The Cost of Not Prepping for Economic Hard Times

Genesis 47:13–26, The economic results of famine. Severe food shortages led to the people’s dependence on the government for food and survival. This is because the people had failed to prepare for such an event. 

Because of famine resulting in people starving, the Egyptian government was able to step in and literally take control of the people’s lives, their land and material possessions. The government then collectivized them by moving them into cities where it could “take care of” or control the people. In the process, the government became the master and the people became its serfs, if not slaves. 

This all happened in large part because during prosperous times the people failed to make preparations for hard times and thus became unwitting victims of natural circumstances and their own careless lifestyles. 

The more a person prepares for hard times such as famine, natural disasters or economic collapse, and the closer they are to the land thus giving them the ability to raise their own food, the less dependent upon the state they will be, the more freedom they will have, and the less likely the government will be able to control their lives. Spiritual freedom is tied to physical independence as well. 

In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies a time coming when the end times Babylon the Great New World Order world ruling economic, political and religious system will exclude earth’s inhabitants from being able to buy and sell food and other life-sustaining essentials unless they take a subcutaneous “mark” on their bodies famously called “the mark of the beast.” 

Most people will take this mark resulting in their eternal spiritual damnation, while a few people will refuse to take it. 

Hunger and privation, whether man-caused or naturally occurring, can be means by which an evil governmental system can control its people simply because humans will do and accept virtually anything to feed their starving bodies. 

The more Elohim’s saints do now to prepare, especially spiritually, but also physically, for the horrifically hard times the Bible prophesies will occur globally in the end times, the more likely they will be to not deny their faith and to survive to meet King Yeshua the Messiah in the air as his glorified, triumphant bride!

Genesis 47:15, The money has failed. An economic collapse had occurred. When there is no food to buy, money is worthless, since you can’t eat money.

Genesis 47:24, One-fifth to Pharaoh. As dire as the economic condition was is Egypt, the government only taxed the people at a twenty percent tax rate!

Most people reading this are likely paying more than twenty percent in taxes to the government right now. Think about it!


13 thoughts on “The Cost of Not Prepping for Economic Hard Times

  1. Natan interested in reading all posts but saw this one just now reading.. this has been on my heart. regarding what we/ Believers may be facing.. also in light of the terrible bush fires here in NSW. & VIC-( BOTH STATES OF EMERGENCY.) . TASMANIA,SA.KANGAROO ISLAND & PERTH WA.

    Many had to flee these fires with just the clothes on their backs. some did collect a few belongings but the devastation in many country towns & sea side resorts tourist areas is just incomprehensible.

    All the main commercial news stations 9 seven & ABC+ many others have had picture after picture of the fire ravaged earth & bush land..horrendous effect on the Aust. native animals and life in general.. fire fighters losing their lives defending property and ordinary people also defending either their own properties or neighbours.

    There has been talk of a coming recession.or even worse.. markets in turmoil Aust & USA. ? when this could take place factoring in other global problems.. China market etc.. food shortages etc. some blogs say re economic woes.. tipping point ,transport recession, manufacturing recession we need to be prepared for almost anything that could happen + the latest news re what is happening with Iran.

    Lot to pray about & ponder but to be prepared is you state & show. .

    Joseph was able to save many in Egypt in a different time to which we are all living as he had the warning dream re 7 fat years & 7 lean years..before it happened so he was led to store the grain=FOOD. save people from much more complex our financial systems are today as Joseph did not live with the technology that we live with today.

    Any other comments & insight would be appreciated. Surviving the Earths Changes- so much happening ..climate change agenda & all that.

  2. Consider what you do every day from waking right to retireing for the night. Soap, toothpaste, water, toilet paper, food, pet food, etc. All these things need to be stored up. Remember, if you can’t touch it, you dont own it, and if you can’t defend it, you won’t keep it!

  3. There was a boxing day special in a shopping centre where balloons with gift vouchers inside were released. Some people had to be hospitalized because they got squashed. One can just imagine what people will be capable of when they are starving; probably willing to kill for food. Of course, if they can choose to have the mark and live instead of starving, most will choose the mark.
    But before all that, there will be tough times during the great tribulation, which we seem to be in right now. We grow most of our vegetables and fruits, but unless Elohim is willing for it to grow, it won’t succeed. Many areas are suffering water shortages and the pests are building up; have never seen so many caterpillars than this year. They even destroy eucalypts by completely defoliating them.
    Anyhow, if we are meant to survive, we will; physical death can be a blessing.

  4. Unless you are willing to deny a hungry neighbor or kill a starving person to protect what you have, don’t bother prepping.

    • I’ve been a prepper all of my life, and this isn’t my mentality. We have to be wise as serpents, harmless as doves in all that we do.

