21 thoughts on “New Video: The Leftist Donkeys Are Braying!!!

  1. I was just reading how YHVH told the Israelites that on the 6th day, they would have enough manna for two days…and this is what I saw-if this is the 6th day (6,000th year) may we have pro-vision (manna, bread from heaven=WORD of YHVH) till at least the 7th!!!!!! Anyone else see this?

  2. As I should have written it myself. I think God sent Trump to reveal the conditions of U.S. and building up an alternative with justice, law and order, helping the poore, fixing the trade deals, making peace, moving the embassy and all the other good thing he managed to do in four short years. But the globalist liberals went crazy. They did not want that! So, the end time scenario seems to line up with the prophecies. We just have to look to Europe also. That is where The Beast and the Harlot is and Jerusalem is still the focal point of it all…

    • If Natan will allow, on [edited out] there is a picture of the sculpture of a woman riding a beast (bull or horse) in Sweden, they liken it to Rev. of course.

      [Sorry, Carol, but I don’t know enough about these folks to be able to allow the promotion their website. Their website looks like a real mixed bag to me and it may contain some good content, but so does the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. ——Natan]

  3. Fun video. These leftist, demonic, commies give donkeys a bad name, or if donkeys could be insulted, they would be!

      • In KJV 1790ish vernacular (our current KJV version), yes. I once used the term ass on this blog in a euphemistic way, and someone took me to task for using profanity, even tho the KJV Bible use the term ass for donkey 90 times. It just goes to show how languages and the meanings of words evolve over time.

    • Took the donkey video myself out our car window as Sandi and I were driving through Custer State Park near Mt. Rushmore a couple of days ago. Were looking for bison and ended up with a bunch jackasses at our windows begging us for food. Filmed it with my I-phone and turned it into this video. There’s not much we can do about the Demoncat takeover of two branches of our federal govt (and they’re going for the judicial branch too if they end up packing the supreme court) except sarcasm and satire.

      • You’re correct. These are the Custer State Park donkeys. We went there to see buffalo and ended up with jackasses. Actually we saw a bunch of bison off in the distance, and tons of buffalo chips all over the place, but no animals up close. It wasn’t until we got to Yellowstone that we saw the buffalo up close.

  4. Look up immunity passports! There is now a world wide effort by Microsoft, Rockefeller, etc to prove you have vaccination. This is a troubling issue.

    • Bill Gates just became the largest private owner of farmland in the US. with 242 acres across 18 states….wonder what he’s up to????? Anyone care to guess? (This is according to the Land Report.)

      • You meant to say 240,000 acres across the US. Bill Gates, along with some of his big tech giant buddies, is also big time pushing the covid passport. He’s heavily invested in big pharma and the covid vaccine and if the govt and/or some big businesses begin requiring covid passports, Gates stands to add much to his $120 billion net worth. Follow the money. These godless devil worshipers don’t care one wit about you or me. It’s all about money and power. The book of James talks about these guys, what YHVH thinks of them and what their fate will be at his judgment seat. Amein!

      • Bill Gates is apparently planning for a food/agricultural shortage. Food must be a good investment. Stock up now!

      • Right. An m RNA vaccine. M by the way stands for messenger, as in angel, or more likely fallen angel!

  5. The democrats have won everything! Why are they not partying? Why are they not joyous? What’s wrong with those people?

    • Sure they will be later today. This whole thing reminds me of the first inaugural of Lincoln before the civil war! We know what happened after that!

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