Why pray for the peace of Jerusalem?

Psalm 122:6, Pray for the peace. In the past, yes, and also in the future, but now? What is there now in Jerusalem to pray for? The temple is gone and an abomination sits atop Mount Moriah, and Jerusalem is full of Yeshua-deniers, atheist, agnostics, secular humanists and misguided religious zealots of one stripe or the other, not to mention sexual perverts and deviants of all kind. The book of Revelations refers to last days Jerusalem as spiritual Sodom and Egypt (Rev 11:8), and it is the city that will kill the two witnesses (Rev 11:7–8). 

There is hope for Jerusalem, though. Many Jews will look up Yeshua at his second coming whom they pierced and put their faith in him. It is also the city to which Yeshua is returning and from which he will rule the world as the King of kings during the Millennium. 

So there is hope for Jerusalem’s future, but presently, it’s a spiritual mess and what is there to pray for?


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  1. Oh my, Natan, I am surprised to read this, but maybe a heart is discouraged.

    What is there to pray for? There is the remnant of the Jewish nation that is continually being called out from the world to a living relationship with Yehovah through His Messiah Yehoshua…today. They are part of Jerusalem. The NEW Jerusalem. Yehovah never specified which Jerusalem he was speaking of, but she is there right in the earthly Jerusalem, too…waiting for the Messiah to come back and set up His Kingdom.

    There is everything to pray for….for Jewish hearts in Jerusalem to turn back to Yehovah Elohim today. How else will God fulfill his purposes in that nation, if we don’t pray TODAY for the peace of Jerusalem, for Yehovah’s Name to be hallowed, for His Kingdom to come into the hearts of the Jewish people today, and for His will to be done in their hearts as it is in heaven….today? We pray in faith, because Yehovah is truly doing an amazing work in Jerusalem and throughout Israel…today. We just haven’t seen the “baby” completely born yet. But it is growing in the darkness of the womb, just as an unborn child grows for 9 quiet months before its birth. But we need to pray for them, and that God will bring them completely through. And in that we are eagerly praying for the peace of Jerusalem…today, filled with hope and faith and expectation of what Yehovah is doing. The future peace of Jerusalem will never come without the prayer going up before God for Jerusalem…today. : ) And if I understand correctly, the believers are the New Jerusalem.

    Maybe I have misunderstood your article. If so, please set me straight.

    • Thank you. You make some very good points with which I agree totally.

      When writing my article, I had in my mind the current, true state of Jerusalem, which Scripture calls Sodom. Naturally, if we take the perspective of the work that YHVH is doing there with a remnant of his people who are walking in true biblical righteousness, or the perspective of the New Jerusalem, then the perspective naturally changes.

      I spent a week in Jerusalem a few years back. It’s a very interesting and exciting place to visit from a historical and biblical perspective; however, presently, other than the few bright spots of YHVH’s Torah-loving saints who have the faith of Yeshua, Jerusalem is very dark spiritually, full of demonic influences. Those happen to be the unsugar-coated facts, and YHVH seems to agree with me when he calls it Sodom. When the psalmist penned the words to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, it was a very different place than it is now.

      Nonetheless, I concede the point that we should always be praying for the saints in Jerusalem and all over the world as well. In the mean time, if we believe the prophecies of the Bible, before the second coming, Jerusalem will become an evil place, and will endure a whole boat load of divine judgment and blood-spilling. Those are the facts. Blessings!

  2. Apparently, the NEW JERUSALEM is nearly 2 million square miles, larger than India and is sticking out into space. Mind-boggling.

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