      The Boy Scout motto is be prepared. I’m an Eagle Scout.

      I try to be prepared for what may come no matter what I do, every day whether I’m climbing a tree or going for a trip in my car. Prepping is a mindset, a way of life for me. It’s about facing the realities and uncertainties of life and not being caught off guard as a victim. Having a spare tire, fire extinguisher and first aid kit in your car is prepping.

      Growing up on a farm, all summer we prepared for winter by growing our own food and then preserving it. We got in our firewood to heat us in the winter, and we stored hay for our livestock so they had something to eat when the grass wasn’t growing much. None of this had anything to do with the potential of having to steal for food, or kill to protect what you had. It’s just what we did, and it was wisdom and prudence on our part as a way to save money, to have a healthier lifestyle and to be less dependent on society for the basics of life. This is how most of the world lived until very recently including in Bible times. I suspect the millennial system will be more like this as well. It’s not a bad thing to live a little closer to the earth and to be more self-reliant.

  5. 1 Tim. 5:8 says we are to provide for our family first priority. You can not do that and help everyone else also. Don’t be an infidel.I would ask John are you willing to let your family starve and worse?

    • Good point. I have always viewed providing for one’s family in hard times by preparing ahead of time as an aspect of 1 Tim 5:8. Isn’t putting money into a savings account, or investing it for the future when hard times come or when you’re too old to work a form of prepping?

      Moreover, when it comes to helping the poor, the Torah is very specific on who we’re to help first and in what order. First it’s our family, after that, those in our town, and then our countrymen in that order as we are able (Deut 15:7).

      After having prepped and law and order breaks down in society, I wouldn’t be advertising the fact that I have food so as to invite thieves to my door, but at the same time, I wouldn’t turn down a hungry person who shows up at my doorstep if I have the ability to help.

  6. I would also like to point out Luke 11:21 When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.

    • Deterrence is the perhaps the best defense. The thief is more likely go go elsewhere and to choose easier pickings. Moreover, you pointed out 1 Tim 5:8 in your previous post. Part of providing for your family is protecting them including self defense if it becomes necessary. Some people are against self defense. Not me. Yeshua and Paul commended those who would lay down their lives for another person. Is this a commendable thing to do in every case except in defending one’s loved ones from an evil person who is trying to kill, steal and destroy at your expense? I think not. But this is a whole other discussion, which we have covered before elsewhere.

  7. After a military followed by a police carrier, I am not as optimistic about the near future as you lot are. I have seen the best of human nature and the worst of human nature and at the moment the worst of human nature is dominating. I don’t believe it will get any better before the coming of HaMalekh. Good luck with your prepping. I am not against it but can see that it places one in a precarious if not dangerous position.

    • I agree with you and it would be foolish not to respect your concerns in light of your professional background.

      Just curious? Is this one reason that you’re living in such a remote area of the world? To my way of thinking, and unless I’m missing something, it might be one of the safer spots on the planet. Could we join you? LOL. (BTW, we still intend to visit you when the timing is right.)

      With regard to human nature, though I posses no military or law enforcement background, I was a head pastor for 18 years, and I’ve been through just about everything you think of in seeing the good, the bad and ugly of people——especially those who claim to be walking in the light. All I can say is oy vey!! It has been almost 3.5 years since I retired from pastoring and I still can’t go to any fellowship because of it all. Need I say more?

      I will say this though. My faith in Elohim is greater than my lack of faith in humans, and I believe that yours is too. This is what keep me on the positive side of depression, in not despair.

      Regarding prepping, I’m not a fanatic about it. I’ve said this for years and will say it again: Spiritual prepping is the most important activity to be engaged in by far, which is why our the blog and our ministry exists. It is to help prepare the bride for the coming Maschiach.

      Look, and I don’t need to tell this, one can prepare physically all they want and when the SHTF, so to speak, and the end time Bible prophecies really start coming down on us all, a lot of things could go in a lot of unpredictable directions. Something could happen suddenly and you’re not where your supplies or they’re otherwise unaccessible. Something else could happen and they’re taken away from you or you’re taken away from them, or whatever. NO! Our faith has to be in the Almighty, the Kadosh One of Israel. Yes, prepare the best you can physically, for this is only prudent. But MOSTLY prepare mentally and spiritually. Trust in the Almighty and love not your life unto death. Okay, you get the point, and being the wise and experienced man that you are, I suspect that you’re in one accord with this.


      • Natan, I am in one accord with you bro. But isn’t PTSD a bitch?
        And you are most welcome to join us here in Tas. Its as far as you can get away from the world and still live in a civilized manner.
        We moved to Tassie in 2002, coming from North Queensland. I always preferred a more moderate climate and its beautiful here.
        Look forward to meeting you in person.
        Blessings, John

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