Overcoming Sin? Just Do It!

1 John 3:4, Sin is the transgression of the Torah.

Why must we overcome sin? The Scriptures teach us to be overcomers (Rom 12:21; 1 John 2:13–14; 5:4). We must overcome the world, the flesh and the devil (Jas 3:15). Yeshua admonished each of the seven Messianic assemblies to be overcomers (Rev 2:7, 11, 17, 26; 3:5, 12, 21; see also Matt 24:13). For those who overcome, there will be great rewards—a spiritual inheritance; they will be sons of Elohim (Rev 21:7).

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The Greek word for overcome is nikao (Strong’s G3528) meaning “to conquer, to get the victory, prevail.” Nikao is where the word nike comes from.

What is Sin? 

  • Sin is anything that violates the Torah-instructions or laws of Elohim (1 John 3:4).
  • Sin is unrighteousness (1 John 5:17; YHVH’s Torah commands define what righteousness is, Ps 119:172).
  • Sin is not believing in Yeshua, who is the Torah-Word of Elohim incarnate (John 3:18; 16:9).
  • Sin is failing to do (or not to do) that we which we should do (or not do)—i.e., a sin of omission (Jas 4:17).
  • Sin is putting me-first (my desires, impulses), not YHVH first (his will) in our lives. It is humanism. It is following the lie of the devil: man can have it his way regardless of what YHVH’s Word says, and not suffer any consequences for it. This is the big lie from the serpent in the Garden.
  • Sin is a direct challenge to YHVH’s authority in our lives. It is arrogance and self exaltation against YHVH’s will. It involves lack of belief in his Word. It is putting his will above his Word.

How to do we overcome sin? 

  • Know the biblical definition of sin.
  • Know what Scripture defines as sin and what is not sin.
  • Become born again or spiritually regenerated by the Holy Spirit of Elohim.
  • Call upon the power of the Holy Spirit for help and then learn to walk in the Spirit.
  • Get the Word of YHVH in you. Renew or wash your mind with the Word. This gives the Spirit of Elohim a pad from which to launch its missiles against sin in your life.
  • Utilize the power of prayer and spiritual warfare.
  • Redirect your attention off the sin and onto prayer to YHVH.
  • There is great benefit in being with other overcoming believers on a regular basis who will reinforce good habits, and hold each other accountable, who will challenge you to keep overcoming and reaching for higher standards.
  • Make no provision for the flesh. Get away from corrupting influences including people (Rom 13:14).
  • Be accountable to trusted and mature spiritual authority.
  • Understand that we are a tripartite being: we have a mind, will and emotions, called the soul (1 Thess 5:23). Like a board meeting, we receive input from all three. The will must make the choice which way to follow. The will must be directed by our spirit man, which must be submitted to the will or Spirit of YHVH.
  • Don’t replay old tapes of you or others sinning for your vicarious gratification (Prov 23:7).
  • To be victorious over sin the saint must actively pursue two courses of action at the same time. He must “feed” his spirit man and starve his sin nature. This is done through prayer, Bible study, abiding in the Word of Elohim, and fellowshipping with other like-minded believers.

How to do we starve the sin nature in us?

  • Exercise self control; learn to control the impulses to sin.
  • Take every thought captive to the mind, spirit, Word of YHVH-Yeshua (2 Cor 10:5).
  • Flee temptation (2 Tim 2:22; Prov 4:14–15).
  • Make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof (Rom 13:14).
  • Do not love the things of this world (1 John 2:15).
  • Learn what sin is and then hate sin or evil.
  • Remember what the consequences for sinning is and use this as an impetus or de-incentive not to sin.

How to do we “feed” the spirit in us?

  • Study the Scripture. Feed the spirit man inside of you. Renew or wash your mind with the Word of YHVH. Hide the Word in your heart. (Ps 119:11; Jas 1:21; Prov 6:20–22).
  • Stay in constant communication with YHVH through prayer.
  • Meditate or ruminate on YHVH’s Word.
  • Fellowship with like-minded believers.
  • Learn to love righteousness—the things of YHVH. (Phil 4:8)
  • Learn the fear of YHVH, which is to hate evil (Prov 8:13).
  • Replace bad habits or sinful patterns with good habits or righteous patterns. Replace what not to do with what to do (Gal 5:16; Eph 4:22–24).
  • Recount your testimony to yourself and to others of past victories over sin (Rev 12:11).

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