Answering the “Rabbi’s” Daughter

The following comment came into this blog’s comment section today. I permitted it to be posted as an opportunity to comment. The writer purports to be the daughter of a “rabbi” whatever this is supposed to mean. By her comments, she is not a believer in Yeshua the Messiah, but proffers arguments against Yeshua’s Messiahship from the Orthodox Rabbinic Jewish perspective. Her arguments, though seemingly convincing on the surface, are actually quite shallow and easily refuted. Her knowledge of Scripture is superficial and of Jewish history is lacking, I point out in my rebuttal.

The reason I post this is for your education, so that you can help any fellow believers you know who are being swayed by the Antimissionary arguments of the rabbinic Jews.

Elsewhere, I have written extensively on some of the subjects she brings up. At the end of this post, I will post some links for those who care to go further.

Now here is the comment from the “rabbi’s” daughter:

Most people dont realize the role of Messiah, who have come o/o christianty and into a melting pot of teachings of which most only hold partial truth. Take into account the original language in which the Scriptures were written i.e. Hebrew, Aramaic… There are some words that were not translated but transliterated. The world “Messiah” is one of those words, from the Hebrew Mashiach. In Greek it is Christos. I know I’m preaching to the choir on this but let me explain to help you understand. So what does Messiah or Christ mean? It means someone who was anointed or SELECTED by YHVH ELohim, the Father, as ruler, king (1Kings 2:10-12). Hence, in the bible there are many Messiah’s. Examples: The temple priest Lev. 4:3, 6, 16, 6:22; The patriarchs Ps. 105:15; 1 Chron. 16:22; King Saul 1 Sam. 12:3, 5; 24:6, 10; 26:9, 11, 16, 23; 2 Sam. 1:14, 16, 21; King David 2Sam. 19:21; 22:51; 23:1 Ps. 18:50, 20:6, 28:8; King Solomon once in 2 Chron. 6:42, the pagan king Cyrus Isa. 45:1, the future messianic figure 1 Sam. 2:10, 35, Ps. 2:2, 89:51; 132:10, 17; Dan, 9:25-26; Hab. 3:13. AS you can see there are many “christs/messiahs” who preceded Y’shua. The title Messiah can not mean Hashem ELohim Himself, because Messiah or Christ (anointed) is the AGENT of the One True God (John 17:3) As messiah Y’shua/jesus, who is prophet, priest and king. That’s because The Father anointed him above all predecessors i.e. his companions Heb. 1;9. It is for this reason that Y’shua taught men to pray each day for the coming Kingdom of his ELohim, YHVH, and Father (Matt. 6:10)
The role of the Messiah(s) throughout all of the ages was to point mankind BACK to the FAther and to His Torah.

None of the prophecies of Daniel nor any other biblical prophet relate to Yeshua/Jesus nor to the Christian writings.

Allow me to be more clear:
Jesus never reigned as King of Israel. Messiah will.
Jesus never ruled as judge of Israel. Messiah will.
Jesus did not rebuild the Temple. Messiah will.
Jesus did not bring all Jews Home to Israel. Messiah will.
Jesus did not establish world peace. Messiah will.
Jesus did not end warfare. Messiah will.
Jesus did not oversee the Torah being written on the consciousness of the world. Messiah will.
Jesus’ followers increased antisemitism, he did not destroy it. Messiah will end it.

Jesus did not end world hunger. Messiah will.
Jesus did not bring idolatry to an end. Messiah will.
Jesus not bring global justice. Messiah will.
Jesus not restore the Ten Houses. Messiah will.
Jesus did not end all diseases. Messiah will.
Jesus never sat on the throne of David. Messiah will.
David was not his paternal father/anscetor as required of Messiah, Messiah will will be a paternal descendant of David haMelech.
Jesus did not lead all Jewish into becoming Torah observant.
Without a Jewish father Jesus had no Land Rights in Israel. Messiah will.
Jesus was not accepted by our sages and rabbis. Messiah will be.

