2021 SEP 07 Qantas Pilot, Cpt Graham Hood won’t submit Qantas Jab mandate now facing termination

Thanks to our Australian friends for passing this video along of Capt. Graham Hood, a brave, fellow Christians, whose message needs to be heard.

If you think that what is happening is Australia, France and other countries cannot happen to you, then, sadly, you are blind and ignorant, and certainly know nothing about end times Bible prophecy.

Furthermore, don’t waste your time sending me any hate mail. I’ll just delete it. Like I said recently to one rotten egg tosser, this is not Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, and I’m not Mister Rogers. It’s time to wake up!!!— Natan



4 thoughts on “2021 SEP 07 Qantas Pilot, Cpt Graham Hood won’t submit Qantas Jab mandate now facing termination

  1. The reason this mess has gone on as long as it has, is to give time to as many as possible to wake up. Yeshua is the one who is extending this time of “wake up”.

    There are different levels of being asleep. This pilot, bless him, is only half awake. The fully awake person knows and understands that the people in authority are not making blundering decisions. They are purposely killing, stealing and destroying. They are just doing what they have agreed to do for “MONEY”. Each one of them is on the take. They have sold out to satan. He has his hooks in them now. People say what is going on is lunacy, it doesn’t make sense. But when you are fully awake, you know that it is all planned, that it is of satan, and has been in the planning for decades, even centuries.

    Then it all makes sense.

    Over a decade ago I was doing my part in exposing satan’s corruption and lies in our nation. Yeshua came to me and said, “Eric, you can’t fix it, no one can. Only I can fix it.

    Yeshua wants all those who are awake to hold their ground and be defiant against the enemy, satan, and all who are in agreement with him. Even if you are awake; apply the blood of Yeshua over your eyes so that you can see what the jezebel spirit has blinded you to. If you voted for jacket joe Biden or have agreed with him on anything then repent and loose all those affiliated ties. Then bind to yourself the Word of Adonai, the Love of Adonai and the Peace of Adonai. Fight in the spirit. Command the hosts to tear down the high places. Decree over yourself and over your cities, states and the nations the promises of Adonai. Lastly pray, pray that all evil be exposed! Pray with understanding and pray in the Spirit.

    Now be encouraged my brothers and sisters, Yeshua has made it known to me He will expose the money trail, and all that has been done in secret will be declared from the rooftops soon enough. We are just waiting for a few more stragglers to awaken. Then Yeshua, will fix it.

    When He says “it is finished” it will be done.

    The whole world will know at that time, that He alone fixed it. What no man or any number of men could have done. People in mass will be celebrating in the streets giving all glory to Elohim!

  2. Wow!. It is 11.59 pm for me here in Vic .Australia. Just a read before I turn in for the night.

    I just heard a helicopter flying over the local area.. we have had so many flying over nearly every night.. curfew started @ 9pm and will go until 5 am.. whoopie.!

    We have been in 6th lockdown since Thursday night 05 August 2021 starting @ 8pm.pronto..5 kms only travel radius for essentials, groceries, any thing else is mostly click & collect if buying clothing or anything else we may need. (or else delivery.) no haircuts unless we do them ourselves or some one else @ home has Barber /hairdressing skills etc. 2 hrs exercise per day., can go with one other person walks etc. Work from home if u can. authorised workers with a permit can travel to work./same for education, study. but so much has changed & not for the better .I have not seen local children teens walking to school in uniform for ages. Secondary & primary school in the .area where we live. 15-20 min walk from here with a nice big oval. Many using the oval for exercise footy etc.. but not big crowds,

    it has been an interesting night.. quiet time reflecting as it is looming up to Yom Kippur.,but Elohim meets our needs, so he has fed & watered me as i read His WORD. and blessed me thru reading the posts on this blog

    Praise Elohim.. yes I happened to see this pilots testimony a few days ago think it has spread wide & far. .

    a friend sent a wonderful testimony of an Australian Dr – Anaesthetist. who was speaking up about the horrors of these vax jabs and he has been ridiculed by authorities & attended a medical board hearing on Sept 03 as they wanted to suspend him for going against their narrative. He is fighting against the suspension now.

  3. I just received an e-mail about an official letter from Doctors of Truth that is being sent to various countries, addressed to the relevant medical authorities, threatening them that they will be held responsible for the injuries incurred from the vaccines and that they need to stop now with their pressuring people, mandates and second and third shots.
    Will forward it to Natan.
    Meanwhile, the madness continues.

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