2 thoughts on “A Biblical View on Modern Day Christian Revivals

  1. When you say revival that indicates to me that something needs to be on life support or is dead. I don’t feel that my faith or belief has to be revived. Ever since my personal revival happened in 2003. There was a progression for me. I was revived through the name Jesus but like I say there was a progression. First my confession, then repentance, then the sacred names, then the abolishing of all my old ways, throwing off the old man and putting on the new. Then adopting Torah which is the Word.Ever since then it was a progression into what I am today. My faith has not waned in the least bit. Yahusha said to me go and sin no more and despite the calamities that we all fall into from time to time I am still aiming to do righteousness to the end in my commitment. You are one of the first Messianic voices I heard that guided me along with many others.
    So I would like to inject that this modern day revival will be good if it’s a stepping stone for them to abandon Christianity and put on the new clothes and way of life in Torah with all sincerity I truly believe you can not honor Elohim and not follow his true commandments.

    • There are several points I’d like to address.

      You are correct about the meaning of the word revival. This is the term they use. I would prefer the terms an awakening, reawakening or refreshing. For some, it may actually be a revival if they’re coming to faith for the first time. Doesn’t the term reawakening comports more with Yeshua’s call in Rev 3 to the sleeping saints of the Laodicean church to awaken from spiritual slumber and to answer him knocking at the door of their lives. Don’t we all need more zeal and passion for him and his ways and to do his work? I do!!!

      Next, when it comes to being awakened, or even coming to higher levels of zeal, are you at 100 percent in all areas of your life? I am not, though I want to be. Our spiritual lives ebb and flow, wax and wane. Some areas are more alive than others. Maybe some people are walking on water and people are being healed by their shadows, but I am not there yet. I need a constant renewal, refreshing and even reawakening in many if not most areas of my life continually, and that is after I’ve been in this walks for nearly 60 years! Just as a tree needs to have constant flow of water, minerals and other life-sustaining fluids, as do our own bodies, I need the constant flow of YHVH’s Spirit to till up the fallow ground of my life, to refresh the dry areas, to awaken, yes awaken and revive any dead areas of it that may be stagnating, or have grown cold, and may have even experienced some necrosis. How about you? Bet you could say the same about your life.

      Next, abandon Christianity? Are you kidding me here???? Really? Let’s parse this out a little, and then maybe you’ll reconsider your statement. Do you want our Christian brothers and sisters to abandon their belief in the Bible as the Word of Elohim? In Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah and Son of Elohim? Of his sin atoning work on the cross along with belief in resurrection? Or in the good Torah-based morals and values that many of them believe and live by? I could go on and on. Of course not. I want them to abandon only those traditions and doctrines of men by which the word of Elohim has been made of none effect, which are, in many cases, horrific, onerous and even blasphemous.

      And while we’re at it, I’m calling for all Hebraic, Messianic, Torah-obedient Christians/Saints to abandon their Pharisaical, judgmental and often arrogant attitude toward their Christian brethren in that we often tend to think that we’re so much better than they are because we’ve tossed out the Christmas tree, pork, keep the feasts and say Yeshua instead of Jesus. Face it. We all fall short, deserve death and there for Yah’s grace go we.

      Next, please consider this final point. In the Book of Acts, there was one baptism of the Spirit that people experienced but many subsequent fillings and renewals. I need this too. My spiritual tank gets low and sometimes even near empty and I need a fresh touch from above from time to time.

      Finally, like you, my faith has not waned a bit. But my zeal, passion, boldness and love does go up and down. That is why Paul told Timothy to stir up the gifts that were in him. I’m sure you’ll admit that we all need stirring from time to time. Maybe this is what Yah is doing with some of our Christian brethren in these so-called revivals. Doubtless, some are dead and need revival or to come alive again. Others are asleep and need awakening. Others still are weary and need a fresh touch from above. For sure, most, I think you will agree with me, need a hard kick in the behind and slap across their faces to wake them up to the full reality of Torah and to leave the lies and pagan traditions of churchianity behind, even as we are still in the process of doing.

      For the record, the term Christian/s is a biblical one that was embraced by the apostles. Therefore, I have no problem with it.


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