There are SOOO many prophecies and conditions Jesus did not meet! Several people have come much closer than he. David Ben-Gurion came MUCH closer and he was not even religious! This is why the Christian apologists had to draw on the baseless claim of a “second advent.” Nothing in Scripture supports that. Messiah, when he comes, will establish Israel and meet all of the requirements and be accepted by our people as foretold. The you guys of the other nations will come to us as Noahidim (Zechariah 8:23).
I do not care if people choose to worship a god-man our father’s did not (read Deuteronomy 13) but as me, my household and this group, we worship HaShem alone. Missionary activities are not permitted here.
Y’shua may or may not be the returning Messiah, we will have to see, only Hashem knows. Y’shua even said that himself.

Natan’s response:

Let me be blunt, which you will probably not like. A serious disease requires a strong medicine. In this case, we are talking about the disease spiritual blindness based on bigotry and ignorance of the Truth of the full counsel of the Bible, the Word of Elohim and aquiescence and submission to the traditions of men by which the Word of Elohim is made of none-effect. Moreover, this is my blog, and I am duty-bound to point out many things that you have said that are not true biblically. Your comments, though containing some truths, are also full of a number of egregious and unbiblical errors, and are evidence of the fact that spiritual blindness has come upon (some of) Israel and the Jews as Paul the apostle, the Jewish Torah scholar par excellence, who was discipled by Gamaliel the First, the grandson of Hillel the Great, stated in his epistle to the Romans (Rom 11:25).

On this blog, we take a strong and firm stand against those who deny the Messiahship of Yeshua the Messiah—against the so-called Jewish “anitmissionaries.” Frankly, the only reason I have not deleted your anti-biblical, Antimessiah spiel is because your comments give me an excuse and an opportunity to address some important fallacies in what you say. So thank you. From now on, however, you will not be able to make posts to my blog quite so freely no that I know your heretical biblical position.

Let me first stated that on this blog, when I speak of Yeshua, I am not referring specifically to the caricature of the Mashiach that the mainstream Christians refer to as Jesus. The Jesus of Christianity is but a similitude of the true Jewish Messiah whose name was Yeshua. This is something that most Orthodox Jews seem to overlook. You anti-missionaries like to attack the somewhat pseudo Jesus of Christianity while overlooking the real Yeshua of Scripture. More on this later.

For example, the Jesus of Christianity came to liberate his disciples from the Torah to one degree or another. On the other hand, Yeshua the Messiah of the Bible came to lead his people back to the Truth of the Torah and to snatch Torah out of the hands of the hypocritical Jewish religionists of his day who had rendered much of Torah null and void by their handed down traditions of the elders, which eventually morphed into the Talmud, which the rabbinic Jews follow to this day.

Moreover, Yeshua the Messiah also come to set an example of how to walk out the true Torah (the weightier matter of the law) as an example for his disciples to follow. He showed and taught in a fresh way how love was the fulfilling of the Torah to which the shema alludes.

Also the true Messiah, through the power of the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKadesh), which came upon his disciples upon his ascent to heaven after his resurrection (Acts 2), came to empower his disciples to live up to Torah. This was the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy (Jer 31:31, 33 cp. Heb 8:10) that Torah would be written on the hearts and minds of YHVH’s people.

Next, contrary to what you stated and to biblical Truth, Yeshua was a direct descendant of King David both patrilineally (by adoption into Joseph’s family) and matrilineally through Mary according to the genealogies and statements in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. To say that he was not reveals a gross ignorance of Scripture.

