6 thoughts on “Ki Tisa–Golden Calf Worship in the Church, Old Vs. New Covenant, Shabbat & Holiness

  1. Jus sayin…I think the idea of you recording your ‘fellowship’ message each Shabbat for publishing is an excellent idea. I can’t speak for all but I think they would agree that sitting and just listening to good teaching for an hour is time well spent. AND…now that I have discovered the ZOOM emoticon reaction buttons I don’t have to ‘jump up and shout “AMEN”‘ …I can just activate the ‘jump up and shout “AMEN”‘ emoticon button,,, as soon as I find it. I am sure it is there somewhere.

  2. I am so disappointed that you just do videos these days. I loved your posts when they used the written word, but now I can’t access them because you insist on having them spoken instead of written!

    • For those who prefer the written word over the spoken word, I have several thousand past written articles on my blog that you can easily access. All you have to do is to type in a subject in the search box on the blog’s main page and many articles will come up.

      BTW, these days, readers seem to be in the minority over watchers. Based on the numbers, I am reaching many, many more people for the kingdom of Elohim by making video than by writing.

      I’m not done writing. I’m just presently in a season where Yah has me preaching more than writing. Also, writing takes a lot more time to do. My time is limited since I work a full time job. Although many thousands of people benefit from the information I freely provide, not enough support us financially to allow to quit my day job and give more time to the ministry. Most people are takers, not givers, and then when I don’t meet their expectations, they murmur. You just can’t please all the people all of the time, even though we do our best to do so.

      I will get back to more writing when this season of preaching ends, if it does.

      Also, in my videos, I still give plenty of Scripture. I suggests that you stop the video and look up the Scripture when give it.


    • I have thousands of written teachings on this blog that you can freely access anytime you want on nearly any and every biblical subject, so stop murmuring! It is so childish!!!

      Perhaps if more people would support this ministry financially, I could afford to take time off from my full-time job and do more written articles. But they don’t. Instead, they complain. So sad.

      • That is so true. I for one am very thankful for your videos. I work a full-time job so coming home and sitting down to read 19 pages in addition to the scriptures is prohibitive for me. I can listen while I cook dinner clean up the dishes and tend to the animals all at the same time. Blessings to you Nathan and your family!

  3. This video is the best abbreviated explanation and teaching on the two covenants and all the other topics tagged I have heard and understood fully, ever! I plan on sending it out to pastors far and wide in hopes they have been seeking the whole truth, having been void of it and finding themselves and their flocks lacking. If we all helped spread this good news gospel of the “old paths” and the “good way” (Jer. 6), there just might be a revival in the hearts of men as in the days when Ezra read and explained the Torah to the people in Nehemiah chapter 8. That’s what’s in my heart. Praise Yah Natan for allowing Him to use your voice in this THE WAY, glory hallelujah!

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