Pentecost Dynamite—The Antidote to New World Order Tyranny (pt. 1)

In this video, Nathan answers the following emailed question:

I’m asking this tough question for myself but also on behalf others out there. The world ID and money system, or at least part of it, has already been launched and is growing fast. 

Q: Which point of view should we have, A or B?

a) It is staunchly against Elohim to take part in this, because it’s the front door to or an early stage of the mark of the beast system and all its surveillance and eventual tyrannical control. We should instead get out of Babylon and trust in YHVH and refuse to sign up for a system that represents evil globalist tyrants and their world government system which will be used to enslave us, 


b) This is not the mark of the beast per se. No under the skin mark is presently a requirement of joining or being able to buy or sell using the system. Until that’s the case, there’s no moral or biblical prohibition against signing up for or partaking of the new WorldID system, giving an iris scan, etc. YHVH understands if sooner or later we sign up and become involved in this WorldID/money system.  If regular fiat currencies become worthless, we will still have to eat, pay the rent, and buy the necessities of life.


1 thought on “Pentecost Dynamite—The Antidote to New World Order Tyranny (pt. 1)

  1. This is a “must hear”, NOW message, for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see in the Body of Messiah! The demonstration of dunamis power that followed part 2 in the Zoom fellowship was refreshing, liberating, and absolutely beautiful! People were healed, captives set-free, and all who desired were topped off with new wine from the Ruach HaKodesh. Glory to the King of Kings, name above all names: Yeshua Hamaschiach!

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