Next, you are correct when you list many Messianic prophecies that Yeshua did not fulfill at his first coming. Sadly, what you fail to realize because you are either disingenuous concerning or ignorant of the facts is that the Tanakh speaks of two Messianic figures that were to come. The Jewish sages of both the ancient and common eras recognized this in that they referred to these two Messiahs as a) Maschiach ben Yosef and b) Mashiach ben David. They admitted that they did not know if these two Messiahs would be one person or two, or how much time would separate their comings if any. I have documented this fact in other of my writings from the actual writings of the Jewish sages. The Christians refer to these Messiahs as the Suffering Servant Messiah and the Conquering King Messiah respectively. Even the Jewish sages knew that the Suffering Servant Messiah would die to redeem YHVH’s people from their sin as per Isaiah 53. In fact, it was not until the modern era that the Jewish sages reinterpreted Isaiah 53 to refer to the nation of Israel instead of that prophecy referring to a singular Messianic figure. If you study your history and the writings of your own Jewish sages, you will know this. Maybe your “rabbi” father did not teach you these facts, either because he did not know them, or because he was not honest with you. Notwithstanding, I have documented these facts in other of my writings—facts that people like you conveniently forget or do not know, but which are recorded in the pages of history and in the Jewish writings for those who are truth seekers to find out, as opposed to those, like you, who are simply parroting the current antimessiah party line of mainstream Jewish Orthodoxy, which you are doing in an attempt to beguile unstable and naive Christians. This said, your arguments that Yeshua the Messiah did not fulfill any Messianic prophecies concerning the Conquering King Messiah is a false argument and illogical and is referred to in rhetoric as a strawman argument. Yeshua did not fulfill these prophecies because that was not his mission as Messiah Ben Yosef the Suffering Servant. It was his divine mission, on the other hand, to fulfill the prophecies of Isaiah 53 as the Suffering Servant to redeem his people from their sin.The Second Temple Jewish sages understood this. It was not until the post-temple era and Judaism reinvented itself at Yavneh and through Akiba et al that major biblical truths were changed or twisted as a counter-protest against Christian doctrine, but I digress. The fulfillment of the Conquering King messianic prophecies will be, however, the mission of Messiah ben David, who will come as the Conquering King just as the book of Revelations and many other Scriptures both in the Tanakh and Testimony of Yeshua (or New Testament) predict. Yeshua the Messiah will fulfill these prophecies at his second coming as Christianity teaches.

Now to say that David Ben-Gurion came much closer to fulfilling the role of Mashiach is patently nonsensical, hilarious and, quite simply, blasphemous. First to say that this is to buy into the recent, common era rabbinical lie that the nation and people of Israel are now the Messiah, which is a concept that was foreign to Second Temple Judaism, as far as my research has shown. As is clearly evident from an honest reading of Isaiah 53, this messianic prophecy is referring to a single person, NOT to a nation or a people-group. No matter how the rabbinical commentaries spin Isaiah 53, and I have read them, the nation of Israel does not fulfill this prophecy except as one eisegetically and illogically twists the Scripture to cram it to fit and paint it to match with unbiblical and man-made doctrines. The modern Jewish “rabbis” have told this big lie for so long, that now people like you believe it unquestioningly without even thinking or questioning . How sad! Moreover, Isaiah says that the Suffering Servant Messiah will die and then resurrect (see the LXX and DSS manuscripts) to redeem his people from their sin obligation before YHVH Elohim. To even remotely infer that David Ben-Gurion fulfilled this is patently ridiculous. Moreover, David Ben-Gurion did not bring back the ten tribes, only some of the tribe of Yehudah, of which the modern Jews are the descendants according to knowledgeable scholars including Maimonides and the commentary notes of the ArtScroll Stone Edition Chumash. Again, these are facts that I note and document elsewhere in my other writings of mine.

Finally, the Conquering King/Messiah ben David prophecies to which you refer that Messiah Yeshua did not fulfill, while fulfilling the divinely ordained role as the Suffering Servant Messiah, will be fulfilled during the time period that the Jewish sages call the Final Redemption or the Messianic Age, and which the Christians refer to as the Millennium (based on the writings of the book of Revelation). The 1000-year long Millennium corresponds to the Age of Messiah, which corresponds to the final 1,000 years of man’s 7,000 year time on this earth, which the Second Temple Jewish sages wrote about. They referred to the Age of Desolation, the Age of Torah, the Age of Messiah and the Messianic Era. (If you are not familiar with this, then go do some research). The Jewish sages themselves predicted that Messiah would come after 4,000 years (from the time of Adam forward to the BC/AD point in time) or during the Age of Messiah. But, according to them, he did not come because of baseless hatred and a couple of other things, which is why the Temple was destroyed in AD 70. The truth is, however, that Messiah DID in fact come just as the sages predicted, but most of them refused to accept it. This is because they were looking for the Conquering King Messiah to free them from Rome, not the Suffering Servant Messiah. This was their grand mistake—one which you are still making to this day—and is why the Jews killed Yeshua the Messiah; he failed to meet THEIR expectations of who the Messiah would be, while being totally out of tune with who heaven said the Messiah would be at that time.

