Enjoying a Restful Sukkot in Sunriver, Oregon

So far, Sandi and I have been enjoying a joyously restful Sukkot in Sunriver, Oregon with the snow-covered Cascade points to the west and the pine, juniper and sagebrush high desert to the east.

Our days have been filled with resting, relaxing with three of our four children and the spouses of two of them. On the first high holy day Shabbat, we had a Bible study and our daughter and her husband in another state joined us via FaceTime through a laptop computer. We prayed, waved our lulavim and sounded the shofar. We will do the same thing on the last high day Shabbat along with singing songs accompanied by our son who plays guitar. At our home, we’re having a little Sukkot-oriented Bible study each day to help us to keep our upward focus on YHVH. For myself, I start out each with prayer—often a walk or bike ride by the river along with a Bible study. Of our course, I’m privilege to interact with some of you through this blog as well and to hear how your are doing at this season of our joy. I’ve also had the privilege of speaking with some scattered Feast-keeping friends in different states via phone. The rest of the time, we are filling our days with feasting on good food, and fun indoor and outdoor activities with our family.

Along the way, we’ve had the chance to visit with several of my less Hebraic-minded cousins who are also celebrating the Feast here. At one time many decades ago, four generations of our family (more than 30 of us) would celebrate Sukkot together when we were all in the same church. Over the years, after church splits, and churches coming and going, many of my family members have either died, abandoned their faith, or are now in different churches or none at all (like Sandi and me). After all of this, a few of us who are left have kind of gotten together when we can to socialize a bit. Tonight we’ll host a couple of our cousins over for a barbecue dinner, and on Friday I’ll be going to lunch with two of my older guy cousins who I grew up with and who now are grandfathers.

Wow, it’s hard to imagine how much water has flowed under the bridge over past 60 years of my life. We all have our own stories to tell of the good, the bad and ugly, so to speak. My head spins in amazement of all that I have seen in this time. But through it all, I give praise and thanksgiving to YHVH Elohim who, for some reason, has kept me on his straight and narrow path, and kept me seeking him. To be sure, I am an and inexorable “God-chaser!!! I just can’t help myself, for it has been my destiny since I was a child. To YHVH be all the glory.

Nathan and Sandi enjoying a walk along the river.
A quiet moment of reflection in YHVH’s outdoors.
Deer regularly stroll past our backdoor.

5 thoughts on “Enjoying a Restful Sukkot in Sunriver, Oregon

  1. Yes, Chag Sameach indeed. I love reading your blog posts, and have especially enjoyed sharing in your Sukkot through these posts, as we observe the Sukkot here in sunny Wales, UK. Similar story to yours – we were a part of the WCG in Herbert W Armstrong’s days but promptly left as we saw the church go into error. Now observing the Torah in our own way, as best we can, with family and friends who used to be fellow churchgoers. For a lone warrior like myself, your posts are truly a blessing and so much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of Sukkot.

    • Greetings Helen of Wales and joyous Sukkot to you too.

      A few folks from our common past have crossed over to a more Hebraic biblical understanding, while most are still stuck in their old wineskins. I have family members in both areas, although I am by far the one who has gone the furthest in returning to the roots of our common faith. Even my own parents who are unflinching devotees of HWA having personally been taught by him in the ’50s at his college (where they met, were married and I was born) think that I’ve gone off the deep end in my pursuit of Torah-truth. Through it all, and despite everything, my wife and I have engendered our own tiny tribelette of kids and spouses who embrace these ways to one degree or another.

      I have to remind myself constantly a couple of things. First, ignorance is not bliss. When you know Truth, you can’t turn away from it even if it is uncomfortable and results in others forsaking you. Second, if you have Truth and remain faithful to it, you are on YHVH’s side. Third, one person with the Truth plus YHVH Elohim make a majority regardless of the what the whole world believes.

      I hope this encourages you.

      BTW, speaking of Wales, Sandi and I spent nearly three weeks traveling in the British isles last year including Ireland and Scotland. We briefly touched base in Chester, Wales where I bought a wedding ring which is presently on my finger. Though we’ve been married for nearly 30 years, I tend to go through wedding rings. Either I break them or lose them. This one is my fourth or fifth one. I love it and it reminds me of a good times in a beautiful land making great memories with my bride.

      Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Shalom & Happy Sukkot!
    I am just wondering,
    why you do not join Messianic Congregation,
    I am sure there is one in your area.
    Thanks & Elohim’s blessings,always.

  3. Wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you Natan. So true. Same here, endeavouring to teach our children the Truth and hoping that they will pursue the straight and narrow path once they have flown the nest.
    Glad that you and Sandi made it to Chester. Beautiful city. We try to get there once a year. Although legend has it that it is perfectly legal to shoot a Welsh person with a longbow within Chester’s city walls after midnight so it’s always great to get back to Wales in one piece :-D.
    Thank you Charity – maybe I should research my nearest Messianic Congregation. Although having witnessed what I believe to be the true church go into error, I am wary of being a part of an establishment. Worth researching though. Thanks.

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