The sins and false gods of a nation catch up with it!

Exodus 7:14, The ten plagues. The ten plagues were Elohim’s judgment against the gods and idols of Egypt (Exod 12:12; 33:4; Num 33:4). Here are the list of plagues and possible suggestions as to which gods of Egypt YHVH was judging. Modern man worships these same false gods, and YHVH will bring his judgements against them in the last days. 

  • The first plague was the water turning to blood. This may have been a judgment against abortion (the Egyptians threw their babies into the Nile for sacrificial purposes) and against materialism (since fewer children mean fewer expenses for a family, and the Nile River was the source of Egypt’s prosperity).
  • The second plague was frogs. This may have been a judgment against pride (frogs puff themselves before they croak) and environmentalism or animal worship. In America, for example, after 9/11, how many bumperstickers did we see that had the words “pride” on them, and “God bless America” as if YHVH is duty-bound to bless America? How can YHVH bless a nation that refuses to repent and turn from its arroant and wicked ways?
  • The third plague was lice. This may have been a judgment against pride and narcissism (self worship), since the Egyptians were highly focused on their personal appearance and hygiene, their appearance and in shaving of body hair.
  • The fourth plague was flies, which may have been a judgment against devil worship, occultism and witchcraft (i.e. the whole religious system of Egypt). A biblical name for Satan was Beelzebub, or lord of the flies (Matt 12:25–27; Luke 11:15–19).
  • The fifth plague was the death of the livestock. This may have been a judgment against transportation and commerce.
  • The sixth plague was boils, which may have been a judgment against the Egyptians obsession with their bodies and faith in medical science.
  • The seventh plague was hail, which may have been a judgment against their agriculture industry and earth worship.
  • The eighth plague was locusts. This may have been a judgment against Egypt’s food production. The Nile River and its delta was one of the bread baskets of the ancient world and a source of great wealth to Egypt.
  • The ninth plague was darkness. This may have been a judgment against Egypt’s intelligentsia and religious system, which was spiritually devoid of the light of truth.
  • The tenth plague was the death of the firstborn, which was a judgment against Egypt’s future and posterity.

The destruction of Pharaoh and his armies in the Red Seawas a judgment against Egypt’s political and military might. 

Is YHVH Elohim bringing America and other “Christian” nations under judgment for the sins they have committed against him, even as he brought judgment against the gods of Egypt? What are the similarities between the gods of ancient Egypt and those of western and (formerly) Christian cultures? In America, for example, in recent years, there has been a marked increase in adverse weather conditions (e.g. droughts), natural disasters (e.g. wild fires, mass deaths of different kinds of animals, earthquakes in unlikely places), terrorism, bank and financial failures, personal and corporate bankruptcies, economic inflation, cost of living increasing, high foreclosure rates on homes, private and government financial debt, government scandals and corruption and, mass invasion by illegal and criminal, persecution of Christians, an invasion of demonic religions (e.g. Islam) just to name a few of the possible judgments against a nation that has turned its back on Elohim and the Bible.


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  1. Thank you so much for this list I was thinking last night that I would like to make one up and vouola you have one already made thank you thank you for your ministry!

  2. 1) Hapi=spirit of the Nile and giver of life, Osiris=whose life blood was thought to be the Nile, Hatmenyt=female fish deity
    2) Heqet=frog headed female deity of fertility
    3) Geb=deity of earth and soil
    4) Khepri=scarab headed deity of creation
    5) Apis=bull deity, Hathor=female cow deity
    6) Isis=deity of life and magic, Sekhmet=female deity of war and pestilence
    7) Nut=female sky deity
    8) Seth=deity of storms and chaos
    9) Ra=sun deity
    10) Pharaoh=considered to be the son of Ra

  3. the pope has allowed an “artist” to set up a statue of what he calls Molech=god of child sacrifice (looks more like the creature from the black lagoon movie) at the entrance of the colosseum right near a plaque that commemorates the children killed there in ancient times.

    • Why does that not surprise me? Recently, a catholic nun has labelled this pope’s actions as demonic! Apparently, he is trying to unite world leaders to create a ‘New Humanism’. The False Prophet is being revealed?

  4. Boy ! Natan – your messages are always so timely- Noting the current readings including


    Noticed while looking @ current BBC news headline:reads-24/01/ time 7.07 am Thursday.

    Voice of 3,000 year old Egyptian mummy heard again…. Experts use 3 D printing & speech technology to replicate the voice of Egyptian priest Nesyamun- brought to life.
    3 hrs ago.. news report of this.

    Big article in the BBC news with pictures on my computer…reading BBC news my time 24/01 2020.

    Egypt -type of the World today.. everything old is new again..

    Thinking re all verses in Zechariah 14.. re Egypt- big warning!!

    Elohim said to the Israelites if you keep my/ his commandments- Elohim would put none of the diseases that he put on Egypt..

    warning for us today. ! wise wisdom from above,

    Blessings to All. ( also in view of the terrible disease in China & risk of other places Virus
    originally found in wild animals handled & eaten now transferred from Human to human..
    virus mutating.-? another deadly disease.. they are in lockdown for it says China Lunar New Year.

  5. China is just ending the ‘Year of the Pig’ and entering the ‘Year of the Rat’.
    Yesha’yahu 66:17-18.

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