The fact is that before the Conquering King could come to rule over his people, he had to clean up his people first by delivering them from their sin and writing his Torah on their hearts. That way, when he would come as the Conquering King, he would have a sin-redeemed, fully Torah-compliant (both the letter and the spirit of the law) and holy people to rule over, instead of a godless, willful and rebellious rabble! Do you see this? If not, that is sad, but doubtless, the other open-minded and open-hearted people reading this will get it.

The Jewish sages also referred to the Messianic Age as the Final Redemption in light of the First Redemption of YHVH’s people out of Egypt by the hand of Moses. The Final Redemption or Second Exodus, as it has become known colloquially, refers to the regathering of all 12 scattered tribes to the land of Israel during the reign of Messiah Son of David. There are dozens of prophecies in the Tanakh that refer to this event, which has not happened yet to its fullest extent. To say that it has demonstrates ignorance of both the prophetic writings of the Tanakh as well as the beliefs of the Second Temple Jewish sages as well as the prevailing view of the Medieval Jewish Torah scholars as well as the dominant view of the Talmud according, for example, to Abraham Cohen in his book on the subject entitled, “Everyman’s Talmud.”

There are other errors in your comments that could be pointed out, but we will leave the discussion here for now.

Next time you attempt to comment on this blog, you will first think before you write and do a little more research on subjects that you need enlightenment on. At that time, maybe I will let you in, maybe I will not deadening on your honesty and demeanor. Shalom.

For information proving the Messiahship of Yeshua from the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the Jewish writings, go to


14 thoughts on “Answering the “Rabbi’s” Daughter

  1. Very well said, Natan! Thank you for your willingness to defend our wonderful master, savior, King of kings, Yeshua, YHVH’s son, our Messiah! HalleluYah and may He come soon!

  2. Todays Jews (Rabbinites) are more interested in race and traditions than they are in the Truth of the Scriptures.
    Even though its just a Jewish movie, ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ is a good indication of all of this.
    Shalom, John

  3. May I point out that as “blindness in part has happened to Israel, UNTIL THE FULNESS OF THE GENTILES BE COME IN (ROM 11:25) and John 9:41 I think also applies, however, IF we are Israel or part of, (Christianity is also blind then) the two sticks will only become one in His hand-until then we must study to show OURSELVES approved 2 Tim.2:15. Right on Natan! ShABBAt shalom everyone.

  4. There are literally dozens of scriptures that Yeshua has fulfilled. Maybe, she should look into these prophesies and try to refute them. After a careful study of those, she may become a believer. There is non so blind as those that won’t see. Most simply can’t see, as Carol said.

  5. Praise Yah. Thanks Nathan for posting. It’s good to be reminded now and then of the error that tries to creep in.

  6. One of the fastast growing sites on the internet for bringing Jews to Messiah hails from the land of Israel it is called It is bringing many Rabbinic Jews to the light of Yeshua.This would be a good source for the Rabbi’s daughter to check out.It is very good to see our Israeli brothers and sisters coming to the light of Messiah as we await on Messhiach Ben David

    • Went to the the site ‘oneforIsrael’ the other day and saw a few testimonies; one was from Jonathan Cahn which was very interesting. It seemed to me, from what the people were saying, that one of the greatest obstacles for the Jewish people is that many don’t study ALL of the Tanak; many are just using their prayer book or trust what the rabbis preach.
      May the Lord take their veil away soon.

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