Beware of the End Times Prophecy Gurus Who Claim to Hear From Elohim!

In these last days, and especially with the advent of the internet, numerous self-proclaimed and so-called prophets have arisen in the Christian church, who claim to have an inside communication track with Elohim. Claims are one thing, reality and biblical Truth are another, totally different thing.

Face it. Who does not want to know what the future holds for them, especially in these days of tenuous uncertainty? In the current “pandem!c” crisis, many well meaning Bible believers are wondering whether they will be able to keep their jobs, their homes, travel, buy or sell, or even survive financially in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. If not, then what…? And what about the infamous mark of the beast that seems to glaring at us from just around the corner? Will we, at the least be ostracized and excluded from society, and, at worst, be fined out of existence or imprisoned for not acquiescing to the powers at be? These are legitimate questions that we all have.

Face it. Our faith is being tested, and this is only the beginning of trials and tribulation!

Into this time of gnawing questions and the void of critical uncertainty steps the prophetic pundit. Now with the internet, anyone can get a website and procure a video channel for little or no cost and upload their prognostications—and do so from their basement with their smart phone. Of course, if they don’t have something to sell you (e.g., videos, DVDs, books, podcasts or prepping supplies), they will, at the very least, have a big, bold “DONATE” button right next to their subscribe button. Shame on these gospel peddlers and likely charlatans, who fail to meet the critical test of a true biblical prophet.

Do not be fooled. Yeshua warned us against these guys and gals in Matthew 24:11 as did Peter (2 Pet 2:1–3).

Although many of my well-meaning Hebraic brethren regularly draw my attention to many Christian gurus, who claim to have an inside track on being able to foretell the future in the name of “the Lord”, I have yet to find a single one in our day who meets the biblical criteria of a true prophet of Elohim. These folks may indeed possess genuine prophetic gifts, but everyone of their track records have failed to pass the test of biblical scrutiny of actually being a prophet of Elohim .

Yes, over the years, I have supported and even promoted a couple of them. One even wanted to ordain me and make me part of his ministry. I prayed about it and declined the offer. I found out later that many of his prophecies failed to come to pass in the time frame he set forth according to what “God told him”. When this happened, instead of repenting, he simply moved the target of date of his prophecy, so that the arrows of his false and errant prophecies would hit it. Some 10 to 15 years later these prophecies still have failed to come to pass. That is when I stopped supporting him. Years later, he is still playing this same game, all the while begging for money monthly from his gullible supporters. How sad.

Please read on for some vital instructions from the Word of Elohim on how not to be fooled by those in the church, who prophesy out of the dictates of their own hearts as Jeremiah warned use about so long ago. —Natan

2 Peter 1:21, Prophecy never came by the will of man. This is a key, even foundational verse that is overlooked by most so-called “prophets” in the modern church as well as proponents of “personal prophecy”. 

What this verse is saying is that YHVH does not give prophetic revelation to someone because they seek or demand it. In other words, prophetic revelation from heaven does not come on demand. No! It comes as YHVH sovereignly, by his own choice and will, “moves” on holy men (or women) by his Holy Spirit, as this verse clearly states. He chooses when, how and to whom he will give his prophetic words. So those “prophets” who claim to be receiving prophetic revelation from Elohim because they asked for it are suspect, at the very least, of hearing from the dictates of their own hearts. Jeremiah the prophet rebuked the carnally mined, so-called “prophets” of his day for this (e.g., Jer 3:17; 23:17). It is very possible that some of these individuals are psycho-emotionally delusional or have ulterior motives, such as seeking a following for personal benefit or gain. Beware of them!

How many times do we see the true prophets of Elohim in Scripture asking him for a prophetic revelation? True, Yeshua tells his disciples, that is you and me, to ask and we shall receive, seek and we shall find, and so on. But he never tells us that the answer will be immediate. In fact, in the psalms we are admonished repeatedly to “wait on YHVH” for the answers to our prayers. 

It is true that Elijah asked Elohim for a divine revelation when in the cave on Mount Sinai and the answer was, as best we can tell, somewhat immediate. The same is true of Moses when he would enter the tabernacle to seek an answer from Elohim on particular matters. Yet how many prophets then and now were of the spiritual calibre of these men and are able to receive a fairly immediate response when asking for divine revelation? Nahum, another true prophet of Elohim, on the other hand, when seeking prophetic revelation had to wait for it (Nah 2:1).

For the majority of biblical prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Amos and others, as 2 Peter 1:21 clearly states, the “prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of Elohim spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” So any modern prophets who claim that Elohim spoke to them when they sought it, are, at best, suspect for not following the biblical model. Again, beware!


3 thoughts on “Beware of the End Times Prophecy Gurus Who Claim to Hear From Elohim!

  1. Even Biblically well read believers will often say something like…” I wish Yeshua would just come back now. He could come tonight or tomorrow ya know!” But.. really…when you read the whole thing, there have GOT to be certain things that happen first that are gonna take more than 24 hours! And yet folks agree with them…Yes! Come now!

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with everything mentioned in this Post.

    it is such a big area of concern and takes True Discernment, Godly Wisdom. and Good Sound Biblical understanding & knowledge to sort the wheat from the chaff. !

    the True from the false.

    I remember Natan you also had a very good Post quiet a while ago Titled 11 Levels of a true Prophet

    Cant exactly recall the date and month that you posted that one but it was very helpful information. .

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