Happy Yom Teruah 2021!

The new moon as sighted from my backyard on the evening of September 8, 2021

The moon does not lie! Men’s calendars do, however, when it comes to the times and seasons of Elohim. They obscure divinely revealed Truth as they come and go from the scene.

Over the millennia, calendars get changed and reconfigured based the whims of human vicissitudes, but the heavenly bodies, which are in reality a giant timepiece that YHVH Elohim created, never change. They are as reliable now as they were in the time of the Yeshua and before and going all the way back to the beginning of time for determining the set-apart, kadosh (holy) times and seasons of YHVH.

For these reason, I get excited when I see the new moon of the seventh month on YHVH’s biblical calendar. It tells me that I’m meeting the Almighty on the exact day that he set in stone long ago to celebrate Yom Teruah, the Day of Shofar Blowing or Shouting.

But what’s the big to do all about? Why all the shouting and shofar horn blowing?

It will be on this day in the not too distant future that Yeshua the Messiah will be returning in power and glory, and when he will gather his righteous saints—both the living and the dead— together to meet him in the air. NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Yom Teruah 2021!

  1. So many groups go by the rabbinic calendar (former hwa split offs for example) instead of simply doing what YHVH says. Look for the renewed moon, which we also saw and photographed last night.

  2. Chag Sameach! Joyful Yom Teruah to everyone!! HalleluYah to our Elohim for such an easy and obvious calendar. We don’t need scientists for that, we just look up to the sky to see! As little children.

  3. We don’t want to miss our appointments! Thanks Natan-I looked up the meaning of your name=to give, bestow, grant, ascribe, devote, dedicate, exchange, commit, entrust, produce, requite, generously give and utter! Natan, you do all these things as our teacher, so we won’t miss our appointed times! Hallelu-YHVH!!

  4. Natan,
    As Yom Kippur falls on a Shabbat this year, we assume that Yom Kippur takes precedence over the Shabbat and that we should be fasting on that day; normally, the weekly Shabbat is to be celebrated. What is your take?
    Blessings, Sonja

    • Yes. I know that it’s not the norm to fast on Shabbat because is a feast day, but where in Scripture is it prohibited from fasting on Shabbat? I know of no such command.

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