Have you been called into the ministry? Here are you marching order…

Matthew 10:5–42, Yeshua sent out. The Commissioning of the Twelve Disciples.

Do you have a ministry call on your life? If you’re a disciple of Yeshua, then you should. Yeshua has commissioned every saint to help fulfill the great commission to spread the gospel to the world. Below are some basic guidelines on how to know that you’re in the perfect will of Elohim for the ministry to which he has called you.

There are several steps one must go through when receiving a ministry commission from Yeshua. The following steps are based on Yeshua’s commissioning his disciples in Matthew 10. As modern-day disciples of Yeshua, we need to take these into consideration when assuming a ministry role. These are the requirements of his laborers who will work in his harvest field (see Matt 9:37 for context).

  • Yeshua calls one into the ministry (Matt 10:1). Some people go into the ministry as a career like they would any other job by their own choice. This is unbiblical. Involvement in Yeshua’s ministry is by his invitation only. 
  • After calling one into the ministry, there is a time of training. This is the biblical norm. For some, it was five years (e.g. the Levites), or forty years (Moses and Joshua). David had a period of training before becoming king, as did Paul the apostle and Elisha. For Yeshua’s disciples, it was three-and-one-half years. The Matthew ten account is part of the disciples’ training program.
  • After calling them, Yeshua then gave his disciples their marching orders by telling them where to go and not to go (Matt 10:5–6). They were to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, although, later on Yeshua instructed them to go the Gentiles. Paul even taught in several places that the lost sheep of Israel were to be found among the Gentiles, as the ancient biblical prophets predicted they would be.
  • Yeshua then instructed them what their ministry was to be (Matt 10:7–8). They were to do exactly as Yeshua himself did: preach the gospel of repentance and the kingdom of Elohim, and to heal the sick.
  • He then gave them instructions pertaining to travel arrangements—what they were to take on their journey, where they were to stay, and how to act when encountering resistance (Matt 10:9–15). This included lodging, food and financial remuneration. On the latter point, today many itinerant evangelists flagrantly violate Yeshua’s strictures in this regard and have become nothing more than travelling salesmen and peddlers always with their hands out for financial gain. They have simply become merchandisers of the gospel, sadly.
  • Next, Yeshua warned his disciples against persecution (Matt 10:16–26). He assumed that persecution would be a natural result of preaching the gospel. Conversely, it could be assumed that something is out of spiritual order when one preaches the gospel and persecution doesn’t occur. 
  • Yeshua then instructed his disciples about fear—who to fear and not to fear. They were to fear YHVH, not men (Matt 10:27–31). This is an important point, since preaching the gospel to the lost can be intimidating, which is why so few do it. Yeshua promises divine protection for his disciples who preach the gospel as he has instructed (Matt 10:29–30).
  • The workman is worthy of his hire. Yeshua promises spiritual rewards to those who preach the gospel (Matt 10:32–33).
  • For those who are called into Yeshua’s ministry, he demands total commitment. One must put Yeshua first above all other human relationships. For this, expect rejection from family and friends (Matt 10:34–39). 
  • Again, Yeshua holds out the promise of spiritual rewards for those who heed his call to become a disciple who works in his spiritual harvest field (Matt 10:39 cp. Matt 9:37).

2 thoughts on “Have you been called into the ministry? Here are you marching order…

  1. And regarding persecution or even loss of life I have said-you can’t put a crown on a headless body-you will get it back (and better) in the resurrection and then you can lay your crown at His feet:)

  2. Shalom Natan

    was the instruction to take no spare shirt, shoes or money because the worker was being sent to be working among the lost sheep who had turned away from Torah but actually did know Torah? Also was it a test to see if they would trust and be obedient in that instance when the 70(?)disciples were told to stay away from the Samaritans and gentiles.

    Was it was like the first mission practice without the chief supervisor Yeshua leaning over their shoulder but giving them some authority and autonomy as it was before the infilling of the Holy Spirit. It seemed to be the time where not one was to be lost except the one of whom it was written whilst Messiah was with them.
    Isn’t it later on that Yeshua said for the apostles to take a purse and a sword because they would be treated as criminals when they went forth after the crucifixion?
    Paul worked for his own keep, just like you have. Certainly materialism slows us down but our need is supplied even at our own hand showing trust for the ability to work being a providence and mercy toward us.

    Just some queries that popped up in the spirit as I read.

    I have struggled a lot with this and have been told I am unfaithful if I even have a place to dwell in as Jesus said he had no place to rest his head even though he seems to have left the family home in Natsareth and made his home in Capernaum as base for the going forth to proclaim the coming Kingdom of Elohim.

    I do know there are not many workers in the harvest & training is for sure a righteous way so as to not just go out and preach confusion because of enthusiasm too.

    Thanks for your constant inputs of wisdom and watching that you share.
    Shavua Tov.

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