Gifts of the Spirit Vs. Demonic Counterfeits

The Bible reveals that Satan the devil is the great counterfeiter, who comes as an angel of light to deceive everyone including Christians. How do we know whether the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real or are just a demonic counterfeit? After all, many of the pagan (demonic) religions of the world have similar manifestations going on in them including healings, tongues, prophetic words, and so on. How do we know if what we see going on in many charismatic and Pentecostal churches is from Elohim, the devil or some other source? This video answers these questions.


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  1. Thanks Natan, would like to learn more about talking in tongues , the gifts of healing etc. Is talking in tongues something you do by yourself? what do you think of a group of people talking in tongues all at the same time like praying together? Do I trust someone who claims to heal people, but they do not seem to be a follower of Torah, like not doing Sabbath Day, eating clean, etc.? Do I not go to them for healing? My gut says maybe no, because they should be in Torah. Like I went to a service once that this person heals, but they had a lunch before, serving pork, I felt it was a sign from God I should not be there. But yet this person seems to truly have a heart for the Lord and wants to do good to help people. So I am somewhat confused about it all. I want my daughter to be healed of scoliocis (curved back). I have been praying for her more then I have ever prayed. I did have this person pray over the phone for her.. Not sure if that was a right thing to do or not. But will you pray for her? Her name is Lacy and only 14 and she is a sweet girl who loves the Lord. Thanks

    • Hello Julie. You asked several questions, so let me answer them one by one below.

      You wrote (my answers are in bold):

      Is talking in tongues something you do by yourself?

      I answer question this in an article I wrote on this subject at

    • . The quick answer is that the Bible (1 Cor 12:10) speaks about different kinds of tongues. This includes known and unknown languages. The Bible is clear on this. I explain this in my article.

      What do you think of a group of people talking in tongues all at the same time like praying together?

      What I think doesn’t matter. What does YHVH think? He doesn’t tell us exactly. But if a group of people are praying to or worshipping YHVH in their own personal prayer language, and no one is there who needs an interpretation since all are doing it, then Scripture doesn’t forbid this.

      Do I trust someone who claims to heal people, but they do not seem to be a follower of Torah, like not doing Sabbath Day, eating clean, etc.?

      Let the Ruach guide you on this. That said, I have seen people who follow some of Torah but not all of it do miracles and heal people. Most serious Christians follow some of the Torah whether they know it or not. Just because a person doesn’t keep the Sabbath and eats pork doesn’t mean YHVH won’t heal someone through them. Yah can use any instrument he wants to accomplish his purposes. I healed many people when I was not keeping Shabbat and was eating pork. Yah is merciful and wants to touch people and draw them to himself even if he has to use imperfect vessels to do so. Who among us is a perfect vessel and keeps Torah perfectly? None! Only Yeshua did. How perfect does one have to be for Yah to use them to do his work? Where do we draw the line? At pork eating? Christmas keeping? Gossiping? Drunkenness? Pride? We’re all guilty of breaking something in Torah, so does that exclude Yah from using us? No. Let’s not get too judgmental or legalistic or we’ll find ourselves being excluded from His use because we’re not perfect enough either. Now that doesn’t mean Yah will use a God-hating, blasphemous, devil-worshiping, sex-maniac murderer to heal someone, though he can. Never forget. He even uses Satan to accomplish his purposes. Again, let the Ruach and the love of Elohim guide you who you have pray over you.

      I hope this helps.

      • yes thanks! Sometimes these people that go from town to town casting out demons and talking in tongues and healing, you don’t know them very well, so in this case its hard to decern.
        Yes agree they are keeping Torah also just in different ways . No one is doing it perfectly, only Yeshua! And yes most important is what He says not what others think. But like you said some things are not told to us exactly. And it takes time to learn about these things. Thanks

  2. This is what I have learned (so far)
    1) Elohim works in and through all things.
    2) Satan goes to church-he is in all re:legions! (Eph.1:21 and Eph. 6:12.)
    3) I was sitting in a Vineyard church one Sunday afternoon when that still small Voice said to me “You need to leave. You’ve gotten everything you’re gonna get out of this church and you need to leave.” I turned to my friend and said, “I need to go,” and she said, “then go.” so I did. It didn’t take long when that church fell apart! It is expedient to be obedient!
    4) Knowledge because you gotta know where the ledge is! (Hosea 4:6)
    5) It’s not about the “ism” or the “ity” but rather the relatSonship. I want the receipt not the deceit! Not the denomination but the promotion!
    6) Everything operational comes with a manual. E.manual (El with us)

  3. Shalom Natan

    I stopped praying in tongues after I read about the language may not be Godly from the Holy Spirit & I didn’t know how to test it.
    My faith life improved & my mind became a lot clearer in all areas of life.
    There are some that are true but many have hands laid in them early in their faith walk without discernment & those hands are not always pure but conduits of darkness trying to reinfect a baby.
    Makes it hard to stride after Yeshua even though you desire to.
    Blessings to all

    • For the record, I have been praying in tongues almost everyday for the last 30 years. When I don’t know how to pray about something, I kick into this spiritual “gear”.

      When I first received my gift of tongues, like you I wasn’t sure if what I received was the real thing or not my imagination. I was pretty sure it was for several reason which I won’t go into here, but I still had my doubts. Then one day YHVH sent me deep into the enemy’s camp to do spiritual warfare. At one point during that assignment, a demonic spirit jumped on me and tried to take me out—literally. I was about to pass out and hit the floor and couldn’t talk (like sleep paralysis), while this evil presence attempted to come on me and over power me. It as at this time that I began to pray loudly in tongues (that was all that came out of my mouth). Immediately, the presence left, my strength returned and I went on to continue fighting against the enemy in that venue. This occurred at a huge New Age conference in my city almost 30 years ago. After that power encounter, one thing after another went wrong at that conference (the sound system failed to work properly, the keynote speakers were tongue tied, things were falling down on the stage and their attendance was much lower than they had hoped for). At that moment, I realized that the gift I had received was the real thing, since Yah used it to defeat the devil and his minions. From this point on, I never looked back or doubted my gift of tongues.

      Make of this what you will, but I speak the truth.

  4. Natan I think the person who are talking about is Todd Bentley. This message has so been on my heart for months ,yrs even.. I too came out of a Sunday ,Easter, Christmas keeping Sunday Church(- Apostolic Prophetic so called Pentecostal Church up until I started researching the word Sabbath back in 2003.From then on Elohim took me on an incredible journey of revealing his TRUTH thru HIS WORD: THE SCRIPTURES & THE TRUTH WAS REVEALED LIKE PEELING AN ONION -MANY LAYERS ,HE REVEALED THE FEASTS ALSO AND THE FALSE gods behind Christmas & Easter.
    So much over a long period of time & I am still learning and have a hunger for the TRUTH.. the gifts outlined in the Book of Corinthians-etc Yeshua ,& Apostle Paul mention Gifts of the Spirit & the Fruit of the Spirit all in Balance.

    And if I do not have Love for the Father & Yeshua as my foundation-anchor, then I am just a clanging symbol.

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