thinking they would be excited too. They were not. And why should they be? If a human had pointed this out to me, I would not have gotten either without Ruach’s revealing it to me. So I do not feel any anger at my church upbringing. After all, I met YHWH, Yeshua and received Ruach in church. I do feel anguish for them as I know they practice many things in their worship that are offensive to YHWH. But, hey, so did the Israelites. Isaiah 1:14 I believe with all my heart that YHWH is busy revealing His Truth to others still in church just as He did to me and soon we will see many more people pouring out of church. I want them to feel welcome when they come seeking. I pray for their eyes and ears to be opened and for mine to remain so for more that has not yet been revealed to me.

    • Susan, thank you for sharing. I appreciate your approach and attitude toward our brothers in the church. As Proverbs says, more flies are caught with honey than with vinegar.

      Sadly, yet justifiably, many coming out of the church system feel hurt, wounded, abused, used, misled and lied to. The questions is what to do with these emotions. Like all emotions, we can deal with them in a positive or negative manner. What is not acceptable is to become angry, vindictive, or arrogant against our Christian brothers. We must hate the religious system that trapped us all and held us tightly until YHVH called us out of it. Yeshua himself hated the religious system of his day, and he spoke very pointedly against the leaders who perpetuated that system——who should have known better.

      However, Yeshua was very loving and gentle with the average, non-leader, individual who had gotten caught up in the system. I can find no better example in the Bible for us to follow!

      In Revelation 18:4, YHVH urges his people to come out of Babylonian religious systems.Let’s not forget that he calls those who are trapped there in, “my people.”

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