9 thoughts on “Coward Christians—It’s Time to Grow a Pair!

  1. Bless you for sharing the truth
    Both videos were fantastic
    Shalom and bless the fire in your bones
    Love and blessings

    • I give all the praise to YAH MOST HIGH. It’s not me…okay, it’s a little bit of me, but YAH chooses weak human vessels to work through and may, by his grace, somehow, he take my weaknesses and turn them into strength—for his glory. I’m willing to make myself a fool before men in the hopes of helping to spark a mini-revival in someone’s heart somewhere. That one person might make all the difference in the world. Hey! YOU, Tommy Dixon, just might be that person! Think of that man!!!!!!

  2. That last video, I was shouting along with you. I’m so angry over all this. Look at all the damage that has been done by a virus that was purposely crafted and purposely released. I know it was purposely crafted from the early news reports… though they’ve tried to cover it up. It appears to have been purposely released to affect an election… and more. And now look at all the damage. Do you know that when you’re diagnosed as Covid Positive they’ve no idea what the strain is? They don’t know if it was the original, or a variant. So where are they getting these numbers? It’s all a game. It’s all a dangerous game of manipulation and death! There’s no doubt the Covid virus is out there. But beyond that, we’re being seriously played!

    Further… I’m so very angry at the lying deceitful spirit that is permeating the so called Christian church. I had to learn a long time ago to NEVER utter the words “God said” or “God says” unless it is in his word. Even direct revelation, communication from Yehova needs to be matched up to his word. It angers me when someone speaks for my master saying: I feel that god is saying… or Jesus told me… or etc.! Drives me insane! It’s a dangerous place to claim you’re speaking for Yehova when you’ve NO CLUE what Yehova is really saying. Especially if you silly enough to deny Torah!

  3. I listened thru both, wow YAH surely Fired you up.
    I say, Amen!
    I prefer to have no church than a bad one.

  4. Just watched a sermon from Rabbi Alon Anava: What is waiting for us before the coming of Mashiach?
    It seems that Elohim is awakening people from all sorts of congregations.
    As Alon never mentions Yeshua, I think he is not a Messianic. However, his message was powerful and very similar to Natan’s. Repent, repent, repent and follow Torah. He also strongly criticizes those rabbies who seem to just want a following or money, but do not teach Torah properly.
    He is also very switched on in regard to what’s happening in the world right now. He talks about the 17 agendas of the NWO and explains what they REALLY mean.
    In the end, he advises people to move out of the cities into the countryside, the more remote the better, try to disconnect from government services and stash food and even weapons. He thinks that this way, we might get less hassled by the authorities, at least for a time. He is also aware, that all over the world, quarantine/concentration camps are being built!
    Shalom, Sonja

    • Sonja interesting that you mention Rabbi Alon Anava.-Message- What is waiting for us before the coming of Maschiach.![ put up on 27 th Nov 2021]. I watched the very same video maybe 3-4 weeks ago.

      I even made some important notes. Yes he has a very good understanding of the nwo. and the globalist agenda worldwide etc.

      yes agree with all the main points re his message you have mentioned.

      also mentioned to some very close friends on Shabbat ( re Natan’s current video’s to watch-Warnings etc) as we had a zoom meeting with about 5 people from the state I live in. They live further out in regional area to myself. We fellowship together when we can on Shabbat.

      Shalom to all.

  5. Had typed a reply to Sonja re her comment but I clicked Post Comment but it did not seem to go thru when screen shows submitting comment.?/ Sam happened a week ago.

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